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So with the big news about Hard Copies finally going out, interviews are coming in. You can check them out at the links below, but feel free to leave comments here too if you’d like.

Interview #1: encubed
Interview #2: Siliconera Part 1 Part 2

And for those of you interested, Pre-Orders for the Da Capo Limited Edition are now open at Hendane!

Do you guys (from Hendane or MG) ship to Asian countries? Seriously… it’s so depressing that I can’t get a single physical copy of an eroge… But this news cheered me up… Now if you guys can only ship to my country, I will be the happiest guy in our country! XD
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  1. “”Peter Payne Says: January 27th, 2011 at 11:12 pm Good news. We’ll try to work with them on J-List if at all possible.””


    • agreed

    • I see, so you’re against Mangagamer games getting more exposure by being sold on J-List, one of the more popular shopping sites for eroge on the Internet?

      I’m curious as to how you justify this.

      • For shit like this


      • While I agree with Fuji’s sentiment, the moral high-ground is often the less profitable. Right now, Manga Gamer needs to pad those sales numbers so there can be spreadsheets to impress future investors.

        If J-list can deliver, then a dance with the devil is well worth the price of a percentage of Manga Gamer’s proverbial soul.

        • You guys are being silly here, of course MG should work with J-list.
          These hard copies needs to be a success, so the more places sell them the better.
          And some of the Jast games are really good, like Kana imoto and Miru.

      • I myself agree with fuji, but its also true jlist can give more exposure to MG’s titles. Its just that they have a lot of false advertisement floating around their site that I personally don’t like. And to say, they’re trying to make a little bit o munnies off of translation patches.

        I remember they were asked in an interview if they were interested in trying to get the rest of the infinity series by defunct KID, with rights now belonging to cyberfront, due to the popularity of Ever17 with Hirameki’s release.

        They never gave a clear answer if they were interested in approaching cyberfront about it but it seems they wouldn’t mind selling Remember11 with this -> “A full English fan translation patch exists for this game.”

        But back to topic, even though it gives me a bad taste if it means more exposure to MG in the long run then its really up to MG to decide.

        • I completely forgot about that “a full english patch exist” Thanks for pointing that out 😀

        • On the other hand, they’ve offered free copies of their English OsaDai download release to people who purchased Japanese copies anticipating an upcoming translation patch, and I haven’t heard of anything similar for those fan translations like ef that MangaGamer has acquired.

          Lesson: better not support the original developers prematurely if they have ties to MG, or your reward for doing the right thing might be being forced to buy the game twice.

      • Honestly I don’t see any problems with cooperation with JAST, and I’m saying this as someone who’s still not completely over the Kazoku Keikaku affair. MG would still be doing things their own way and JAST theirs so it’s not like we’ll have to worry about the latter’s slow release of games affecting MG’s more constant release or about censorship. I think teaming up with JAST would at least be a good way to ensure the hard copies have more oppurtunities to be sold.

  2. “We don’t mind.” Who is WE?

    Some of us do MIND.

    • My id and ego. Super-ego is still undecided, but what can you do – it’s two against one.
      Seriously, it would be in the best interests of MG to reach to as many vendors as they can and increase exposure and availability in various regions. To rely on Hendane only would be quite counterproductive and j-list is one of the best known vendors out there. Now I am European and one thing I have to have in mind when purchasing from an American vendor is taxes. J-list is great because of the fact they fill in 1000 yen in customs declarations no matter what you bought and you are exempt from taxes. Now, I bought Higurashi from Hendane and they declared the real price, which was a few cents over the limit. I for some reason didn’t need to pay taxes and so I don’t know what would happen with more pricey purchases from them. That is why I think having their physicals distributed to as many different online shops would help MG in a long run.

  3. @ anon

    I know this whole comment is off topic and A LOT but……….

    I know about the bitter situation regarding OsaDai. And isn’t it a hassle to try and prove one owns the legit copy?

    quote from shingo’s comment:
    “If you bought your copy from J-List it’ll be sent to you automatically; if you bought your copy somewhere else, you can contact us at and we’ll arrange a verification method and then put you on the list for your copy.”

    A hassle and sounds like they were trying to make munnies off of fan translators again too. A very bitter situation JAST put themselves in. *whistles*

    As for the nnl, minori, and ef situation…….”I’m not 100%” sure so don’t take what I’m going to say to heart since many raging pirates were flaming the whole controversy and altering the truth behind the events.

    From what I can make of is, minori wouldn’t stand to see their game released illegally and if nnl wanted to release it, minori would open doors for negotiations. This is when the pirates come in and flame “racist” everywhere. Well, here’s a chance to prove they wanted minori’s stuff with MG releasing ef.

