Koihime Musou: Songo Forces

Next up is the Songo Forces (or the Sun Wu faction), descendants of the great Sun Tzu!

First up is of course the powerful ruler of Songo, Sonken (Last name: Son, First name: Ken, True Name: Renfa). She is voiced by Kazane, a prolific eroge voice actress with over 400 different titles to her name in addition to roles such as Angel Beats!‘s Yurippe. Some of her roles include Sharin no Kuni‘s Oone Kyouko, H2O Footprints in the Sand‘s Kohinata Hayami, 2 different roles in Figu@Mate, Gun Katana‘s Tokiwara Himena, Da Capo 2 PC‘s Erika Murasaki, among many other far darker, sex-loaded games. Although Kazane fully denies it, and dislikes the nicknames, she is so well known for her S roles that fans often call her “S-ne-sama” and it’s rumored that she happily obliged when a fan begged her to punch him in the face. However, her role as Sonken, is far more deredere.

“I am the ruler of Go! How can a ruler expect to ever be forgiven by their vassals and countrymen if they surrender?!”

Having inherited rulership of Go upon the sudden passing of her elder sister, “The Little Conqueror” Sonsaku, she is a young ruler who would rely on her advisor, Shuuyu, were they not at opposing views. Since her position places her in the shadow of her sister, who was highly-praised as a grand ruler, she feels the need to always strive to be a great general and a great ruler lest ill comparisons be made.

As a a leader, she is one of the more conservative leaders of the three. Her traditional strategies focus on reducing casualties in her own forces and thus tend to be quite defensive, a stark contrast to Sousou’s aggressive nature. Mostly content with ruling her own country, she would rather wait and strike when the time was right than take the initiative and make aggressive advances, despite her advisor’s encouragement for the need to wage war. She initially considers allying herself with Kazuto’s forces in order to eliminate Sousou, which she sees as the greater and more prominent threat to her lands. She hopes to maintain a stable peace with Kazuto after Sousou is defeated, but is that possible? Or is something behind the scenes seeking to ruin her plans?


Next is Sonken’s little sister, Sonshoukou (Last Name: Son, First name: Shoukou, True name: Shaoren). She is voiced by a favorite here, Hokuto Minami. We gave her a bit of an introduction when introducing Yoshino Sakura from Da Capo 2, but in addition to the games on our Catalog, she’s also the original voice for Takamachi Nanoha (from Triangle Hearts), Takayashiki Aoba from Family Project, Kanako from Akatsuki no Goei, Tohno Akiha in Melty Blood, Tokida Yuki from Devil on a G-String, and Hoshino Fumio from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

Contrary to the intelligent thought and careful planning the Son family is known for, Sonshoukou has a vigorous curiosity and is far too unrestrained in her behavior. She has a keen interest in pillow matters and is quite forward in her approaches towards Kazuto, though Kan’u often interferes with her attempts. Although Sonshoukou is introduced later in the game, she is not one to let that stop her, and is unabashed in her pursuits. As for how she comes to meet Kazuto, you’ll just have to find out…


Next up is Kannei, Sonken’s most trusted retainer (Last name: Kan, First name: Nei, True Name: Shishun). She is voiced by Isshiki Hikaru, another prominent eroge voice actress with over 400 roles behind her when not voicing Kodomo no Jikan‘s sexy teacher, Houin. She’s voiced our very own Hiiragi Hinata from Which Girl Should I Choose, as well as Hirasawa Hiroko in Kakyuusei 2, Kuroda Hikari in School Days, Summer Days, and Cross Days, Naukana in Seinarukana, Kurugaya Yukiho in Little Busters!,  Sakgami Tomoyo in Tomoyo After, Kirimiya Mizuki in Yume Miru Kusuri, and various roles in X-change 3.

"My life is all for Sonken-sama!"

Kannei is the commander of Sonken’s personal guard, a highly devoted and loyal general who always serves by her side. Noticing that Sonken is suffering under the pressure and responsibilities of ruling a nation, Kannei swears that she will be the one to support and protect Sonken. It is due to this personal oath that she often finds herself in opposition with Shuuyu, who often thinks lightly of Sonken.


Next up is Rikuson, Shuuyu’s apprentice and Songo’s secondary strategist (Last name: Riku, First name: Son, True name: Non). She’s voiced by Maki Izumi, a prolific eroge VA with over 300 titles, whom you may recall from our introduction of Da Capo 2’s Akane.

"...Aha, doesn't it sound nice and interesting!"

She is a very calm person, highly trusted by Shuyuu, Sonken, and Kannei as well. She’s a relaxed girl who’s always smiling, but she also has the talent to have read and memorized countless books from all over the world. She loves Sonken for her sweet side and always watches over her, but finds herself trapped in the middle between Sonken and Shuuyu’s antagonism.


Next is the strategist of Go, Shuuyu “The Fair” (Last name: Shuu, First name Yu, True name: Meirin). She is voiced by Kawashima Rino, another prominent eroge voice actress with over 400 titles to her name, and quite fond of beer. She has voiced Usami Haru in Devil on a G-String, Mary Clarissa Christie and Henry Irving in Shikkoku no Sharnoth, 2 roles in Sekien no Inganock, and several different roles across the Love Death series.

"...I do have a plan. Allow me to skillfully capture Kan'u for you."

Shuuyu is the best friend of Go’s previous ruler, Sonsaku, and after Sonsaku’s passing she continues on Sonsaku’s love for her country and tries to support her beloved friend’s sister Sonken. Her strategies are cold and calculating, and often heartless and deceptive as well. She loves her friend Sonsaku, and remains devoted even after her passing. It is this reason that leaves her frustrated at Sonken’s naivety and lack of ability.

