Kira Kira Curtain Call Released!

Our release of Kira Kira Curtain Call and the bundle pack is now up and available for purchase. I hope you all enjoy the tale of two bands, one young, and one older.

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  1. And immediately purchased!

    Yay Kira Kira.

  2. It was the best of bands, it was the worst of bands…

  3. And I’m off for a weekend.. ;-(

  4. I just played/read/whatever up to opening movie. Souta is one of the greatest protagonists ever.

  5. Purchased!

    Nice works guys! =D

  6. bougth a bundlepack. good job with the translation, it’s well-made. if koihime musou and deardrops will be the same quality you got yourself another costumer. One more thing, you guys can’t attach the cover picture along with the dvd one? i’d like to write and paint the disc and put it in a nice case.

  7. Thanks for your hardwork kouryuu9, you guys sure are the best out there in terms of visual novels(I mean… Visual Novels with GOOD history).

    Keep it up! Oh yeah, any ideias when DearDrops will start to be translated? (Sorry about my bad english ^^’)

  8. Hmm, I really want this game because I love Kira Kira so much, but I don’t really want the adult version (I bought the all-ages of Kira Kira)…

  9. The translation to this game (KKCC) is the best I’ve come across. Ever. Fan or official. And I’m only a touch into it so far.

    Wow, y’all did a really great job! Lines like “I turned back as I ran and flipped Maejima the bird” and “F* this sh*tty band! Yui’s singing was hella cute! Maejima was crazy good too!” are so absolutely dripping in character, flair, and entertainment in general. Editing was obviously done with care, love, and dedication.

    STRIVE to continue this high-quality. I look forward to the (hopefully soon-to-be-released) game Koihime Musou, and if the translation is as quality as this, I will be very, very pleased.

  10. Pondrthis

    I have the urge to say moogy.

  11. I was just filled with joy to find Maejima and kirari together ><

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