Guilty: The Girls

I know many of you are still excited about Koihime Musou and enjoying it right now, but let’s not forget we have another game coming out soon too: Guilty ~The SiN~! This time, we’ll be introducing the heroines in this game.AyaAya Kamijo is the main capturable girl in this game. Yes, she’s your younger sister. Yes, you have sex with her, and yes, it happens on the main path. All win so far? Good.

Aya falls under a total imouto type – she’s meek, clumsy, and dependent on her brother for almost everything. Coupled with her albino skin and green hair, she tends to be the subject of teasing and unwanted passes from various punks on the street, which big brother Akira is all too happy to take care of. Like her brother, Aya works at the family’s restaurant Da Noi, but this time as a waitress along with her best friend Atsumi.

AyaAya is voiced by Noda Asumi, a seasoned Voice actress with over 200 titles ranging from Libido 7 Impact released in 1995, to Kuon in My Girlfriend is the President. She’s also done roles such as Takada Ayano in X-change 3, Talia and Takamine Kaori from Seinarukana, Kimikage Yurina from Canvas, two different roles in Pia Carrot 3 and one in Pia Carrot 4, Liarsoft’s Kusarihime, and Palet’s Mashiroiro Symphony.


AtsumiOmi Atsumi is the kind of girl that just begs to be made fun of. Energetic and earnest, Atsumi is Shiro’s favourite target as she’s guaranteed to get worked up and start chasing him around the art room. While not as clumsy as Aya, Atsumi isn’t a particularly great waitress either, though her high spirits lend a great deal to the atmosphere, though nobody notices how much until she’s involved in a mysterious incident early in the game. Sadly, Atsumi is not a capturable character though she certainly finds her way around some of the early sex scenes.Atsumi, often called by her nickname “Nurumi”, is voiced by one of our favorites, Hokuto Minami. You can see more on her roles in our post about Yoshino Sakura and Sonshoukou.


MayukiMayuki Shindou is one of Akira’s childhood friend, and the ex-president of the art club. While the duo were in the same grade in elementary school, Akira’s withdrawl due to his accident means that Mayuki is now his sempai, though she finds the relationship awkward as a result. Nevertheless, she’s got it bad for him, and that ain’t good – especially since she’s the mayor’s daughter and in an easy position to exploit. She’s also your second capturable option.

Mayuki is voiced by Haruse Miki, also known as the voice of Konami in Popotan, Sakurazuka Kaoru in X Change Alternative, and Kawahara Emi in Midnight Sleazy Train.


YukariWhile also uncapturable, Kusakabe Yukari, aka Yukari-sensei is something of an enigma. She knows how to keep men under control, and she’s as good of – if not a better fighter – than Akira. The replacement art teacher, Yukari-sensei clearly has her eye on Akira and Aya for some reason, and she clearly knows what she’s getting into – it doesn’t take long before even Shiro learns to obey, but we won’t say anything else other than she’s another awesome adult and she does have some sexytime on screen, lest it ruin the surprise.

YukariYukari is voiced by Enokizu Mao, a voice actress with nearly 300 titles to her name, including Yamanobe Miki from Cross Channel, Kawahara Chisato in Xchange 3, Kiryuu Aoi in RAPELAY, as well as roles in Night Shift Nurses and Eternal Kingdom.


NagiYour final capturable character is Okitsu Nagi. Okitsu’s another badass, this time one with a sword and healing magic and an attitude that’ll smack you back across Japan if you try and mess with her. Despite trying to blend in for a surveillance mission of some sort, she’s not very good at it as she wears the uniform of the poshest girls’ school in town, causing her to stick out like a sore thumb. Okitsu’s definitely a tsundere, and despite not being the main girl, she’s got the most endings, most of those being BAD endings, often involving…well…it’s no fun if you know what happens now.

Nagi is voiced by Misaki Tomomi, the voice of Tsukuyomi Mana in Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative as well as Tachibana Mayumi in Kakyuusei. She’s also played Sister Amaike in Fortune Arterial, as well as roles in Crescendo, Nitro+’s “Hello, world.”, and Frontwing’s Sorauta.


