Koihime Musou

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce our release of Koihime Musou is now available for purchase! I hope you’ll all enjoy your conquest through China, and that the voices will be added in soon!

And the best part yet? Buying a copy between now and July automatically enters you in a chance to win a copy of the anime as well!

Oh, and last but not least, a few final words in parting:

As the snow begins to melt,
As the chill departs,
As the season starts to change,

By the cherry blossoms stands
The idol to all
Waiting for the coming Spring.

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  1. already purchased and downloading πŸ™‚

  2. “…and that the voices will be added in soon!”


  3. Bought, let the insomnia begin!

  4. Awesome! i could win a copy of the anime!
    tho I already have it…

    what’s with the part 1 & 2 download? is that normal or am i just asking stupid questions and shouldnt be concerned with that?

  5. Hold on was that a hint at a Da Capo fan disk, maybe two? If so…you guys are going to drive me to the poorhouse, but somehow I don’t feel bad about it.

  6. arg why are the downloads so slow ><!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bought and downloading…. being entered to win a copy of the anime is a nice surprise to go along with it.

    I begin my conquest of china in an hour or so it looks like.

    Remember to extract the zipped files into the same folder guys! 0_o

  8. Bought it, downloading it, will be sleeping with my fingers duct-taped into being crossed in hopes that my internet doesn’t go down or my computer doesn’t crash while it’s downloading tonight.

  9. Niice, finally out and boy am I happy. Thanks πŸ™‚

  10. I buy the game i but i didn’t get the activation code yet did that happen to anybody else.

  11. nope, i got mine

  12. Oh, this one has an installation process? i remember the other mangagamer titles being extract and play

    hmm, could this be so its easier to do “that” thing? :p

  13. oh btw, dont know why but its crashing right at the beginning of the game (sound of clashing shinais)

    • If you’re having problems with the game, first check our support page to see if it’s a problem already addressed in the FAQ, and if not, please e-mail us at the address listed on there: info@manga-corp.com so reports can reach our technical staff and be addressed promptly.

      Try to include the following information when you do e-mail us:
      1. The title of the game and its version info
      2. Version and language of your operating system
      3. Privilege of your OS account (administrator or user)
      4. Version and language of your security software
      5. Do you meet the minimum requirements?
      6. Details of the error message you received. (Screenshot will help)

      • Buying for a friend! Already played it in native jap.
        Hopefully we can get enough sales to get a the vastly superior SHIN Koihime musou Tl project going.

        • Thats what I am hoping for.

          I can live without the voices if I have to, but I want the other games in this series to be localized πŸ˜›

    • I have the same problem but support hasnt contacted me yet do you know whats wrong

    • IΒ΄ve had the same problem try to reinstall if that does not work shutdown your PC then turn it on and it will problably work.You could also restart the PC I just made a mistake and click on shutdown lol.

    • @sound issue:
      Try to restart your pc.

      If that didnt fix it, turn SFX off and see if it still crashes. It is very likely a corrupted file
      if switching the sound off ingame didnt prevent the crash: Redownload/reinstall.

  14. im working right now so i have to wait util i get home but i have Sengoku Rance, Tears to Tiara, Utawaterumono, G-senjou no Maou so im in good hands util then

    • Damn right, those are brilliant games.
      I sunk so many hours into Sengoku Rance, its scaring me. Did you try Daibanchou: Big Bang Age yet ?

  15. So they mentioned that voices will be added soon? Does that mean they have already reached selling 2000 copies and working on a voice patch or does it mean they are very near 2000 copies?

  16. Why’s the dl sooo slow? Not even getting 100kb/s *sad face*

    • There are a lot of people trying to get it at the moment, thats why πŸ™‚

    • >_> I rarely, if ever, get even a stable 30kb/s from MangaGamer servers. (Downloading from J-List, for example, it’s usually around 160kb/s)

      • I’m on DSL and had a nice 300 Kb/s download the day it was released. If I were getting that slow a speed I’d talk to my internet provider.

  17. Can’t help but imagine the slow download speeds are due to us impatient folk trying to pull our copies all at once. I’d be curious to see what the “first day” sales are like…

    • I’d imagine the only things we will see will be along the lines of ‘about expected for first day’ or ‘better expected for first day.’

      While kouryuu has said he’ll give us general ideas how close we get to the 2000 mark, the point was made several times when the lack of voices was announced that Mangagamer staff cannot give us detailed sales information about any of their products.

      • Yeah, much more of a hypothetical than an expectation…

        Looking forward to see how tracking the “magic number” goes. Get some voices for the ladies… and Wakamoto. Everything’s better with Wakamoto. πŸ˜‰

        • The 2000 mark will take a while,
          even with a lot of day one sales.

          After all the target audience is a bit smaller than your usual all ages pc game audience.

    • Oh I wasn’t serious. I was just venting xD

  18. cool its out, now i shall buy it once 2k sales have been made X3

    • That defeats the whole purpose of getting to 2000+ fool.

      Nuuu! I’m feeding the trolls ;p

      • no im not trollin, i only buy complete games…at this point it isn’t complete with missing voices. and its no guarantee that they will even be added…i mean i believe in MG but im taking the option to wait.

        • You can buy the game and then wait for the voices until you play it.

          I say its a given that they will be added at some point, but when that point is depends on the sales, no ?

        • Basically, you’re saying. I want X, but I don’t want to do anything to get X.

          “I want an educational diploma, but I don’t want to study”

          “I want to drive a car, but I don’t want to get a license”

          “I want to have a girlfriend, but I don’t want to take care of her”

          • its nothing like that, i just want the full game, i know if i buy it i will read it voiceless and finish it out (probably) before the voices hit, i want to read it with voices my first time through, hence why im waiting…its quite simple. but i don’t need to explain myself anymore.

