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    Women’s History Month – Yuka Kayura Interview

    March 16th, 2015


    Welcome to the third installment of our Women’s History Month interview series! If you missed the first two installments of the series, you can read part 1 with our localization team here or part 2 our interview with artist Shigeo Hamashima here.

    For anyone who may be unfamiliar with Women’s History Month, it’s celebrated in the US, UK and Australia during the month of March to bring attention to the contributions of women in our society. So, in the spirit of Women’s History Month, we decided it’d be a good opportunity to highlight some women creators among our eroge partners and let them tell us about themselves and their work.

    This week, we talked to Yuka Kayura, one of Circus‘s artists. She’s in charge of art for the character Otome Asakura in the D.C. Series, among other things.

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    VNtines Day Sale!

    February 14th, 2015


    Today, for the next 27hrs, we’re offering a special VNtines Day Sale with up to 50% off on select titles from our catalog, as well as a special giveaway offer! Click below for more details! Read the rest of this entry »

    MangaGamer Winter Sale!

    December 8th, 2014

    Chirstmas Sale
    Today we’re happy to announce our upcoming two week Winter Sale! From December 12th until December 26th, we’re offering 25% or more off on select titles! Come celebrate the holidays with some of the finest  games we have to offer! Hardcopies are on sale too, so you can buy some of our great games as gifts for your friends! Check the full list after the break!  Read the rest of this entry »

    Moe Day Sale!

    October 8th, 2014

    We here at MangaGamer are proud to announce our Moe Day Sale!

    This sale has now ended.

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    Valentine’s Day Sale!

    February 14th, 2014


    We here at MangaGamer are proud to announce our Valentine’s Day Sale! From now until the end of the month, enjoy 20% off on select games with heavy romantic focus! Click below to read the full list! Read the rest of this entry »

    Announcements from Otakon 2013

    August 11th, 2013

    Riru4This year we also have a bunch of brand new announcements from Otakon! Read the rest of this entry »

    MangaGamer’s Holiday Sale

    December 13th, 2012

    Today we’re proud to announce the start of our Holiday Sale! Starting from now until December 28th, everything in our catalog is 20% off*!

    Come get a new game like Da Capo 2 or ef – the first tale. and enjoy warm, cozy nights with a cute girl at your side! Or cuddle up by the fire with a great story like DEARDROPS and Dengeki Stryker! Buy a few copies for your friends! Or come by after opening your presents to put that Christmas money to good use!

    Everything’s on sale, so there’s never been a better time to buy all those games you’ve been holding off on!

    *”Slave Witch April” and “Which girl should I choose?” are excluded from the sale

    Price Break 2012 Edition

    February 13th, 2012


    Have you been putting off buying a game because it costs just that little bit more than you want to pay for it? Cursing at the exchange rates for being so rough? We know the feeling, and to help ease your wallet a bit, we’re cutting the prices on many of our older games. Now’s your chance to pick up that one you always meant to buy but never did, to try something you’ve read about here, or to just treat yourself. These prices are good from today onwards, so it’s always a good time to buy something new from MangaGamer.com. Full details after the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

    Hard Copy Distribution Plans

    July 20th, 2011
    Today we’re bringing you some big news regarding our hard-copy editions! Read the rest of this entry »

    Anime Expo 2011-Hard Copies

    June 10th, 2011
    DaCapo_artbook cover
    It’s time to announce the new hard-copies we’ll have with us this year at Anime Expo! Read the rest of this entry »