Higurashi When They Cry Kai

Higurashi When They Cry Kai
We at MangaGamer are proud to announce the new Higurashi When They Cry Kai bundle set! This bundle set contains chapters 5-8 of Higurashi (Meakashi, Tsumihoroboshi, Minagoroshi, and Matsuribayashi), also known as the “Answer Arcs” which reveal the truth behind the first four chapters in Higurashi When They Cry. For descriptions of each chapter contained in this bundle, you can view the product pages linked above or the blog posts for each of them: Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8.

We’d like to thank everyone who bought the individual arcs as they were released. Without your support, this may not have been possible, and it is your continued support that will allow for more of this great series to be localized!

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  1. Higurashi Kai… I’ve always been unsure about this title and the first Higurashi.
    On one hand, I love suspension and mystery. However, I shudder at the thought of excessive bloodshed. (Is there excessive bloodshed in Higurashi?) And then there’s the art style that doesn’t really click with me…
    But it’s good to know that there’s finally a Kai bundle. I’ve heard many people didn’t like the fact that they had to buy every chapter separately.

  2. The excessive blood part is exaggerated. It’s true there are some disturbing parts, but there aren’t many.

  3. yeah i myself cant bring myself to read higurashi either mainly because of the bloodshead, same with elfen lied iv also heard wonderful things about it, but i cant bring myself to watch it.

  4. Higurashi is very grounded, which is what makes the horror part so effective, the player is constantly struggling to make sense of the weird thing happening around him.

    But there’s one question that’s always going through the players mind: Is there really a curse or is it some kind of human conspiracy?

    Here is an analysis/review I did about the psychology aspect of Hihurashi:


  5. The “When They Cry” series has never really been of interest to me not because of the bloodshed (I rather like VN/manga/anime bloodshed… not guro though) but because of the fact that the suspense comes in the form of “is there a curse or is it a human conspiracy” as stated above.

    It’s just not a legitimate form of suspense to keep the reader guessing about the story’s level of realism. That would make this like that godawful Harrison Ford movie “What Lies Beneath”… intrigue, intrigue, intrigue, LULZ SURPRISE GHOSTIES!

    I can’t think of a single good plot twist that involved such a structure. And whenever the question is asked in horror “is the person crazy or are there really supernatural elements?” the person should always be crazy. If it turns out in the end that they weren’t crazy, the story is stupid and fuels the paranoia of people with mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

    …And I don’t like the art style either! *hurr*

    /rant about “When They Cry”

    • That’s nonsense, some of the best stories keep you guessing until the end. The series is part mystery, so of course they don’t come right out and tell you, otherwise what the hell is the point of the story?

      Theirs enough clues and hints that it’s entirely possible to figure everything out by the end of the first 4 Arcs.

      The story is also about these characters and the struggles they have to go through just to see a peaceful world full of happiness, and that’s part of what makes the When They Cry series so popular. Your doing yourself a great disservice by judging it without actually reading it and that’s also just rude to the author.

      • I’m not really judging Higurashi, I’m judging the use of hidden genres. Because I pretty much can’t stand fantasy, especially when unprepared for it, sudden fantastical elements tick me off. I’ve also come to think that only surreal and science-fiction works can pull off settings (or “universes”) which play a main plot role instead of complement other factors.

        As for why I don’t play Higurashi, it’s just that I haven’t seen anything that I would like. Testimonials only go so far when no one ever says anything besides “brick-shitting fun” and “murders in the 1980’s”.

  6. I think it is the quality of writing and the story what matters most. Higurashi may not be on the level of Umineko (I don’t know, haven’t read Umineko), but it’s just fun to read. I also like the art, it’s probably a matter of a personal taste but I think it suits the story perfectly. Much more than that art from PS2 version that some people use. Besides, violence and blood is mostly up to reader’s imagination (at least in the first fourth arcs, I haven’t read Kai yet).

  7. Nintendo Maniac 64

    I find it interesting that this bundle has a price that’s similar to the first Higurashi’s original price.

    However, I’ve heard that Kai has considerably longer chapters.

  8. So many people underestimating or misunderstanding Higurashi… makes me sad.

    • If you’re referring to my post, then I can only agree that my opinion holds no weight as someone who hasn’t even tried it. In fact, my standpoint comes only from talking to Umineko fanboys/-girls who can’t seem to give me anything more to work with than “you don’t know if it’s a plot or a real witch” and “it’s got good music” (which is legitimate, actually) even when I say it’s fine to spoil me.

      Naturally, fanboys/-girls can’t intrigue someone as well as the actual writing, and Umineko only has a passing relation to Higurashi… so it’s all bunk.

      I would try it, except I can’t start something without finishing it… and I don’t want to spend that much time on it.

      • I think that Higurashi is absolutely worthy of the time invested reading it even if it is so long. And it is not really about “Is it a curse or a conspiracy?”. That goes for about two first chapters before turning into “What in the nine hells is really going on here?” question as the third chapter turns the whole worldview upside down and leaves you stunned.
        What I like about Higurashi is that it pulls all the right strings to create a horror-mystery atmosphere without resorting to bloodshed and cheap scares.

        P.S. I agree with Pirkaf – the PC art really matches the story and I like it more than PS2 version.

  9. Well, although I DID play the PC version of Higurashi, I still hate the art. “Unique” doesn’t mean “good”.
    The story is great, but I’d have enjoyed it more if the PC version had the same art as the PS2 version.

    • The art is pretty bad, but it’s a Sound Novel so it relies on the music and the atmosphere to get you into it. The character art isn’t as important compared to something like CLANNAD.

  10. Higurashi is one of the best VNs I ever played. Probably my favorite game Mangagamer has released. I recomend it to anyone who enjoys a game with an incredible plot.

  11. Can we expect a boxed release? I already own both original boxed releases (4 and 8 japanese version) and also the episode 4 Mangagamer boxed copy, but it looks so lonely on my shelf… please? If so you have my firstborn…

  12. Subject of the first four. Could we possibly also see a release of that for online sales. I heard you guys only sold it at a con, which means the hopes for someone like me on the other side of the world getting one is…minimal.

  13. It means who Higurashi Rei Arc is coming up??????

  14. I’d also like to know if you all will be translating Rei.
    I hope so.

  15. I want to know also anything about the Rei´s translation.
    I think many of us would pay for it.

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