          • Now imagine the sales numberis at 1900 and 100 people adopt the same BS stance as you. See the problem?

            There are a million and one ways to not play the game but still help in obtaining the 2000 number, you choose to let everyone else do the work while you reap the benefits. While none of us can force you to buy, we can call you out on being a dick.

          • That was the point I was trying to make, but gaudy6523 managed to express it clearer.

          • a buy is a buy, would you feel any better if i went the free way and pirated it with an added and already mostly done voice patch? either way il get my KM fix so yeah i chose to support MG. only once i get the full game. so yeah good day.

          • Quite frankly, I don’t care if you pirate it or not. If the industry dies from piracy then you’re the one who loses in the end.

            And like I said before, you’re a dick.

          • Case closed. Time to move on πŸ™‚

    • AltarusTheTraveler

      I felt the same way man. But then I realized the voices will either be added officially or “unofficially”. So I’m still buying it.

      • ^ this is good thinking. voices will be in either way, one way or the other, people just give the excuse “oh, its not voice”

        • A funny thing happened to me:
          I bought the japanese Koihime game about a year ago as import. Got past the yellow turban part, but then I put it down because my basic japanese made it too difficult for me to understand what was going on.

          It turns out that its coming in handy now, as I can just overwrite the voice pack files to get full japanese voice. Hopefully it wont crash πŸ˜›

  19. Alright, I’ve ordered it as soon as I was awake and now I’m currently downloading the game. I hope we will be updated soon to hear the good news that more than 2000 copies of the game were sold so we can hopefully have the voices in this game. Anyway thanks a lot for having brought us this game and I hope it will have the sucess it deserves.

  20. The space on my HD is rather limited. Do I have to keep any of the downloaded files after having installed (and activated) the game.

    Also, I hope sales go well for you Mangagamer. πŸ˜€

  21. I’m just curious, why are the voices only being added in after 2k sales? Maybe I’m just ignorant, but it seems like a pretty dirty marketing ploy…

    • The (very) short version is that due to the size of Koihime’s voice cast, the royalty payments for voices are insanely expensive and Nexton, the company which owns Koihime in Japan and is a partner in MG, crunched the numbers and worked out that 2000 sales is the number required to both pay the voice actor royalties *and* make a profit on the English release. The break-even point WITHOUT the voices is much lower, so it’s a case of Japan wishing to minimise risk.

      • Also, Nexton payed in advance for mangagamer,
        so if this game doesnt sell the company loses a lot of money. They are trying to test their waters, afraid of investing blindly into a market that could financially ruin them.

        The good thing is that if this works out well, not only Nexton but also other developers might take the english VN market more seriously.

    I just realized my card expired a few days ago.

    Gonna have to check if I can borrow a friend’s πŸ˜€

  23. Hey Kouryuu! Get out here you scumbucket!

    What happened to the translation notes pdf!? Now how am I supposed to tell who’s who in Chinese (and enjoy all your translation decisions)?

    Upload plz ^.^ thank you for your hard work.

  24. mh to bad looks like im the only one but
    each time i try to install it i get the msg data11.cap is missing any1 know somthing about it?

  25. Kouryuu, where will we be able to read your updates regarding the sales when the time comes ?
    On this blog ? In the Mangagamer News ? Or on the frontpage of the New York Times ?

  26. from twitter:

    “12 hours in and #Koihime has already exceeded #Shuffle ‘s launch day sales by 50%. Still a long way to go, though.”


    • Aren’t you proud to be one of them? =P

      Let’s go team gaijin, show those Japs that we make a good market and MG puts out quality localizations.

    • itd be nice if we got actual numbers :/

      it sounds good n all but 150% of an unknown number (for us at least )doesnt say that much

      • The way I see it we havent hit 1000 yet.
        But usually VNs sell over a long amount of
        time rather than in the first couple of days.

  27. ok, I was trying to figure it out myself but i’m stumped. for some reason when I start the game it is always too big for my screen windowed a few inches and full I only get the top left(ish) corner can any one think of why? the recommended resolution is 800×600 and mine is 1400×900 but it still too big. I apologize for my stupidity if this was caused by me…

    • Try going to your graphic card settings.

      Somewhere in there should be the aspect ratio setting
      that determines how to strech fullscreen applications on your screen.

      If all fails, it sometimes helps simply to set your resolution to the games resolution while you are playing it. πŸ˜›

    • sorry it was (kinda) my fault I had to disable display scaling in the program preferences. Thank you for the great game Kouryuu/Mangagamer.

  28. get better beta testers..

    line reads: Shokatsuryou was renouned as a stunningly excellent strategist in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

    renouned is not a word. should be renowned.

    • Yeah there are a few typos, but overall from what I’ve seen it’s not too bad…although Edelweiss set the bar pretty low…

      Typos I found were: Should’ve been “ran”, was “rain” “whowever” in stead of “Whomever” or “Whoever”.

    • I guess you will see much more typos. This game is very long and testing costs a lot of money. As easy as that.

      • Well, if its either that or waiting another 2 months then I gladly accept a few missing letters. πŸ˜›

      • I may be wrong, but, as I understand it, the testers are “paid” by getting a copy of the game, and there aren’t THAT many testers. So not a big financial hit to MangaGamer. Anywho, every translated eroge I’ve played has had its typos – the original poster of this comment needs to dislodge the bug that has crawled up his/her narrow ass and down a bottle of Chillax.(I’m talking about “…”, not you, Ponyo)

  29. butter toffee coffee

    Are the sex scenes with loli-type characters still in the game or have they been removed for this release?

