DC II: Hanasaki Akane

Oh Akane, what beautiful “eyes” you have…


We end the student portion of DC II‘s character introductions with Hanasaki Akane.  Akane is the big sister figure when Otome isn’t around, and while this serves as a noble pretext, her true intentions lie in her desire to have a continuous source of amusement at everyone else’s expense (much to the class president’s chagrin).  Often spotted along side Anzu, the intellectual prowess of the pair have been known to move mountains, part oceans, and take poor Wataru to his knees in despair on a regular basis.  Her infatuation with the chests of the other girls is only trumped by the impressive  curves of her own (89-55-90), and while she certainly likes to use this to her advantage, she will gladly resort to fetish jokes, as a means to an end.

While being one of the Setsugekka girls, Akane is the only one unfortunate enough to not have her own route in DC II, but she makes the most of it by being the most entertaining of the side-characters.

Akane is voiced by Izumi Maki, a fairly prolific eroge voice actress (From Baldr Force EXE to Muramasa, Yume Miru Kusuri to Hana to Otome ni Shufuku wo, and even Narcissu). She’s also a sort of a favorite here at MangaGamer. Not only has she done the voice of Nanami in Soul Link, but she also voices Chihiro in the upcoming ef – The First Tale and the buxom strategist, Hakugen Rikuson from Koihime Musou.

And a bonus screen shot because Akane is amazing and there’s just too many to choose from:

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  1. my my, what a high center of gravity you have, Akane~

  2. *ya, you’re such a b*tch Sawai-san… All that oppai for yourself!*
    lol (second last pic)

  3. lol i hear she winds up having her own route in one of the fandiscs.

  4. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Is it just me or does the audio clip not work? (using Firefox 3.6.13)

    Perhaps using the HTML5 audio tag would be better anyway :D? (fwi, WAV works in everything but IE, but IE is crap anyway :P)

  5. Hmm? I knew her seiyuu voiced Komari (Little Busters!), Fia (Riviera), and a few others (still need to play Soul Link), but who’d she voice in Yume Miru Kusuri?

  6. The best,she means the same who Nemu means for me *o*

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