Orc Castle Tester’s Corner Vol. 1

image00-headerToday’s Tester’s Corner for Orc Castle is brought to you by Nurio!

When I think orcs, I think ogres. When I think ogres, I think Shrek. When I think Shrek, I think donkeys. When I think donkeys, I think Ponies. So, essentially, what I’m saying is that Orc Castle is pretty much the same as Pony Castle, and I love it for that reason alone. Continue reading

Funbag Fantasy Tester’s Corner Vol. 1


Hello! This is Kitty-tama! Funbag Fantasy (alternatively known by its Japanese title, Kyonyuu Fantasy) is an eroge I’ve had my eye on for some time now, so when MangaGamer announced its localization at Anime Central, I felt excitement well up within the core of my very being. I had the honor of beta testing it, too! I can say with certainty that, to date, this is my favorite title I’ve beta tested.  Continue reading

Funbag Fantasy Now On Sale!


Our very first title from our new partners at Waffle, Funbag Fantasy, is now on sale and available for immediate download! If you pre-ordered the game, it should be available now on your account page.

Set foot into massive boob lover Kagami Hiroyuki’s full bodied fantasy romance, and join Lute, a new graduate of the elite Royal Knight Academy. Mocked and ranked poorly among his peers, Lute is sent off to the impoverished land of Boan where he encounters some rather curious happenings…

Setting and Storytelling in Funbag Fantasy


Funbag Fantasy is set in a very coherent world, with just the right amount of fantasy to push it beyond reality, but not make it convoluted. Occasionally, unless a game is intended to be set totally in real life, it’s hard to pin down just what kind of setting it has. There can be an expansive number of thematic elements, and sometimes things may seem to go back and forth in regard to how technologically advanced the civilizations are. Think, “we just stepped off an airship, but we have no communication equipment to check on our friends”. Seriously, what is up with game character never having cell phones despite their level of technology? There were no instances in FF where I had to stop and say “hold on a minute…”. The world imagery and storytelling was consistently clear enough to allow the dialogue to stand as the primary fuel for the story. Maybe the only part that was slightly unexpected was when they mentioned cannons for castle sieges. By that point in the game I was beginning to think only melee weapons existed. Continue reading