Interview for Capture 2010

So last night I was up doing another interview, this time with Aaerul for his “Capture 2010” project. You can read the interview on his blog here, but feel free to leave your comments and discussion below if you’d like.

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  1. why is da capo 2 worth playing for these people?
    Because it’s one of the best VN ever, because it’s the most famous VN brand in Japan, because you can meet Asakura sisters, because Sakura is now the Boss, because Anzu rox, because there is another robot, because this game is The Love,because it’s Circus, because it’s real luck to play it in english, because it’s Yakumo’s favorite game.

    Men PROMOTE your stuff !!!!

    Out of joke : very interesting interview, great to have more about biz and all these complex things behind the scene.

  2. I own the Circus 10th Visual Album artbook and I must say that I find main heroine designs to be very lovely and cute. I’m still playing through some remaining character routes in Da Capo and I’m having a really good time. As such, I’m really looking forward to buying and playing D.C. II. The wait is killing me though.

  3. So how much better is Da Capo II compared to the first game? I’ve done the routes for Nemu, Sakura, Moe, and Mako and am currently on Kotori’s (save what everyone apparently considers the best for last before taking on the extra routes).
    Another question, I haven’t played Suika yet, but are there any references to it in DCII?

  4. Yo yes one character from suika pops up in a cene in Da capo and of course Suika can be seen as a preparation work for Da capo(done by the same people) and you can see the evolution from one to the other .

  5. Any possibility on trial versions of potential games that haven’t been on the block yet? (Like non-announced titles that are potentially in the works but not set for full translation)

    Not sure what the legality is on translations of trial versions, but I suppose it’d be weird to have trial versions for a game not intended for release yet. At the same time, I would think seeing a variety of trial versions gauge interest more easily.

  6. interesting interview… actually for a while I’ve had similar idea’s for manga… for example high school of the dead… It was recently licensed by yen press thus the scanslators xamayon removed the manga from their site… It was reasonable enough since that manga was popular and has a new anime and thus gained even more popularity yet xamayon were up to their 3rd volume… from my experience when a manga is license it gets the raws then translates it like the scanslators except they sometimes may not include removing the kanji from the actual picture… the manga is then check and in total takes 3 initial months for first release and 2-3 months for each volume… so to catch up where the scanslators stopped you would need to wait 7-9 months… this is a long wait… and makes people who are waiting for the manga to continue forget about it and move on…

    a way to get passes this would be simply ask the group to supply the tled text, and then have the raws and translation checker… after that if the translation is good enough then without even needing to reinsert the text (unless the raws supplied by the company is better quality) you could add ads, and prepare for manufacturing… Of course they may need to get a slight mention of the group. This could take generally a month or 2 months… So at the very least the by asking to use the translated text and giving only a slight mention of the fan group the the company finishes in 2 months which would normally take 7… saving 5 months of release which could have made fans move on, and forget about the manga… also I emailed yen press about it hopefully they will act and make such a move to not lose fans…

    and with the dilemma you said about type moon… you do have a point… so I would suggest speak to type moon about mirror moon already translating the game completely even going to so far as to add the reatia nue voices patch, and final episode patch, and it simply not going to sell well because of it… if they insist then ask mirror moon if you could use their text and sell it rather cheaply… then pre license their new game “Witch of the holy night” (魔法使いの夜 初回版) and/or email mirror moon (the fansubbers who do most of type moon’s visual novels) that you plan to translate it… and for key a similar strategy and making sure to license their newer games that have no either been release nor translated… if they insist ask the group translating kanon and sell it cheaply as well… to avoid running into fan translators it’s better to look at games popular in japan yet not so much known in the us and thus not translated or go to games that simply not translated at all even though it’s known… like the baldr series…

  7. Have you and FrontWing made a deal to translate games yet? While I’m so GLAD that you’re doing minori games, next we need FrontWing!

  8. Say, now that I think about it, Sekai Project mentioned how they’re talks with Overflow has shown the company is interested in releasing their games provided it’s done by dedicated fans (like the folks at SP). Could you guys be…?

    • If that was the case they could do it… and sell it rather cheaply due to the lack of actual translation of text… really just converting to their system and adding the uncensored additions… but it could get people mad because it will basically force them to remove all their patches… except for the beta testers… that mangagamer could even say that they will test the patches themselves and in truth by the time the game is finished in tl the only thing mangagamer would do is change the format, compress it, and make it available in the us… in which most people dled it… unless mangagamer helped tl and thus finish it within a certain time frame then… sp could remove the patches… complete the game… and then sell it cheaper then it would have if they had completely tled it… but still at this point they would simply change to format, add uncensor and compress… this may cause sekai projects to get flamed, and lose it’s reputation plus it would be difficult for them to get it back since they focused nearly completely on school days…

      But school days hq, summer days, and cross days… is different… no patch was made for them so they could be translated… the only problem would be the extent of the time to complete since they all have multiple ends, and many anime cut scenes… and the possibility of sp working on it is very little until they complete school days… which could take another year or so… so if you can get sp to joint and remove patches, that would be good… but if you can’t it would be fine/acceptable/expected…

      • If I remember right, School Days HQ was what Overflow seemed interested in releasing officially in english over the original game which they seemed content to let be released fanlated. As for if an SP joint could occur, the translation for the original game has been done for a while the biggest issue SP has is inserting the text into the game

        • If mangagamer does license it and make a joint, that won’t be much of a problem… overflow would likely give mangagamer the source code… That would pretty much solve all those problems… with the source code mangagamer would then convert the game into .arc files and thus make it mangagamer format… And having the source code makes inserting the text much much easier… for most fan translations the coders have to guess the source code through a trial and fail process… if the only problem for sp is inserting the text for school days… if they do a joint that problem would basically be gone… although like I said SP themselves might not want a joint to prevent any negative reputation for those who don’t want to buy… Personally at this stage with so much of the game tled and available to the public… I think it will be unlikely if they do the joint… BUT it would be rather reasonable if they did make a joint for school days hq… that is of course if they add extra’s to hq… and really if they license it… the only problem is actual translating… which can be done by sp… or mangagamer or both together… if sp would agree to do it voluntarily… but of course there would be a need for a translation checker regardless…

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