Tester’s Corner: Conquering the Queen Ed. Vol 1

3. Conquering the QueenThough it seems many are already writing their own reviews of Conquering the Queen, today we bring you a Tester’s Corner from Nurio!

This is the third game I’ve had the opportunity to beta-test, and it’s so different from the rest. If I think about it, I’ve been pretty lucky with the variety: My first VN was a romance/drama VN, the second was an educational title and the third is a nukige. So, will the fourth be something entirely different again? A mystery title? Or maybe a gameplay-heavy title?

Conquering the Queen is a nukige, so there isn’t much to say about it, except maybe “There’s sex”. There are story elements, though, but I can’t really discuss them. So, instead, I’ll talk partly about the game itself and partly about my experiences during beta testing. Even though it’s a nukige, I’ll also refrain from showing stuff from the endgame, as there’s some surprising stuff that can be considered spoilers.

The protagonist in Conquering the Queen is called Vincent Conquer, which is pretty funny considering that Vincent already means Conquer. So his name actually means Conquer Conquer? In a title called Conquering the Queen? My, I wonder what the theme of this title will be…

Yes, Conquering the Queenis very much about conquering. Vincent is out to conquer everything he wants. He’s a greedy bastard like that. But what does he want? Well, money, power and women, of course! Yes, Vincent is consciously out there to conquer women. Gotta Conquer ‘Em All!

He doesn’t seem evil at all, does he?

He doesn’t seem evil at all, does he?

That said, he’s a pretty clever and confident man, making him victorious in almost any situation. And that helps him toward his personal goal. Really, being victorious DOES help in your quest to conquer stuff. Strange, isn’t it?

What I do like a lot about the protagonist is that he has an outspoken personality and… A FACE! Yes, he’s not the boring cookie-cutter protagonist! He’s not quite the most original protagonist out there, but it’s a lot better than Faceless Protagonist #319 from Romance VN #427. Oh, and Vincent is hung like a horse, but that’s not a trait I particularly enjoy… (And it’s not an uncommon trait either…)

Personally, a nukige isn’t something I want other people to know I’m playing. And since I still live with my parents, it was quite a task to keep a straight face during testing. I’d be reading things like “Aaah! Ahh! You’re gonna tear me apart! Yes, it’s so deep!” on my laptop while my parents would be talking to my grandma or my sisters about how soft the rug is, or whatever. Poker face, go! I can already imagine how it would be if my mother saw “Conquering the Queen” on my desktop.


“What is that icon, my son? Conquering the Queen?”
“Oh… Just a game…”
“Why is it on that little boy’s crotch?”
“No idea, mom… It latched itself on there…”

Not suspicious at all!

So, I expected a nukige to be about 100% about sex, and to feature crude language, and to only talk about titties and pussies. But that wasn’t the case at all! I was very surprised to see stuff like “When understanding finally dawned upon them, the men began to flee in abject terror”. Not the most complicated language, but a far cry from just “pussy”. Hehe, I said pussy… [/immature]

Surprisingly, not an innuendo.

Surprisingly, not an innuendo.

The game also has nice expressions like “She glared daggers at me” – I love it! And the game has more of such expressions. And then there’s the fact that the translator has opted to remove Japanese terms to make it feel more like a western medieval setting. For example, Vincent-sama is now Sir Vincent. Normally, I’d rage over something like this and bring out the torches, but in this case it actually really fits the setting.

Of course, it’s not always fancy language. There’s a lot of the aforementioned “Aaah! Ahh! You’re gonna tear me apart! Yes, it’s so deep!”, so those looking for the dirty talk won’t be disappointed either. Really, there’s no reason for disappointment as there are 48 LONG sex scenes in here! So, how does Vincent get to conquer all these women? Well, rape of course! Either he rapes them forcefully, manipulates them to be submissive or trick them into loving him. Yes, even the consensual sex is evil.

About the size of the censor box I needed to censor “him” being forced inside her exit.