  30. I can’t get the activation thing to come up. Can anyone help me?

  31. Not much to say that hasn’t already been covered but my two cents worth….

    I said “Thank You” with my Visa as soon as I got the email notice.

    I’m in agreement with the faction preferring a few typos to waiting 3 or 4 more months.

    Can we expect Koihime Musou Moe Susumu Tsutai (YES, I know, title is likely off. That’s how Google translates)to follow? Ever?

    • I would imagine that entirely depends on how well this title sells. If Nexton thinks they can make enough money to make it worth their while… possibly. Though you have to consider that the sequel games are even longer and have even more voice talent so we’ll need to really make an effort to make it possible.

      • Honestly, I’m fine without the voices. Or with having the original Japanese voices and english text. This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen an Official release of an H-game even mentioning English voices, and knowing from past observation how much the mood can be altered by voice casting in Anime, I just don’t understand the big deal. If you can play the game you can probably read the story and instructions and that’s all I need to keep me happy.

  32. I’ll definitely by this game and do my part, though i don’t get upset if it has no voice.
    For me the worst thing when i’m going to buy a game is the money exchange…for me the actual price of this game is about 100 “dollars” =/ (of course i only used the word “dollar” to make a comparison)

  33. Its finally out! πŸ˜€ This will be my first time buying from Mangagamer^^

  34. Let me know when the voice patch comes out. Credit cards ready, I’m waiting.

  35. Requesting sales number πŸ˜€

  36. He just released on twitter that we’re 1/5 done which means that 2000/5= around 400 copies were sold on the first day of release.

  37. At the end of week maybe it will get to 2000 πŸ™‚

  38. what I’d do for a good game. Pray to god no one pirates the english version. cos if they do, it’s gonna be bad for MG.
    All the best, and waiting for voice patch. KOUMEEIIIII!!!

    • I have to say I dont understand pirates when it comes to this game – its really one of the few games that is worth the money.

    • I pirated it yesterday…. sorry…

      • But to be fair i will be buying it at some point

      • Trolly troll troll troll. Tro-troll tro oll troll troll.

        Tr troll? Troll troll trollies buttsechs. Troll troll /jp/ troll troll. Tr-troll no windows in your house troll you come from sad whale family deep in ocean you are evil troll. Hickory smoked is so trollin’ crazy.

  39. Maybe so but we can hope. Or wait for someone making voice patch. I just can t understand why donΒ΄t they officialy rip the voices from japanese KM… It would be less expensive and better

    • You don’t think MangaGamer has to pay for a re-recording of the voices or something, right?
      MangaGamer has to pay royalties to use the voices in their product.

      In other words, they already are planning to rip the voices from the Japanese version (it’s what’s been done for any other game they’ve released). It’s just, they have to pay a lot of money in royalties before they are allowed to do that.

    • ‘Officially’ adding voices = license fees. Too bad ‘they’ can’t just release a voice patch and claim it isn’t a release affiliated with MG or BaseSon ;p

      Best bet is waiting for the unofficial ppl are looking into making.

      Also instead of entering us into a draw to win the anime, I wish they’d reward us with the voices. Oh well back to waiting patiently.

      • You cant compare the anime giveaway to the license costs.

        Every single character is voiced in that game and the game is long – its probably three times the cost of your usual VN, if not more.

        So yeah, wishful thinking.. we wont get the patch unless 2000 units are sold. I’m sure that will happen, but it can take months. πŸ˜›

  40. great game love the characters XD

  41. I thought I would miss the voices, but it doesnt bother me at all while playing the game that they arent there.
    Of course this doesnt mean that I want no voice patch, MG ! πŸ˜›

  42. The translations are excellent, and the game is a lot fun – sadly, it doesn’t even come close to the jp version without the voices… Didn’t realize how much I’d miss them.

    Here’s to hoping for the voice patch.

    • I know right? Every time I read a line from Aisha when she’s being jealous I realize what I’m missing. Every time Sui goes into stuttering dere mode… Gah frustrating. So for now I’ve put my playing on hold, lucky there’s plenty to hold me over this month.

      • Did the same, looks like the sales are doing well enough, so maybe… I really do want to play through again in English, since my understanding of Jap is pretty bad – but it just feels so wrong with no voice. Probably just because now I know what I’m missing.

  43. personally the no voices doesn’t bother me the first visual novels i played (tsukihime,fate stay night,utawarerumono,kanon,planaterian) didn’t have voices and most times when im playing one i dont even let them finish what there saying i just click away

    • Utawarerumono had real gameplay. And none of the VN’s you have mentioned rely nearly as heavily on character interaction (banter) between characters as koihime. Also vns like tsukihime/fate are written as such they can pass as pure text just like a normal novel. Koihime lacks the strength of the former in writing therefore makes up with it through spoken dialogue and fanservice. Anyway it’s subjective, I’ve played a enough to know that my experience is a far cry from what it could be. Hence my discontent. I don’t regret my decision to support MG, I’m just impatient.

      • i get your point alas i wasnt very clear reading all those first made it very easy for me to disregard voices because of this i take voices has an added bonus in my head

      • Fate/Stay Night could NOT pass as pure text. It’s nowhere near as well-written as Tsukihime.

        Without the 300+ (400+?) sound effects and excellent usage of the KiriKiri engine, F/SN would have been boring as hell. Think back on those games… did F/SN ever have any moments in which the text really got to you like Tsukihime did? The Tsukihime Near-Side hotel scene was terrifying just from the text… but Fate relied a lot more on its sounds and visuals. Don’t get me wrong, it resulted in a better experience, but it’s not because of the writing.

