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    ef – the first tale Characters

    6 Responses to “ef – the first tale Characters”

    1. Kinda funny coincidence that the guy who plays Hiro is also named Hiro. Bit surprised his roles in Baka to Test and Rahxephon weren’t mentioned

    2. Favorite story? I think I can sum it up with a line I typed out for my fake computer screen for my Switch cosplay from SKET Dance: MiyaMiya = <3 😉


    3. “A generally good-natured person although he tends to change girlfriends about as often as a car changes its oil.”

      You know, some cars don’t even have oil that needs changing. (Tesla Model S comes to mind)

    4. This will be my first legal copy of a visual novel 😛

      I have only read Miyako’s and Yuuko’s route when NNL first released it and those happen to be the 2 story lines that appealed to me. Guess I’ll motivate myself and find out what happens to Kei since the anime seems to have left that out.

      Push for eden* NNL! You let me taste too much with that April Fools release of yours and now I want more.

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