About the size of the censor box I needed to censor “him” being forced inside her exit.

But even though Vincent is forceful, he knows exactly what the women want. And soon, those girls will start to love his violent acts. So you don’t have to feel completely guilty. Really, it’s okay to stick it up her pooper!

? Para pa pa pau! She’s lovin’ it! It’s not rape when they love it! (Cat not included in the game)

Para pa pa pau! She’s lovin’ it! It’s not rape when they love it! (Cat not included in the game)

She looks pretty conscious still, right? It’s not rape if they’re conscious. [/fact]

Since it’s a nukige, they’ve added something extra to the sex scenes, next to a dose of rape. Actual splashy, squirty sounds play during the sex scenes so you get even more immersed in these scenes. They also allow you to replay the voices easily with that megaphone icon you see two images up. So if you particularly liked that “Ooh! Ahh! Yes!” you just heard, you can replay it with a single click. And so you don’t get out of the mood by the males, they only gave the females voices – and I thank them for that. I don’t think I would survive males screaming “Hnnng! I’m cumming! Cumming inside!”

I started out by saying that I won’t show endgame spoilers. And that’s because some surprising things happen along the way and in the end that I think you should experience firsthand. So, despite it being a nukige, there are some story elements in there. It’s not anything shocking or dramatic like in story-based games, but there are still a few eye-openers in there. So there’s sex and a little bit of story. In fact, there are 4 different endings; and they actually don’t depend on what girl you choose. No, you get every girl you want, no matter what. The 4 different endings depend on… Well, I’ll let you find that out for yourself. =3

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  1. sigh, my feminist girlfriend would be horrified to read this kind of post.

    • I’m sorry to horrify your feminist girlfriend then.
      But honestly… It might be in bad taste, but it’s nothing serious. First of all, it’s fiction. And I am just joking about it. It’s a joke about fiction. If that upsets anyone, then they’re very sensitive.

      • yeah but the fact that u can commercialize this kind of fiction is what would irk her lol

        you’re right it wouldn’t bother her too much but I have trouble imagining women in general feel ‘welcomed with open arms’ into the VN medium with this kind of thing. I suppose we’re a far ways from needing to worry about that, after all video games in general still getting their feet wet about this issue.

        • Well, of course… You wouldn’t show her this as the introduction to VNs. You should show a VN that appeals to her. I mean, if I want to introduce someone to VNs, I pick something they’d like: Higurashi for John, Kira Kira for Peter, Soul Link for Chris and yes, Conquering my Queen for Nick.
          Judging from your post, I’d say that she wouldn’t like any eroge, as that can quickly be seen as objectifying women by a feminist.
          Of course, if you’ve successfully introduced her into VNs, then it will be only a matter of time until she gets to learn about titles like these. I think it won’t be much a worry, though, as you can simply say “That’s the dark side of this medium. You’d best just ignore it and focus on the bright side” and I think she’ll still be able to enjoy the titles she likes.

          On the flipside, I don’t think I’d be much bothered by a game about raping guys. Then again, I can understand guys being less sensitive about this stuff than girls in general.

        • I want to follow up on Nurio’s comment for when/if introducing someone to this media. Don’t start them out with anything that has ero content or anything that is over hours and hours of reading.

          When introducing someone to this genre it should always be a title that could somehow move a person emotionally in a good way and of course no ero content. If they’re willing to at least listen to what this genre has to offer then a single emotionally beautiful title with great translation to boot, music and art may interest them. The beautiful VN, “Narcissu,” its free, so take a ride to neechin.net and get a free copy.

          Anyone who has an interest in this media should first try out this title. Its writing and story deserves a commercial release (though it already got one in Japan) and It also reads like a novel as well which I think is one of its good traits since I haven’t come across many that reads like a novel.

        • Well, the safest option for introductions would probably be the Phoenix Wright series or if you want to at least introduce a newcomer to the concept, then Persona 3 or 4 would be a good idea.