    This though is more about what you were saying:

    nnl at the time was releasing their translation “ONLY” as a “standalone.” There was no way to obtain a patch and use it with a legit copy. The lucky few who were able to downloaded nnl’s release would have all ready read the VNL and if they have a legit copy, it was because they bought it with good will even though they didn’t need/have to since there was no patch to use it with.

    This means MG isn’t obligated to give a free copy to anyone since nnl never did release a patch to be used with a legit copy.

    Here’s a conversation about nnl’s standalone release:

    Again, I’m not against the idea of jlist distribution as it really does mean more exposure to MG in the end. I could care less as I’ll be getting my physical copies from Hendane! even though I’m not that interested in Da Capo, I’m an otaku and a sucker for LE so I’ll be getting it just because I can lol.

  4. just wondering how do i play ur games on mac??

  5. Alot of people are bringing up J list as another vendor for the hard copies, but how about They carry adult stuff too and are also a pretty well known vendor.

    • Now that you brought rightstuf up, I think it might be a good place to try and get potential customers. I’ve only heard of them after searching for light novels by yen press so I don’t know much about them but they do sound promising.

  6. This detective game, my theory is you guys made a deal with Innocent Grey, a theory I came up with soon after the fanlators for Kara no Shoujo and Cartagra cancelled their project with promises to release a patch of what they’d finished but we never heard anything more from them about that. That could very well mean a licensing of the game with said fanlators help.
    The only other possibility is you guys made a deal with C’s Ware as they made several detective/mystery games, most notably the EVE games. Considering they had an English translating department in the past, and from my understanding (I could be wrong) it ran somewhat similar to your arrangement with Nexton, Circus, and co.

    • Yep my first thought was Kara no Shoujo.

      At least if MG picks it up we won’t be waiting years for a release. JAST king of delays ;p

      • I would think it would be Cartagra since apparently Cartagra is like a “prequel” to Kara no Shoujo (which was why the Fan TLs wanted to release Cartagra before KnS)?

  7. Of course another possibility is you guys made a deal with elf since I know one of their games, Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan, had a detective/investigation system to it.

    Would be interesting if you guys got that game considering it’s 3 games in one. Two prequel games ported from the console release and then the main game.

  8. A detective game? Hmm…. No, nothing comes to mind.

  9. Maybe Really? Really!? It has something like that, and wasn’t there talk about Shuffle! sequels? (though first shouldn’t come Tick! Tack!?)

  10. I’ve never ordered with Hendane before, nor bought any eroge before, but I’d like to buy Da Capo, to support Mangagamer and because I love visual novels, but I’m wondering how Hendane ships their items? In discreet packaging, or is there still a logo on the box of the company/or something on the label/invoice that indicates it’s an eroge/18+ item?

    I’m just not that comfortable with the idea if anyone other than myself were to receive it at the door (family/housemates etc.)

    So if anyone could update me on this, I’d appreciate it.

    And I look forward to a future of more hard-copies. (ef please!) 🙂

    • If you’re stateside, they ship via USPS in non-descript standard boxes. If you’re willing to pay extra, I’m sure they will be glad to throughly indicate the box contains ‘smut’ for all to admire.

      • Lol. Well, since you can never be to sure, as it goes through customs in my case (European customer), so just wanted to check. So I don’t get a box that says ‘contents: adult pcgame’ instead of just ‘pcgame’. Anyway, you get the deal.

        • In the past, packages containing software mailed overseas have been marked as “PC Software” or “Optical Media Software”. While we won’t outright lie about what is in the packages, we are rather discrete about how things are packaged.

          While I am amused with the idea of more dodgy packaging to embarrass one and all, we are too lazy (and cheap!) to do so. So do not worry. Mind you, it isn’t our problem if someone else opens your packages… 😉

  11. Oh boy, everytime I see the topic on “gameplay within visual novels” being brought up in such interviews it makes be shudder about the thought of those games being localized as well. I personally don’t like gameplay at all, and tend to avoid such VNs completely. I at least hope MangaGamer will keep its focus on true VNs, otherwise there wouldn’t be anything interesting left for me to read. 🙁

  12. Oh hey, my waifu’s in part 2 of Siliconera’s interview.

  13. I can’t reach hendene site no matter what, I tryed useing a proxy and it worked, but I cant pay with paypal through a proxy…why wont MG take order for US the Europens??

  14. Some of these comments are..frustrating ;_;

  15. What exactly is the difference between limited edition and original?

    • The original version is available on our website for Digital Download. The Limited edition contains the game, the soundtrack, and an exclusive artbook.

    • The Limited Edition is a two disc hard copy set with the goodies Kouryuu described with the added bonus that the game itself is DRM free. The original is the download, and if the LE run sells out, we may very well do a Regular Edition hard copy which would be DRM free still but only have the game – no OST or artbook.

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