Tokyo Babel Tester’s Corner Vol. 2


Some say that the main selling point is the all star voice acting cast, however Tokyo Babel‘s writing is what sold me on it. There was never a wasted actor who only had a few lines because their character was irrelevant. Sometimes the only thing I feel the characters are lacking are their noses in certain poses and CG graphics. Characters that show up in just one route are fleshed out and at times its hard to tell that major side characters aren’t even considered main characters. Even now I can’t decide my favorite character between the heroine Kugutsu Sorami or the side character Camael.

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Tokyo Babel Tester’s Corner Vol. 1


Hello, this is Xarrias, and this is my fifth Tester’s Corner for MangaGamer. Tokyo Babel is our first release from Propeller, and I could tell right off the bat that this was going to be interesting. I’ve always enjoyed seeing Japanese takes on Christian mythology, from Evangelion to Shin Megami Tensei. Notably, this visual novel is written by Higashide Yuuichirou. Why is this name important? Well, after finishing this, he ended up collaborating with TYPE-MOON, writing such works as Fate/Apocrypha and collaborating on Fate/Grand Order. Fate/Stay Night is what got me into visual novels in the first place, so that just made me doubly excited for what lay ahead. Continue reading