Supporting Characters

Next up are the main supporting characters not mentioned on the main site.

Cellaria Markelight

For those interested, here are her measurements:
Height= 171cm (5ft 7in)
Bust/Waist/Hips= 98cm/63cm/93cm (39in/25in/37in)
Birthday= November 4th

Cellaria is voiced by Iwama Nobuko (A.K.A. this woman). She is a special instructor called in from the US to act as a military advisor. She teaches English, Mechanics, and organizes special military exercises for the cadets on board the Aries. She can be strict about the rules, but is typically a kind teacher who cares about her students. She seems to be a calm person who keeps her cool, but sometimes she can act quite passionately. Many of the cadets on board the Aries adore her. When danger strikes, she fights alongside Shuuhei as one of the few characters with live-combat experience.

Nitta Kazuhiko

Kazuhiko is voiced by Mizuki Shuu (A.K.A. this man). He is the heir to one of the nation’s largest corporations and he made the academy accept his custom ordered uniform. For some reason, he seems to view Ryouta as a rival and takes every available opportunity to leave a snide remark with him. He has a vast array of knowledge and many of the other cadets call him a walking encyclopedia. Like many of the other cadets, he lacks combat experience, but his specialty lies with computers. However, the constant thorn in his side is the fact that his little sister, Aki, is even better than him.

As often comes with such wealth and power, Kazuhiko is arrogant and prideful. He knows formal manners and how to act polite, but he certainly does not like being treated as equal to any commoner like Shuuhei or Ryouta. Perhaps it is this attitude of his and those around him which led to Aki’s distaste towards incapable superiors, but the truth is that he truly cares for his little sister.

Morimoto Shigemichi

Morimoto is voiced by Nagano Isamu (A.K.A. this man) and is the oldest character who failed to evacuate the Aries. He is the assistant manager of the Aries and focuses on its offerings to civilian passengers. He demonstrates excellent professionalism and takes great pride in his work. He is a kind and honest person so there isn’t anyone who dislikes him. He also has a sly sense of humor and an easy-going manner of speech. His hobbies are the violin and magic tricks.

Inatsuki Nanami

Nanami is voiced by Maki Izumi (A.K.A this woman) and is one of the last characters to be found on the Aries after the evacuation. She is always bright and optimistic, cheering up all of those around her. She loves to eat and sweets are her absolute favorite. Just as you would expect from her looks, she tends to not understand many things, but she also has an exceptional ability to pick up new things.

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  1. Takehito Koyasu and Norio Wakamoto are in this!?! Oh hell yeah!! Only 24 more hours till I can get this.

  2. I really hope the story will be better than the story of Shuffle that is all about moe and the story is non-existant.

  3. What time will be released ?

  4. I have not heard of an exact time yet. I’m betting it might be a pre-programmed update since there was no announcement for the website being down, so my bets would be on either when the date changes or around the same time Higurashi was released.

    I will put up a post here announcing it’s release and to provide a place for discussion.

    I’ve only seen the Shuffle! Anime myself, but Yes, I can assure you Soul Link has much more of a plot. If anything, it’s almost entirely plot as there is only a little bit of branching around Ryouta’s chapter. There’s a lot of suspense to Soul Link, a lot of nasty ways to die, and if you’ve managed to make it this far without them being spoiled for you, the plot twists are pretty great too. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and consider it a welcome departure from the typical moe/school settings of most eroge.

  5. Personally, I enjoyed Shuffle!’s story. But each to their own I guess.

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