        Higurashi Onikakushi and Watanagashi could stand as normal novels though. Too bad it just gets more haphazard and less focused with each chapter.

  44. im having a problem with the text. the letter overlap each other. is there a way to fix that?

  45. Vera font.

    • I downloaded it it turned out to be bitstream vera sans. But it still didn’t fix the problem. Do I need to reinstall the game for it to work?

  46. I’m just happy I never heard the voices to begin with. This way i don’t know what I’m missing and I’m able to get through the game without many regrets.

    • I know what you mean. right now I’m just enjoy the game and i also like the music that they when you make love to the character.

      • Yes, the music is quite good !

        Usually most VNs have repetitive and annoying music and seeing how long this game is its a blessing that the music is well done.

      • Yeah the h-scene music is pretty good. It’s rare that the highlight track in an eroge is the sex music haha.

        Kazuto was making out with Shuri and I was just like, “hey, that’s a pretty nice track”. Well, I also thought that the gratuitous spit those japs love so much was almost attractive for once, too. Actually, that whole Shuri makeout scene was pretty nice.

  47. Hey guys just wondering are the endings with the 3 girls only or r there other ending? I love daikyou and shouyou!!!

    • As far as I know there is 1 ending for Aisha, 1 for Rinrin, 1 for Shuri and 1 Harem Ending.
      Still, even if they’re not ending per say, each character’s scenario has a conclusion to it, so you could say that they all kinda have an ending.

  48. ok i got most of the endings but how do u get the harem ending as u only can maxed 2 of the girl that is if the harem ending involves the main characters.

    • I guess you could classify this as a spoiler so if you don’t want the it to be spoiled skip this message. This is for the harem ending.

      Play once and get 2 girls maxed out. Save before you have to choose either of them at the end. Watch one end and then reload and watch the other. Start a new game and max out the one girl that you have not viewed the end for. Save again at the end before you choose her. Once you watch the ending reload and it will say something like ‘Think of everyone’. There you go for all the endings.

  49. So i downloaded the game, got all excited after playing the demo and installed it. Clicked to start it aaaaaannd nothing. A window pops up for like half asecond and thats it. πŸ™ anyone else encountered this?

    • There have been similar reports.

      Are you running on 32bit or 64bit?
      Have you made sure your anti-virus software isn’t accidentally blocking the program?
      Have you tried restarting your computer?

      We need more details on what you’ve done, and what’s going wrong in order to try and address the issue. If you don’t want to post them here, then you can e-mail them to us at info@manga-corp.com

      • I’m running 64 bit ive sent a help email a day or so ago and got no response. Thats why i decided to ask on here. ive made sure nothing is being blocked. re started, reinstalled and even re downloaded.

    • Try restarting your computer or reinstalling it. After i did both my game worked just fine

  50. Downloaded and playing it right now. I can’t wait for the voice so I’m playing the original and this as a same time. Put them in auto mode and both amazingly fit. Man how desperate I am…

  51. Voice Patch is out. I obviously won’t link it, but I’m sure people can figure out where to find it.

    • just check comments about the voice patch, its not 100% voice on the game. / will not use.

      • Well its 92%, basically. A couple of the batches had errors that were too much of a hassle right now to crack, but they’re working on a v2. This is just to have voices for the time being

        • Alot of the commentors are also posting about the files causing the game to crash at random points, so I’ll wait until a more stable release is available.

        • Actually the guy gave up and right now there wont be a version 2 until someone with more knowledge picks it up. So lets stick with waiting for other people to get this game. Best of luck to MangaGamer.

  52. Tried the voice patch for the demo just to see what the game’s like voiced…and so far it doesn’t seem like I’m missing that much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I prefer it unvoiced, it’s just I don’t feel like I’m missing that much; then again I’m only a little past where the demo ends on the main game (only one computer’s available in the house I’m at so I sadly can only play at certain times of the day) so that may change, that and I’m still playing this game with the mentality that it’s like a PS1 game so suddenly playing with voices is sort of like me playing a voiced Suikoden after having played the original and thinking “these characters sound a bit different than my imagination”.

    On another note, is Shuri’s VA the same one who did the voice for Riru in Ryoujoku Guerilla and/or Shiori in Cosplay Alien? They either sound similar enough or they just have that same high pitch voice.

  53. I was wondering is this game compatible with a Macbook? Because my computer is a Macbook and I was planning to download it myself. Also where can I download the voice patch?

    • The official voice patch is not released yet.

      There is an unofficial one on the net but I strongly advise not to use it. It only voices ~80% of the lines and according to comments made it crashes the game A LOT.

      I am not sure if Koihime is compatible with Macbooks.
      Can you emulate Windows on it ?
      If yes, it should work – but I’m not sure about the activation process…

      • Wanna know a few scenes that the fan patch doesn’t voice? Aisha’s, Rinrin’s, and Shuri’s endings. Do not want

    • You will have to install Windows on a virtual machine (using Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. Not sure about VirtualBox) or natively (using Boot Camp to create a partition).

      • Thank you for the information but where can I buy a VMware fusion or Parallels Desktop? I’ve googled Parallels and it looks like I can purchase and download it online while the VMware Fusion I still have to buy online which goes the same for Boot Camp. Although which is the best choice among these? I checked the Boot Camp site and said that it comes with Parallel Desktop 6. Regarding that do I have to buy them separately or does the Boot Camp come with Parallel Desktop 6 when I buy it?

        • VirtualBox (www.virtualbox.org) should also suffice and its free.

        • I’m not sure how well versed you are in installing operating systems, but here’s a more detailed layout of your options:

          Boot Camp: This is free and included with your Mac, sort of. It consists of Boot Camp Assistant (in /Applications/Utilities), which helps you shrink your Mac disk partition to make space for installing Windows, and the drivers for Windows which makes your hardware work properly.

