Announcing Harem Party

Fans of visual novels are often fans of Japanese RPG’s, so like getting peanut butter in your chocolate, it’s time to bring the two together in our upcoming release, Harem Party

You can probably guess what our lead character Haru’s like. And if you’ve seen The Last Starfighter, you can also guess where the story’s going. If you can’t, then let’s begin at the beginning.

One night, mild mannered Haru’s playing his favourite RPG, and as he reaches the boss fight, the characters begin talking…to him. Not to his in-game avatar, but to him. As lightning strikes and the TV begins to glow, his party from the game enter the real world: the game was a way to find the reincarnation of the true Hero of Legend which, needless to say, is Haru, even though he hasn’t realised it as such. In order to save the girls’ magical world as well as our own, Haru needs fulfil his destiny.

Oh, there’s also something about the girls needing their mana recharged regularly in order to live in our world without getting ill or dying of consumption. Being the sort of game that this is, it’s Haru’s job to make sure they get the magical elixir required on a regular basis so everybody’s in top shape to face the Demon Lord.

Can you be a hero for Agnes? Will you ever perform well enough for Cleo? Can Sophie ever manage to go 24 hours without wanting more? Find out in Harem Party, coming soon from Tactics and MangaGamer!

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  1. “One night, mild mannered Haru’s playing his favourite RPG, and as he reaches the boss fight, the characters begin talking…to him.”

    The begins with the main character losing his sanity. Just what I always wanted. lol

    Anyway, it looks interesting enough so I guess I’ll pick it up.

  2. i knew it was coming, i was the first to call it!

    /happy face xD

    but yeah, iv been looking at this on VNDB a lot lately, probably a day 1 pickup for me.

  3. Man, the whole description was hilarious! Gotta save some elixirs for this title.

  4. Really hope the ‘magical elixir’ isn’t what I think it is….

  5. Hehehe… “Mana recharge”, so can I guess that Haru came from the Fate/Stayt Night style of mana recharging? This looks kind of interesting…

  6. I wonder how many people are old enough to know about The Last Starfighter.

  7. Nintendo Maniac 64

    As a huge Fate/stay night fan, the mention of a “mana recharge” totally cracked me up. XD

  8. Oh yeah good eroges. how come there was not any news on the release of we love master. was surprise when i went and check that it is released.

    • You have low standards =P.

      (Comments that don’t go “OH WOW COOL” aren’t aloud)

      Comments that intentionally inflame, aren’t allowed. It’s not fair to just can Yagami for idiocy when he’s just responding to stupid. -Mod

      • Cool bro. Thanks for linking me to the correct word XDD.

        “=P” Indicates I’m joking around,no? And I don’t understand the second part of your sentence.

  9. Wowo a nukige combo *¬*

  10. Yeah, I remember “The Last Starfighter”, first run, in the Theater. This one also reminds me of K*ss’s “Custom Reido 4” for the Mana recharge. It has my attention, and BTW I would love to see you guys get e relationship going going with K*ss and BlackC*c. Even the earlier “Custom Slave” stuff all the way back to CS 2.

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