St. Michael Girls’ School Column #1 – The Day-to-Day of Yuri Vol. 1

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Hello there.

This is A Kiss For The Petals series producer Mi Kara Deta Saba.

It’s hard to believe it’s been this long, but the series is nearly in its ninth year…

We’re doing our best to continue bringing you works of yuri, so we appreciate all your continued support.

Also, when you spend all these years making 18+ yuri games, you become aware of certain day-to-day particulars as a yuri game producer. I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss some of those, if I may.

The Day-to-Day of Yuri Vol. 1: Dos and Don’ts Continue reading

An Introduction to A Kiss for the Petals

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We have some introductory comments from A Kiss For The Petals‘ translator, Ralen, today:

I’m very excited to be able to talk about A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met.  The English localization of this visual novel is a very big milestone, in more ways than one.  Not only is it the first official English release in the A Kiss For The Petals series (known in Japan as Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, or SonoHana for short), but it is the culmination of several years of effort to bring this series to the west, and my personal debut as a professional translator. Continue reading

A Kiss For The Petals: Remembering How We Met Now Available for Pre-order!

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A Kiss for the Petals: Remembering How We Met is now available for pre-order at 10% off! The game will be available for download and available on Steam on September 25th. Purchases made through will come with a complimentary Steam key.


Remembering How We Met is the latest chapter in the yuri romance A Kiss for the Petals franchise. It offers something for both avid fans of the A Kiss for the Petals franchise and  new players alike, telling the story of Risa and Meiya’s budding romance at St. Michael’s Girls School. The pair start out as bitter rivals but their relationship eventually softens into something more tender.