We Love Master

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce our release of We Love Master

Who can say no to having three or four maids at your beck and call? Certainly not us!

As head of the Yuuki corporation, you have only mere months left to wed a girl or lose control of not just the company, but your entire inheritance! So what’s a rich man to do? Buy three girls away from their families, and turn them both into proper proper maids as well as the women of your dreams, ready to fulfill each and every one of your sexual cravings!

Choose between the tsundere Sakura, the quiet Kuu, or Hime, the daughter of the Shishouin corporation which you crushed into financial oblivion. Or perhaps just leave them all behind and stick to what you know best: your half-sister, the lovely, busty head maid Ema! Or better yet, why not just make them all your mistresses?

If you liked He Is My Master or have a strong sense of Maidar, then you’re sure to love having four maids serving you morning, noon, and night in We Love Master!

We’ll be running the Tester’s Reports for this one in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

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  1. was waiting for this email notification X3

  2. Just bought mine

  3. I’ll Pick this up probably tomorrow ^_^

  4. Not one of my priorities right now. -_-


    That would have been a YESSSSSS except my stupid bank/credit card provider won’t let me buy this! Well, at least right now…

  6. You didn’t send a newsletter for this ? It was a coincidence I found out about the release.

    Anyway, just bought it, so far so good !

  7. Just woke up a bit ago, bought mine and finished downloading just now. Wonder if this title will be able to fully energize my pal who’s still sleeping lol.

  8. four maids four version of girls loli included. This game rocks! Well i say that for most of the games i played haha.

  9. Hell yeah! Purchased and downloading as I type. Hard copy where?

  10. After playing it a bit, worth every penny ! Cute characters, good voice acting and H-scenes, really nice erogame.

  11. I’ll be waiting for the tester’s corner next week before I decide if this is worth buying.

  12. still on the fence about buying this, i may wait to see some opinions as money is tight this month >_>

  13. Bought it and I am just loving this game so much :D.
    The hentai scenes are nice and long and I love a blowjob scene done right in a VN…which is something which is pretty hard to do but in this game they are done so well It’s just so good and refreshing to have a VN with so many BJ scenes and with nice long and high quality ones to boot.

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