          If you don’t mind rebooting between the two operating systems, this is the best option in terms of compatibility with games, since you are running Windows directly on your hardware. You should have no problems running the game. You can find more information at: apple.com/support/bootcamp

          Parallels Desktop/VMware Fusion: These will cost you money, but allows you to run Windows inside the Mac operating system as a virtual machine, relieving the need to reboot into Windows. Since the virtual hardware’s support for games isn’t perfect, you may find some games which will not work properly. I think visual novels will be fine.

          VirtualBox: The same as above. Free, but with even less support for games.

          All of these options will require a Windows license, so if you don’t have one, you’ll have to buy it.

          If you want to go with the virtual machine route, I’d suggest trying out the demo to see whether it will work alright. Both Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion have a 30 day trial, so you can try them out without buying. I’ve personally tried the demo on VMware Fusion and I didn’t encounter any problems.

          My recommendation is that, if you can endure a reboot to play games, go with Boot Camp. It’s free anyway (barring the Windows license).

          • FWIW, I do all my MG work on a MacBook Pro and use VMWare Fusion with XP32 and have never had an issue, even running the game over virtual networking off my OSX boot partition. As expected, native performance under Boot Camp.

          • Hi! since most, if not all, eroge / dating sim/ visual novels run only on a pc, I run Wineskin (a highly wrapperized version of WINE for Mac OSX, which “wraps” the game binaries into a Mac application so that you can run it by double-clicking, making it more Mac-like, it’s free, U don’t need a Windows license, and you don’t need to reboot your Mac)…haven’t tried the other WINE implementations…it runs many eroge games, but not all of them…so, there’s hope for OSX eroge fans out there! πŸ™‚

  54. Is there any way to skip the battles? I just want the story.

  55. How do I beat Shuuyu

    • Have you tried raping her? Oh wait this isn’t Rance…

    • Carefully, I would imagine. I haven’t gotten very far into the game (so I could be very wrong), but as I understand it, opponents really don’t have an AI of any kind, so if you’ve seen their formations/tactics once, you know what they’ll do any time you take on that particular fight. Write down which formations they use, and use the formations that have advantage against those (which should suggest which strategist you should use)

    • Just memorize their formations and pick either the appropriate defensive or offensive counterpart to engage after you “retreat” (this is just restarting the battle and nothing else). Dont forget to pick a general who has a good advantage at those counter formations.

    • Use Shuri as general and Shion as Strategist. Take 50% of your troop as archers.

      Have Shuri use her Ougi every 4th round to counter Shuyuu’s Ougi.

      Cycle between the 2 formations that counter Shuyuu’s, and laugh as her army dwindles to nothing.

  56. So I hear the Main character of this game is a pedo, and bangs every little girl he sees with no remorse or guilt

    this sounds like my kinda game

    • He’ll do any female with a pulse. Seriously.

      • Well seems only little girl he won’t bang is Riri, the daughter of Shion (one of the main 6 girls to join)

        and thats only cause she catches him in the act of trying to seduce her 5 year old daughter

  57. *fap fap fap fap* Finally gotten around to buying it and downloading….sorta slow so I’m *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap* spending my free time healthily. Uhhh I’m actually just typing “fap” and if you thought I was actually doing it for real….there must be something wrong with you.

    Anyways,thanks to MG for releasing this za game.

  58. You know I’m kind of curious if there’s anyone who’d try getting voices for the game the super legal way by getting (via import or lending from a friend who imports) the Japanese version of the KM and play it right alongside the english version.

  59. It seems someone else is trying to make a voice patch, though only time will tell if they succeed. Anyone want to place bets?

  60. I’m pretty sure it will succeed, but official patch might be out first. I hope it will, too lazy to mess with a fan made patch that might or might not work.

    but i might not be able to resist, and my urge to play the game could overtake my laziness.

  61. Any idea how many copies Koihime Musou would have to sell for Shin Koihime to be translated? It has new characters, and some interesting changes to some old ones, plus you get to pick which of the 3 main factions to ally with.

    • Probably the amount needed for us to get voice acting into KM. Of course, I think kouryu mentioned that selling 1000 copies is breaking even without the voice acting costs so it might convince Baseson to let us have SKM, just without the voice acting.

      • I think it depends on how much of a dick Nexton is compared to Navel. Navel isn’t quite satisfied with the sales numbers (I’m gonna go and blame Soul Link) and probably won’t put out another until they have some nice goading, but Circus seems pretty adamant with dumping titles onto Manga Gamer. Will Koihime’s sales figures motivate Nexton to be like Circus or Navel? Also, keep in mind that some of Manga Gamer’s nukiege are from Nexton and they haven’t been selling too well.

  62. *bites the bait*

    It’s still quite a ways from 2000. Just be patient and just wait for the announcement.

    • Considering they’ll probably have a week in announcement tomorrow, any hopes on what the first week sales number will be? As much as I’d like to say 1000 or a little less, I’ll be a bit more realistic and hope for 750

    • Aw, and Yagami’s comment is deleted, making my reply seem a tad weird and out of place…

  63. i do hope we get shin koihime musou, i really enjoyed this game, the story isnt too complex yet entertaining and managed to keep me interested, the base camp phase is interesting as well.

  64. Which season of the anime is the drawing for? The first two seasons are on sale today at my usual source, but I’ll put off buying if I have a (currently 2%) chance of winning it.

  65. awesome game guys loved all the characters i hope that sometime in the futrue you get to do the remake as well. Mangagamer rocks BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Btw, does mangagamers have plans to release another Koihime Musou stories like Shin Koihime Musou or the fandisk one?

