Da Capo II Opening Movie Lyrics

With the Da Capo II catalog page up, and the game soon to be out, I thought I’d upload the Opening Movie and post the lyrics.

Opening Song
beautiful flower

新しい一日 目覚めの空 輝いている
Atarashii ichi-nichi mezame no sora kagayaiteiru
Another new day, and the morning sky is bright.

少しだけ寒い部屋 息は白く舞い落ちる
sukoshi dake samui heya iki ha shiroku maiochiru
The room’s a little cold. My breath floats down white.

tenki yohou ha “gogo kara ame desu.”
The weather report says “Rain in the afternoon.”

…nan te kotta!
…Oh, shucks!

窓際のサボテンも 外を見ては知らんぷり
madogiwa no saboten mo soto wo mite ha shiran-puri
The cactus on the windowsill looks outside without out a care.

咲き誇るGarden 君が待つ場所
Sakihokoru Garden kimi ga matsu bashou
The garden in full bloom, the place where you wait for me

nanda ka ii janai?
Isn’t it all kind of nice?

今 君に最高の愛を送ろう
ima kimi ni saikou no ai wo okurou
I’ll send you my greatest love right now.

ikidzuku hana ni mizu wo ageyou
Let’s water the budding flowers.

この先もずっと 君とならいられるかな?
Kono saki mo zutto kimi to nara irareru ka na?
Will I be able to be with you forever more too?

itomu beki senjou no kono jidai wo
I’ll try to advance as far as I possibly can

kanou na kagiri susunde miyou
In the battlefield we should challenge in this age.

光の示す路 君と歩いて行こう
Hikari no sasu michi kimi to aruite ikou
Let me walk together with you, on the path shown by the light.

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  1. nice for it’ll be out soon

  2. Only played the demo for the first Da Capo so far. It didn’t win me over like the Suika one did though. But since I’m a sucker for beautiful anime 2D art, the art for Da Capo 2 is really drawing me in…

    Will consider getting this one. Guess I’ll have to watch the Da Capo anime as supplement for bits and pieces of background story if I do buy this one.

    • Don’t watch the Da Capo anime…seriously don’t…If you’re a masochist, watch the anime after you play the game, but otherwise, don’t…

      Also, Circus just announced Suika II, with the old cast doing the writing and the artwork so that should prove to be epic.

      • I heard! I’m very excited for this >..<!

      • Hmmm…wasn’t really interested in the first Da Capo, so I’ll take your word about the anime adaptation. I can still get some background info by other sources like wikipedia if I’m really plan on purchasing Da Capo 2.

        Suika II is great news to me, hope mangagamer can get it someday. I’m really getting sucked into the first one just from what I’ve read so far.

      • First Da Capo I anime isn’t bad at all, second season… largely depends on if you can tolerate Aisia.

        Da Capo II’s first season was shit, and the second season wasn’t that great either.

        Anyway, as for D.C. II’s release, hellz yeah, can finally have Yume/Koko translated routes.

  3. Da Capo seems to be doing pretty well (relatively speaking) judging by the weekly rankings on the MangaGamer main site. Hopefully that means it’s selling well, and hopefully Da Capo II sells well too. I know it’s waaay too early, but if they do well then hopefully we can get Da Capo III, which apparently was recently announced by Circus.

  4. I’m SUPER EXCITED for this I hope it comes out real soon. I just got done playing the first game again in anticipation.

  5. I’m on the fence about getting this. Anyone want to try convincing me one way or another?

    • What are your fetishes?

      • Normal, ren’ai, not into lolis, rape/tentacles etc.

        Essentially as long as the characters or story are interesting enough, ideally both and the pacing flows well, I’m good.

        • If Da Capo 2 is anything like the first game then I think you’ll like it. The characters in that game were likable, the story was interesting, and there’s a nice subtle mysteriousness about the island setting.

        • ” not into lolis,” … BLASHPEMY!!
          *cough* Just had to be said. However, there were a loli in the first Da Capo so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were in Da Capo 2 as well.

          • I don’t hate loli characters. They most definitely can be adorable. I just don’t like them in the way that lolicons do xD

          • Well, with the store page up I guess you can see for yourself if there’s a loli or not…

  6. Kinda so’ll be waiting for release *o*

  7. Now, which of the characters own a cactus again…? My memory fails me right now…

  8. 場所 is basho, not bashou.

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