          • you guys are totally getting side tracked from the original purpose of my comment, i never said i had any interest in introducing this closet hobby of mine to her.

          • Yes, sidetracking and derailing is what I do. Excuse me for that.
            That said, I did make a point in my comment, though it might not have been very clear.

            Any kind of medium really has a dark side that a specific person doesn’t agree with. In this case, VNs have rape games that your girlfriend doesn’t agree with.
            That’s understandable, but what’s more important to understand is that this is only a part of the whole medium, and getting bothered by it is only a waste of energy. It’s much better for that person to focus on the aspects of the medium they actually like. They should ignore the dark side (yet acknowledge its existence; nothing good can come from denial), and enjoy the joyful side.

            That was my point in a nutshell.

    • Your feminist girlfriend should play Rance; she’d love it.

    • Then she’s obviously retarded.

      Get her to stop watching opera and reading those magazines.

      Or just hook up with Sousou.

      • hey, fuck you pal no need to make it personal i was bringing up a valid issue in today’s world and i think it’s laughable you’re dismissing this as media propaganda.

        • Perhaps ignorant would be a better word? That would be how I would describe anyone who has problem with a certain genre in fiction.

          If you could get her to read: http://verbalrubbish.oniichannoecchi.com/?p=2948

          If she’s honest she shouldn’t have a problem with it(Who doesn’t fantasize about rape?)

          • Ah, Fuji, always so subtle and full of tact.
            I think Romdeau already made it clear that his girlfriend wouldn’t be bothered by this too much. So, she would respect that this side of VNs exists and will leave us be… Why won’t you, Fuji, respect her opinion and leave her be?
            As long as Romdeau’s girlfriend doesn’t object to the *existence* of rape fiction, then everything’s fine. She may think it’s disgusting/horrifying as much as she wants. It’s her opinion.

          • fuji, you are making an ass of youself by stating “who doesn’t fantasize about rape?” Even when i am being honest (and this is the internet for god’s sake), I really don’t care for it because I don’t look at women that way. This is pure rubbish.

            People have objected to certain forms of fiction based upon morals since the beginning of mankind’s existence BECAUSE they have significant influence on people’s perspectives. Now her (and mine to a less degree) argument would be that CtQ is a fiction that endorses and glorifies rape. That would horrify many educated women for good reason; why would they feel comfortable or tolerant about this sort of thing?

            Look, I’m not saying everyone who likes this sort of thing is a bad person. I am just saying, there is this other perspective and that you should consider it.

  2. Considering the line you used as an example I’m surprised there’s no “The Room” joke, lol

    Didn’t know about the Vincent part; I wonder if in any of Liquid’s game’s there’s a character called Manos Hands, lol

    • I’ll probably have to hand in a lot of “cool points” for this, but… What’s “The Room” and what kind of joke would that have been?

      • The Room is basically a movie so bad it’s hilarious, the whole entire film is practically a meme. If you want a good run down of it, take a look:

  3. Actualy there is 5 endings no four if i remember well. Good review

  4. lol the coments are hilarious. Not realy my kind of game, but I may give it a shot after reading this.

  5. Bit late to the party…

    Wow, is Nurio actually sane this time?! 😛 Anyway, interesting post. 🙂

  6. Well if you want to talk about females being welcomed or not, some of us would *like* the option to hear male sexy-voices in scenes. 😛

    (Not this game though. Not my kink.)

    • Ah, yeah, I suppose this game is more aimed at guys (just taking a wild guess here).
      And I think most guys appreciate not hearing the male sexy voices.

      That said, I understand where you’re coming from. Just as I enjoy hearing the girls during the H scenes, I understand you want to hear the guys.

      Bottom line, I guess, is that this game should not be used to welcome girls in the VN world. (What a redundant conclusion.)

  7. The line “She looks pretty conscious still, right? It’s not rape if they’re conscious. [/fact]” cracked me up.

    Your Tester’s Corners got better over time, but this one is already pretty darn good.

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