CassacaLast but not least, Cassaca is a spoiler. We won’t ruin the surprise, but she does get it on with you and Aya at one point.

Cassaca is voiced by another seasoned voice actress, Ayukawa Hinata, who started voicing eroge in 1994 with Circle Mate, and continues voicing them today with roles like Amakasu Mayo in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai and Aina Inori in Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo. She’s also featured in Nitro+’s Satsuriku no Django as Alfie, Leaf’s To Heart 2 X-rated and To Heart 2 Another Days as Nanako, as well as Kurihara Touko in Leaf’s Tenshi no Inai 12 Gatsu.

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  1. Looking forward to this one

  2. this is all well and good, but can we get some KM sale numbers or a closeness to 2k sales? im sure that’s what everyone is wondering XP

    • Last night they said we got to 500

      • so…where is that unofficial voice patch again…i knew i should have saved it *goes looking*

        • So, if you decide to get an unofficial voice pack and get your voices, I assume you also buy the game from MG? Many people yell they won’t buy due to lack of voices, but then when they can get them from some shady source still won’t pay up, showing they never intended to do so anyway.

  3. The games you are releasing are way too awfully old.

    Yes, I know books are timeless etc. and there are really good visual novels that are like 10 years old, but for some people old games are just not appealing enough to pay for.

    Random visual novel from 2011 would have infinitely better chance of getting bought by me than some old game from 2003.

    • Good VNs are timeless.

      In terms of graphics, the old games still have beautiful CGs and sometimes even better writing than new ones.

      • While that may be true, more recent games would be very much appreciated. Censorship doesn’t matter to me so much, but graphic quality does. It won’t stop me from buying this one, though 🙂

        I can imagine the big shots in Japan won’t give out more recent games out easily when most people will just pirate the game anyway, which is a sad, sad thing… Sometimes the ones who yell the loudest there aren’t enough translated VN’s are the ones who fire up the torrents as soon as they can.

    • Part of me agrees, because running a resolution of 1920×1080 on my computer, it can be rather annoying to either play the game in an incredibly small window (most of these games seem designed for 800×600), or stretched out beyond belief in full screen can be incredibly annoying.

      The other part is just glad they release quality VN’s at all 🙂

    • Maybe because random visual novel from 2011 hasn’t maxed out it’s sales in Japanese, domestically or internationally, whereas well known visual novel from 2003 has alredy sold 99% of total sales in its original incarnation and can now be offered to a new audience and increase sales.

      Whilst I agree that many v/n’s from 10 years ago won’t have me scrambling to buy them, neither would random v/n from 2011. At least from MG’s point of view there is already interest in old v/n’s, many of which already have anime or manga of them which has been translated, whereas the market for new v/n’s with no such cross marketing is smaller.

      Now, if only MG would give the rest of the world the same offers as it does the US that might see a percentage chance of growing the market.

  4. oh yeah another game XD have to save money for the visual novels ^^

  5. I don’t know why this game doesn’t click with, but it just doesn’t.

    By the way, what’s all with this stuff about girls being “capturable”?
    *imagines Pokéballs, catching ’em all, and being the very best*

    • same thoughts….maybe this is a mature version of pokemon X3

    • Well it’s supposed to be a dark themed eroge so maybe it’s capturing them to make them sex slaves? >:D

      Or instead it just means they have a dedicated path.

    • “Captureable”– as in, they have routes.

      The others will have scenes and dialogue but they won’t have routes the player can pursue.

  6. Rocket breasts.

  7. Okitsu Nagi seems to be good about time we got some female lead that knows how to kick some demons ass . The first picture is pure gold for me .

  8. Wow… Enokizu Mao?

  9. I want Higurashi Rei 🙁

  10. Meh. :/ A game like this isn’t very appealing to me. I think it’d be cool to get more utsuge’s. I’ll be waiting for Ef.

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