Tester’s Corner: DC2 Ed. Vol. 3

It’s not over yet! This next one’s from duo!

DC II is the second full game I tested for MangaGamer, and had, as it turns out, more than twice as much text. Quite a change from last time – the game had a bunch of technical problems, but translation, even though you could “feel” 3+ translators, was significantly better. Overall, testing a game was a very different experience from actually playing it. I found myself paying attention to a lot more detail then usually, comparing speech styles and formatting. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it though…

Q: Who will you kiss?

One thing I must say about the game is that it has an amazing supporting cast. Many of you have probably read intros, but Akane, Wataru, Suginami, and the others have made DC II incredibly fun. And their voices… I can’t even remember how many times I stopped to listen to the line again. Just listen to Suginami say “Mai doushi Sakurai” (“My comrade Sakurai”), seriously. Also, where else can you get an idiotic, Lelouch-voiced best friend (who’s not an MM, that is)?

A: Both…?

As for the actual routes, the main dilemma I had was: “Otouto-kun” or “Nii-san”. Even after completing the routes, I’d say it’s still a pretty tough call. Both routes were really fun and had everything you’d expect from DC-verse – laughs, tears, magic – and much more. If I had to choose, I’d probably say Otome, though. I came to like her pretty much instantly, while Yume got to shine brightest on her own route.

Nope, not happening, Wataru.

Having finished DC is definitely not required to be able to enjoy DC II. Sure, you won’t get some references, but that won’t be detrimental to the overall gameplay satisfaction. What else can I say? Play it, enjoy it – I certainly did.


Just one additional word from me, Kouryuu: If you haven’t entered the Twitter or Facebook Giveaways yet, tonight’s your last chance ‘cuz I’m rolling the winners and contacting them at midnight tonight (EST).

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  1. Sisters can learn to share!

  2. this is gonna be so much fun!
    hee hee

  3. Otome looks like a completely different person with her hair tied up xd

  4. I wonder how many of us are counting the hours till we can purchase this game.

  5. Otome, you can be my Onee any time <3

  6. So what time zone does this get released? I was kinda hoping I could purchase and let my download run before I went to work. Looks like that won’t be happening, oh well couple more hours won’t kill me… I hope.

  7. Rawrrrr the wait is killing me! T_T

  8. AltarusTheTraveler

    I’m also interested in what time zone this is getting released. I have a feeling I’ll be playing it on Christmas day in front of family and friends. 😛

  9. the timezone is probably EST (currently 10PM)

    “I’m rolling the winners and contacting them at midnight tonight (EST).” <- from the main post

  10. It is now 12:05EST Dec. 24, still not up…

  11. Dang I wanted to try it before I went to sleep. at least I know It’ll be here when I get home from work tomorrow.

  12. Add me to the camp that’s really excited to pick up DC2 later. I doubt it will come up before I hit the hay in a bit, but I’ll be glad knowing I can snag it once I get home from family gatherings tomorrow. Been awaiting this one!

  13. Released, just bought my copy.

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