Morisaki Nao

Next up, is Morisaki Nao.

For those who are interested, here are her measurements:
Height=161cm (5ft 3in.)
Bust/Waist/Hips=90cm/60cm/86cm (35in/24in/34in)
Birthday= October 19th

Nao is voiced by “Nagasawa Hitomi” (A.K.A. this woman), and is one of the kindest characters in the story. Quite the opposite of Shuuhei, Nao would probably never hurt a fly. She admires Shuuhei’s strength and always wants to be with him. She chose to become a cadet in order to follow after Shuuhei.

Although she was unsure of what she could do to help Shuuhei at first, she soon found the nursing program. While she realizes she won’t be able to support him from the front lines, she hopes that her medical training will allow her to offer him support and help keep him alive if he comes back injured. Her heroine is Florence Nightingale.

Shuuhei and Ryouta have both been two of her most important friends ever since she was little. She is an excellent cook and always very kind and tender to others. However, she is still capable of taking a stand, and at times even Shuuhei gives in to her.  She is also quite fond of children.

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  1. Wow, another character voiced by someone from Bleach. Now I’m really curious to see who else is in this.

    • =3 Let’s just say there’s a good reason I chose to do these Character Intros for the game. Two of my favorites will be in my post about the Supporting Characters.

  2. inb4 she’s a Cylon. I don’t why, but Soul Link really reminds me of (new) Battlestar Galactica.

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