Tester’s Corner: DCIF Ed. Vol. 5

Our fifth installment of DCIF’s Tester’s Corner is brought to you by Pixymisa!

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Well if you like commas, you’ll love DCIF!

Since this was meant to be (or at least I think it was) a blog post about the testing of DCIF, I thought I’d give a brief overview of the fun I had in making sure that the product you get from MG is fit for consumption.

First I sat down and psyched myself up in preparation for what lay ahead before I was distracted by a million and one other things that I could have been doing instead.  After managing to not run away in terror, I loaded up DCIF, clicked “New Game” and off I went.

Testing a game sure wasn’t as fun as I thought it’d be.

When testing a game you spend so much time dodging and weaving through the spelling and grammar issues, on top of having to stop members of the DCIF cast from becoming exhibitionists, that you kinda lose some of the fun that comes with playing a VN (or a game in general).  It’s a shame really, because I’d probably have enjoyed DCIF a lot more if I’d played it casually rather than having to scrutinise every line as it went past.

So onto DCIF itself because, unlike DC, this fandisk is very focused on one main heroine this time (Kotori) as opposed to having the harem selection of DC.   This may be unnerving to some, but I found it a refreshing change from the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” mentality of your standard dating sim.  You play Junichi, your average delinquent, while you attempt to weave your way through the many pitfalls and dangers of school.  This involves life and death choices such as where to go and eat lunch, or where to go after school.  A fearsome task if ever there has been one.   It is, however, a shame that this has very little effect on the overarching plot which is based on a very small number of major choices.

If you liked DC, you’ll like DCIF and if Kotori was your favourite, you’ll love it.

Also this had to be the best part of the game, especially for Kotori fans.


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  1. *clicks link*

  2. eh this just diminished my thought on getting this a little, i didn’t like kotori at all. not looking like a buy if i don’t like the main person…

    every tester’s corner without mako or moe info drops my interest more and more xD

    • DCIF is a Kotori fandisk…You can’t expect it to not be about Kotori…

      And I really disliked Mako’s story; the “pretend boyfriend” bit was just a little too…contrived…
      Moe’s on the other hand was epic!

    • Shut up,it’s don’t means who these version is the worst,actually it’s the opposite -.-

  3. This fandisck is a tribute to kotori if you hate Kotori don´t even bother to look at it, the endless mad strikes against her is not going to change anything. Bottom line is Kotori hatersNemu lovers stay clear of DCIF for your own safety or else you might get hurt badly(I mean its like the anticrist for you). And comparing a fandisk to a complete eroge is pure nonsense .

  4. And so what since when being the canonical end means being the best its simply is the oficial one nothing more. Most Nemu fans are in oposition to kotori, they have a hate felling simply because even being Nemu the canonical center of Da capo Kotori got a lot of fans and interest puting her on the same level of Nemu and that is something that a true Nemu fan can´t really stand .

    • “Best” is a very subjective term…I prefer to think the developers made it the canonical end because they felt it was the most well written and flushed out of all the stories. Plus Kotori’s story didn’t really capture the theme of Da Capo.

  5. Well that is really the point to give Kotori some credit she was to be just a side character her rise to fame was quite unexpected(her fame was given mainly by the fans she got not by her place in story). In the case of the canonical end well there must be one, most eroges revolve around a center story but there are many examples were the canonical end ends up not being the most liked by players, and in some cases not even being the most well writen.

    • If memory serves, Kotori didn’t attain popularity until the anime debuted with Horie Yui providing the voice, this is one of the reasons why DCif didn’t come out until after DCII PC. Circus polls have always put Nemu at the top.

      • Exactly my point her participacion in DC was not the main reason as you said for her popularity, that´s what infuriates most Nemu fans how in hell did a minor character got so much popular the reason was mainly the anime and that in itself comes out as some sort of BLASFEMY against the normal order of things.

        • I think what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t infuriate Nemu fans…There’s really no threat there, the perceived mutual animosity was a false dichotomy created by Kotori fans that has since galvanized the sides.

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