  67. il hope for SKM but honestly i cant see it happening. it would be awesome if it did but looking at the sales and what they wanted…hope is little but not lost.

    • Hopefully the sales reach at least around 1000-1500, that way maybe BaseSon will consider to let MG releasing Shin Koihime Musou without voice patch is fine too.

  68. I wonder if Kanu’s cooking is as bad as these two:

  69. Just released on twitter that we’re now 1/3 of the way there.

  70. Does this game work on x64 systems ?
    I’ve got a win7 64bits and when I check the compatibles OS, they mention only 32bits (x86)…

    I won’t buy it since I don’t know for sure…

    • Well, I purchased it. The demo works just fine on win7 64 bits, so the full game should work too. If not, I still can plug a wide screen on my laptop and play it.
      I hope there will be numberous purchases, I’d prefer use an official voice patch than a fan-made one.

      One last thing : As a French with a poor english mastery, the first Aisha’s sentences are pretty well ununderstandable… Is there a lot of slang or old language in this game ?

    • I confirm that this game DOES NOT WORK on windows seven x64, while the trial version does. That’s definitely crap, and bad for the sells.

      I know that Japaneses still use stone age old computers, but… Cannot play a game because it’s out of date on a powered computer, that sucks hard.

    • I confirm that this game DOES NOT WORK on windows seven x64, while the trial version does. That’s definitely crap, and bad for the sells.

      I know that Japaneses still use stone age old computers, but… Cannot play a new game because it’s out of date on a powered computer, that sucks hard.

      • It’s a problem we’ve received complaints about and are trying to address now. Have you e-mailed our support about it?

        Just explain the issue in your e-mail, and that the trial worked, but not the purchased version. They should be able to take care of it for you.

        • Thank you for you answer.
          I indeed sent an e-mail to the support because it didn’t run either on my laptop with a win7 x86.

          Actually, I deleted my install, re-downloaded the archives and re-install the game 4 times, and it actually works on my main computer!
          I don’t know what happened, and I don’t dare to reboot (lol) but, for now, that looks like working!

          Please receive my apologizes for the double post, if someone can delete the first, I would be thankful.

          Have a good day/night, i’ll go to enjoy the game! πŸ™‚

        • Oh, if someone experiments the same issues as me, I changed a few things between each install, and one or some can be the solution :
          – Not changing the setup directory
          – Not trying to copy/paste saves of the trial into the save folder of the game
          – Not using fullscreen for the first launch of the game
          – Not clicking elsewhere during the launch, just waiting for it.

          All this can be useless, but it doesn’t cost much to try…

  71. Geez, I don’t like to spam but…

    /! SPOIL /!

    Is it normal that a long time after Toutaku (Yue) is defeated, Go and the player’s contry are making a new “anti-Toutaku alliance” against Gi?
    I just read it something like 30 times this last hour, and that is really, really unpleasant. WTF?

    • Yeah, that’s the most commented about translation error. It’s almost like the Allies of WW2 calling themselves the Triple Entente

  72. hope this game can reach its break even and even making profit, i really my shin koihime fix, dammit, need more brown girls!

    renfa samaa~

  73. I’m interested in purchasing this game, my only question is if the length of the game is long because of story content, or because of the amount of time it takes to play through the “mini-game” bits. I prefer story to gameplay (I like to just read), and since the currency conversion when I purchase the game is going to hit hard, I don’t want to invest in something I won’t enjoy.

    • Trust me, it’s because of the story segments. The main story itself aside, the interactions with the heroines make for very long segments to read.

    • nah, you will spend most of the time reading text rather than doing the “battle mini games” if you want to put it that way

      its the interaction with the girls/characters that you will mostly spend your time in.

      So yeah buy it, *cross fingers* so we can expect the shin koihime in the future

  74. I’m trying to install the thing, but the installation program won’t ask for the activation code. And there’s no .exe that activates the game. Is there something missing???

    • The activation exe is a temp exe called Ider.exe which is created in the Temp folder. Some antivirus software catches this as a false positive, so you try making an exception for it. If that doesn’t work, e-mail our support staff: info@manga-corp.com

  75. anyone knows if their close to getting the 2000 sales mark yet?
    I really want to buy this game but not without voices or at least knowing that they only need like 200 more sales or so at least.

  76. according to their twitter they’re 3/8ths of the way there.
    game released on feb 28
    march 1 was 1/5; ~400 sold
    march 21 was 1/6 ~666 sold
    april 11 was 3/8 ~ 750

    unfortunately we don’t have a better estimate of the first day’s sale

    well plotting on a log scale doesn’t give us a very realistic number ie they will reach 2000 in 1 858 684.33 days, but given the trend, with an average of 11 copies sold per day, it will take at least 168 days or 5.6 months.

  77. you know think there is a reason for not doing it but i just thought i’d ask. why don’t they sell the voice patch for extra money to make up the difference? or something like that?

    • Because this is as much as a risk as it is. Right now, KM isn’t turning in a profit yet, and that’s without paying for voice royalties. KM needs to get 1000 sales without voices to turn in a profit, and it has reached about 750 so far.
      If MangaGamer were to supply a patch in the way you described, then nobody would probably get it. The voice patch would get pirated even more than the game itself. Yet, MangaGamer has to pay for voice royalties for the patch, and they’d lose even more money.

      Wording is a bit awkward (I’m tired), but I hope you understand.