Shuuyu also seeks to carry on Sonsaku’s dream to unify the land under the Go flag. It is this desire to carry on her beloved’s will that puts her in opposition to Sonken’s conservative, or perhaps passive policies. Though both Shuuyu and Sonken care deeply for their country, they fail to see eye to eye on what is best for it, and who knows what this internal tension will bring upon their kingdom…


Last but not least are the two twins heralded as the most beautiful women in all of China: Daikyou and Shoukyou. Being twins, both girls are voiced by Daishou Tsuzura, a voice actress with 100 different titles including Fate/Stay Night‘s Makidera Kaede, Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka‘s Tachibana Mikoto, Nanatsuiro Drops‘s Akihime Sumomo, and several roles in Dies Irae ~ Acta est Fabula~.

Daikyou is the elder of the two twins, and while she was Sonsaku’s wife and lover, after Sonsaku’s passing she followed her will and began to serve Shuuyu. By day she acts as Shuuyu’s pet and maid, carrying for Shuuyu’s every needs, and by night she serves as Shuuyu’s “companion”. Of the two twins, Daikyou is the one with a little something extra under the hood.


Shoukyou is the younger of the two twins, and wife to Shuuyu. Just like her sister, Shoukyou serves as Shuuyu’s pet and maid. Shoukyou is also deeply in love with her sister Daikyou, though that love is slightly twisted and she enjoys teasing her older sister. She is a normal girl under the hood.

Yeah, Kannei's one of the few characters who actually wears historically accurate underwear-a loincloth.

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  1. lots of dark skin and bare stomachs for this faction faction and one of the twins can add something extra
    most of these girls name you will reconized if you have read battle vixens or seen ikkitousen

  2. Kazane, huh? I did like Hayami, though few of her roles click otherwise.

    I thought Sonshoukou sounded familiar. Fumio is quite a contrast to her though.

    I know the twins were voiced by Michiru Yuimoto, though I wasn’t aware of any other aliases besides Fuuri Samoto. Either way, <3 Sumomo, though there appears to be a lack of mention of her famous role as Jun Watarase. Also, I'm obligated to mention her role as Asuho Minahoshi in Hoshizora no Memoria. Her dere lines are great. <3 Did not know that she was Mikoto's voice though, that's cool.

  3. 仮面白馬ファン


  4. Hm, I have a few things to note:

    1. The first voice file for Sonken is wrong.
    2. Sonshoukou doesn’t have a quote.
    3. Shuuyu’s second voice file is missing
    4. A wonderful contrast between Rikuson’s second voice file and her description: “a very calm person”

    Also, I wish Shoukyou was the one packing something extra and not the other way around…

    Other than that, a very interesting read again.

    • Umm…

      1. No? You hear her say “Son Chuubou” but that’s her Last Name + Common Name. It’s still Sonken. It’s similar to Kan’u announcing herself as Kan Unchou.
      2. That’s because if you notice, on her image, she didn’t have a quote to be translated like the others did.
      3. Fixed. Apparently BaseSon typo’d the original final name.

      Hope that helps.

      • 1. Hm, the voice just sounds sooo different. (I can’t actually hear Japanese words, so I didn’t know that she actually said her own name, so based on the voice alone, I assumed it was wrong.)

        2. Yeah, I totally didn’t notice that those were actual translations of the quotes on the images. I thought they were just quotes taken from the game itself! =O

        I wish I could use an excuse that it was late and more prone to making mistakes then, but it was 7:18 PM when I posted that. =(

  5. gah so much good voice talent, its a damn shame voices aren’t with the original release D:

  6. Only three weeks. GAH! Can’t wait! >.<

    Koihime will be the beginning to a very painful month for my wallet. Unless Demonbane comes out first then that would be the beginning… ;p

  7. February 28th is the last day I’m able to apply for Universities for this Fall. I’m sure I’ll forget all about it and end up playing Koihime Musou.

    Off Topic: Anyone else noticed the small smiley-face at the bottom of the blog? Or am I slow for realising this just now?

  8. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Holy crap, the PNG CGs really ARE back! I was thinking maybe the last post was just a fluke since it wasn’t a post made by kouryuu9, but here it is.

    I know it’s a trivial thing, but seeing how I have my browser set to 120% zoom by default, it’s kind of important (since, ya know, JPGs don’t scale all that well).

    Remember, JPG images get JPG thumbnails, which reduces the quality even more; however PNG images get PNG thumbnails.

  9. Beatiful loli twins?
    …my body is ready!

    Was kinda on the fence about this VN but i’ll most likely get it. Mainly because of the art and possable voices later.

  10. “Daikyou is the one with a little something extra under the hood”

    I can already guess what it is. . . D:

  11. (Edited because we nipped the troll this was in response to. Your initial reply was fine. -sloane)

  12. It will be released when Koihime reaches 2000 sales. You know this, so stop complaining about the voice patch.

    (Why, oh why do I even react to this seriously?)

  13. I am really looking forward to Songo Forces. Too bad that Sonsaku passes away 🙁

  14. I doubt it will come out, most people will just download voice patch and not buy Koihime musou 🙁
    But not me. I and few my of my friends will buy it. Hope it will help

  15. What were the roles that Kawashima Rino had in Inganock?, because I know that she’s Kia (did come as a surprise though, since Kia is so loli) as opposed to her roles in Kira Kira, G-Sen, and Canvas.

  16. Man I liked. Shuuyu, Sonshoukouand Shoukyou. I want to play koihime soon.

    Mental note: “ten days LIGHTDX, only ten days.”

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