  78. T_T *you’re lucky coz you can buy n download this game*

    somehow when I see you guys can support this game by buying it, I feel like want to sit in the corner of my room, sucking my thumb and says ‘f**k to me that can help!’

    secluded area + secluded country, have $5000 (in IDR, counting, roughly have 5k) in account but cant spend it for KM cause of my country’s lack.

    really dude, I’m pissed off with people says ‘I wont buy this game coz lack of voice!’ dont give me a crap sh*t! you just have to buy it, you have Visa, Credit Card, or anything! you dont have money? work, or at least ask your parents! if you have 5k and you cant buy KM due to your country’s lack (i dunno, but maybe because of diplomacy?), what’s your feeling dude? (PS : you see KM and drop you jaws coz it’s awesome masterpiece. due to that, I believe you will fell like some kind of Sh*t Plus you see A STUPID COMMENT that UNWANTED TO BUY THIS AWESOME VN BECAUSE OF LACK VOICE-PATCH = kill that people and kill yourself.)

    Kouryuu9, is there anything that some-secluded-people who know the miracle of VN do to support this game? (dont ask to advertise this VN, i have do it. another way?)
    maybe something like ripping the voice patch from Jap version (and say that MG never included in this project *smirk*) and let the people buy this VN unvoiced (and create something that lead the buyer to download the voice patch? you may know what I’m thinking about coz I DO love THIS VN!) will do help people? (agree, and I’ll gladly do that.)

    *sorry for my bad English. hope you know what I mean…*

    • the first can = cant… typo

    • I hope you’re not suggesting MG to make an unofficial voice patch and “accidentally” leak it…
      Want to know what that does for the trust between MG and BaseSon? Not much good, I tell you.
      And it’s not exactly legal either, methinks. You don’t want companies to do illegal things.

      • I think he was saying that he or another individual could do that and then MG could link to it. I don’t think he understands that the potential of a voice patch is an incentive to buy it, so his apparent desire to help MG combined with his misunderstanding of the process has led to something that would potentially harm sales.

        It’s like a man who is worried about leaving his expensive car in a crime-ridden area and Deiki suggests that he leaves the doors open so that if someone wants to steal it, they don’t have to smash the windows.

  79. Hi!
    Now it’s May, how many copies sold? I want to buy it with voice but we don’t know the current sold record.
    The last record is 3/8 (750 sold) in 11 April.

    I think this game had sold 2000 above in June or July…

    • Why do you think that? Apparently it hasn’t even gotten 1/8th of the sales in between the 11th of April and now. Why do you think it will suddenly sell 4/8th or 5/8th in a mere 1 or 2 months?

      It’s sad, but I don’t think that will happen.

  80. gaaah, everytime i see koihime musou it kills me a little on the inside knowing shin KM will never get released…

  81. well even without the voices, i hope they sell enough to make a profit. so that they’ll continue to translate and release.

  82. i`d REALLY like to buy koihime musou, although i don`t have a credit card.
    when you select payment options under credit card there stands: “Sorry, we only accept credit cards at this time“.
    By that wil manga gamer have other payment options like ideal or paypal anytime soon?
    ive been waiting a wile for it but that was before koihime musou was available for download.
    if so i`d love a reply (or when its not the case).

    sincerely dragon

    • Do you have a debit card? That works just as well

    • Unfortunately, Paypal does not allow itself to be used in the purchase of pornography as stated in its user agreements, so we cannot accept paypal as they will not accept us.

      Also, while it does say credit card, any Vida or Mastercard Check-cashing card, or pre-paid debit card should also work just as well provided you have enough funds on it.

    • Also, isn’t iDeal a Dutch only thing?
      I mean, sure, it can be used internationally (as is the case with Runescape), but I honestly don’t see many other retailers outside The Netherlands use iDeal.

      And yes, I am aware that the server is in The Netherlands and all, but still…

  83. Ok I’m going to say this ahead of time so people don’t get confused with what I’m about to rage about… In no way shape or form am I saying this is bad game… It’s an excellent game and I do highly recommend it… I just hand one problem with it and that is…

    *Spoiler Alert*

    The endings… I would have loved to see more than just 4 endings to this game as there is a lot of content and could have easily been done… But my major problem was the 3 endings that you can get with the 3 main girls (Aisha, Rinrin, and Shuri)… Am I the only that finds these endings both happy and sad? More sad than anything else because if you go thru the game and see all the stories of the sub characters (Sui, Sei, Shion, Ren and so on) have to offer and at the end of em all you get the heart wrenching conversation (well most of them…) about when or if the main character will be going back to his own world… And if you went thru the game the first time like I did (I went after pretty much everyone). You see their stories and then once you get to the end you have 1 of 3 options… Aisha, Rinrin, or Shuri… After that your back in the guys world with your choice… and NO ONE ELSE!!! to me that’s just a little to sad… Which is why in my opinion that the route of not going after any of the main girls is the best course (After you gone and seen their stories first of course) and at the end choose the “Think of Everyone” option. At least that option leaves some room for your imagination to run free as to what might happen next… So other than the endings (Just my opinion) it is a good game.

    • Personally, I view Rinrin’s ending as a bad ending because even if she is over 18, I’m pretty sure Kazuto should be arrested just out of principle.

      • Yea that’s a pretty good point right there but if ya remember chousens words that world is a world that kazuto made just for the 2 of them so ya never know… maybe the laws were tweaked a little? But if not… yea hes gonna have keep their relationship in the dark…

        • well, speaking of which, if you go into that world, ie three kingdoms world, during that time there was not such thing as “underage marriage” if you would like to take from context that she’s around 10, that means in 2-4 years it would have been normal to be married, and all would be well. take our society we view people who get into a relationship at 16, then come out with it at 18, and everything’s fine.

  84. So have we reached the voices yet? I mean if we’ve already paid the least they can do is give us a little counter that shows the number of sales so we know how much longer

  85. Hi all!

    I would like to know if their license could eventually also times Shin Koihime Musou. I’d love to play with this game. Could you do that, please! I thank you that they read this and let’s hope it works out.

    Thank you and goodbye!

  86. I hope you let us all know when you have successfully contacted all the winners, so the rest of us know we have lost, and should just go and buy the anime.

  87. Are you serious -_-
    Half a year later and still no voices O_o.
    This will never get any voices it seems :(.

    • Well, it hasn’t even broken 1,000 sales yet, so… unless someone starts convincing a lot more people to buy it, yeah, it might be a while at the pace it keeps selling. We might finally break the 1,000 mark in the next couple of months?

  88. is there news about shin koihime musou being translated? coz i really like this game..

  89. Well, I just bought this game two days ago. I did not realized it existed until I began to watch the anime series add saw the contest add inside one of the DVD boxes!

    I have installed it and am trying now to play but the game always crashes after the intro video has finished. I wish I can play this game but no e-mails from support yet… Sigh…

  90. I’ll try to get some friends to buy and I will buy when my next pay check gets in. We have to hit 1000 or 3000 to get voices?

    • 2000 sales to get voices

      • wow 2000….huh wouldn’t we hit that very soon? dam there should be over a million anime lovers in the US why haven’t we pasted that number yet?

        • It’s a combination of Manga Gamer’s exposure and the common belief that these games are just porno dating sims.

          Places like ANN, that get a good 90% of all English-speaking anime exposure has the wonderful luxury of providing the narrative for what anime is or should be. Since they’ve been trying, since inception, to take anime past the stereotype that it’s just a bunch of over-sexed, ultra-violent cartoons not meant for kids, Manga Gamer successfully falls into their area of passive denial. ANN staff have commented in the past that they will only cover Manga Gamer news that pertains to anime, but they’ve virtually ignored Shuffle’s release, Koihime’s promotional events, Kara no Shoujo’s everything, and outside of NNL and minori’s little bout with ef, they’ve completely forgot to mention Manga Gamer at all when talking about Sentai’s licenses of the two seasons of the ef anime. While they’ve given Kouryuu plenty of props during his interviews on ANN’s podcast, no one listens to the podcasts, and this wasn’t until after Kouryuu translated their streaming release of Ore Imo, which they also fucked up on.

          Of course, these aren’t the only exposure issues, given Manga Gamer’s past history of questionable translations (old Edelweiss) and how some of the remnants from that era (Koihime) are hardly perfect, but slowly and steadily, things are improving. The March earthquake didn’t help things, but everybody is picking up the pieces.

        • Oh and in case you’re wondering, last mention in IRC channel, Koihime is at like 900+ sales, somewhere really close to 1K in sales.

  91. Guys, anybody else is using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and is successfully playing this game? If yes, did you need to do anything special to make sure the game is playable? I am stumped and I paid good money for the game so I want to try my best to install it correctly…

    • Have you tried checking our forums to see if anyone knows the answer?
      There’s the generic FAQ here, and there a few threads on Koihime Issues there as well.

      • Yeah, I got a reply from the guys from MangaGamer and tried it as soon as I read it. No go…

        I also went through the generic FAQ and no go.

        I am thinking it is my native Windows 7 x64 Ultimate version Dell that is causing the mess. I am installing some Windows 7 update tonight, so I will try to reinstall Koihime after that. Maybe some changes to Windows might open the way for me.

  92. so is there news about shin koihime musou being translated? based on the Harukoi Otome translation,this one is also baseSon’s game,i can say there is a good possibility but still it would be great to hear it from officers.

  93. I am willing to buy 10 coppies of Shin Koihime Musou if MG translates it … Koihime Musou was good and had superb story but I am unsatisfied with the fast completition …
    I needed ~ 10-15 hours to get all 4 endings and side charracters – while not skipping any text (just battles).

    • Fast completion? Isn’t Koihime one of the biggest VNs?
      And just 10-15 hours for the whole game?

      Sir, did even read it all? O_O I mean, I took more than that and I haven’t even finished one route…

  94. When I said I am willing to buy 10 copies I didn’t meant that all 10 are for me πŸ™‚ I know people who would be happy to recieve 1 copy as a present (I can skip giving presents for 2-3 years that way – 1 shot – 10 bunny kills ^^)

  95. Does anyone know how to fix this problem I have with the 17th home base phase and after that? Whenever I try to do the route with rinrin/shuri along with sui, sei and shion, i can’t right click otherwise i will get a lcsebody.exe crash and i have to start over from scratch.

    I tried starting a new game but it still gave me the same error, im playing on v1.0

  96. Greetings, Mangagamers! You have excellently localized Koihime Musou, it was very pleasant to play in it, and I want to learn from you, whether you plan to make transfer of the following part: Snin Koihime Musou? Simply I about it didn’t hear anything and on your official site of anything about it isn’t written, but I very much would like, that you have made it. And if you plan to let out remake when approximately it is necessary to expect an exit? I am sorry for my errors in the letter, I am simple not absolutely well I know English, but is assured, you correctly will understand that I mean. Thanks big!

  97. It would be nice if you could translate Shin Koihime Musou. ^^

  98. I want to see the next part of this exellent game)..Are you planing to translate Shin Koihime Musou?

  99. yeah, it’s will be great, if translated Shin Koihime will be appear..

  100. So It’s been QUITE AWHILE now since the game came out >_>.
    What are the sales figures? πŸ˜€

  101. Yes, how many copies until we get the voices ? ^^

  102. finished the first game, resiously hope they’ll translate Shin Koihime as well ^^

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