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So, I’m sure many of you have been wondering what would be happening on the hard-copy front of things ever since we listed the new set of hard-copies we’d have in stock for AX2011, announced our new partnership with J-list, and then fell silent on the matter. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about today.

You all may have wondered if something was up when J-list asked what hard copies people wanted to see on twitter, and if you guessed that we were talking future titles to release, you’d be right! We’re currently hard at work drawing up the designs for them, but we’ll be waiting until they’re finished before we announce which games are getting a hard-copy release. (Hopefully we can announce them soon–in time for Christmas, mayhaps?)

What we will say for now, is that there are currently a total of 4 titles on the schedule, though one won’t be ready until 2012 for certain. (Why? It’s a surprise!) Of the other 3, only one is a nukige we’ve released or will be releasing this year. As for the others? You’ll just have to wait and see! Once we’ve announced which titles they are, you’ll be able to pre-order them from the usual sources.

Though, before you get your hopes up: No, Shuffle is not one of the four. No, Kara no Shoujo is not either. For various reasons, we are unfortunately not able to print hard copies of these two games at this time.

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  1. Lemme guess, J-list doesn’t want to do a voice-less game even though everyone and their mother knows how to google for the voice patch (somewhat understandable), and Shuffle isn’t going hard copy because Navel is a dick who still think they’re awesome enough to demand more money before putting out…

  2. I’m still hoping for Koihime Musou *_*

    • I don’t think that would work well with the “official voice patch arrives after 2000 sales” plan. Not impossible, just awkward. Maybe in another three years, at the current rate, when voices are released.

  3. edelweiss 2,o would be cool

  4. im curious as to what they are…chances are they will be ones i have no interest in, and shuffle was one of the only ones hoping for honestly with the other being edelweiss.

  5. Pure guesswork, but I’m game!

    Not released until 2012: Deardrops?
    Nukige: erm… not sure, could be one of three I guess, but I’ll go for Conquering the Queen or Harem Party.
    Other 2? Edelweiss, Suika, Go! Go! Nippon!, pick two πŸ™‚

    So, real answer? No clue, but I await with interest (and hope I got one right!)

  6. Nukige will probably be either “Harem Party” or “We love master”. As for the 2012 game, my hopes are on EF…

  7. ” drawing up the designs for them”
    Because it’s so hard to use the original designs instead of those obnoxious “EROTIC PC GAME FOR ADULTS” crap.

    Hopefully the hard copies are Suika,ef and some title no one cares about.

    I’ll buy ef for sure~

    • You do realize, that even if we do use the original designs as a base, all the text has to be translated, entered, and then the design adjusted due to the differences in how much space said text takes up?

      • 1.Clean Image of cover (They should be able to provide that)
        2.Set Font
        3.Enter text

        I also just looked threw all of my games(One that contain dvd cases) and you have plenty of room for a description and cgs.

        • There’s about a billion other logistical matters that need to be taken into consideration when making a boxed product. Images and text are a small part of the entire production…

          • A billion? Maybe if these weren’t manually made.

          • Ya know, it’s infinitely easier to sit on your ass and talk shit about stuff you can’t even begin to comprehend…Maybe after you’ve spent more than half a day in the real world, then you can come back and we’ll have a decent conversation on why you’re dumb as balls.

        • Not that easy, especially when you have a chain of people in Japan who have to approve everything.

    • Spoken like someone without a drop of design in his blood.

      I loved how MangaGamer adapted the higurashi packaging so I’m sure these will look good.

      I wish the 2012 title was a new announcement….

  8. dang it manga gamer….
    fine ill buy my anime expo 2012 ticket just to see whats up…=[

  9. Perhaps the one that won’t be ready until 2012 is a completely new currently unreleased game… like ef perhaps? Or KimiNozo…

  10. I’ll look forward to whatever comes out

  11. The nukige has to be ‘We Love Master!’

    They’ve only released 2 (soon 3) Nukige this year:
    We Love Master!
    Conquering the Queen
    Harem Party

    its mentioned here ( http://mangagamer.blackss.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1178#p14646 ) that they wait at least 1-2 months before a title is eligible for a hard copy or it will eat into their profits. The only one that has been out for 2 months or more is ‘We Love Master!’. πŸ™‚

    One of the Story titles is most likely Go!Go!Nippon! too, in one of the news feeds it was confirmed that they would get a hard copy release for it.

  12. I would pick up Kotori Love ExP immediately, eventhough I already bought the digital version ^^

  13. Go! Go! Japan will definitely get a box version. The concept of the game literally cries for it.

  14. I’m currently playing my copy of Da Capo 2 that I purchased at your booth at AX2011. No matter what the titles are I’ll buy all 4 Just to support the the release of hard copies.

  15. I hope the new hard-copy games aren’t all nukiges. I would have really liked to double dip Kara no Shoujo even if it’s voiceless, and two of my friends asked me if there was a dvd copy some time ago… It’s really sad that such a great game is only available as a digital purchase.

    Then again, it’s good to see Mangagamer improving its hard copy lineup.

  16. KNS only if haves voices,and SHUFFLE! is out of plan??????What a great fucking injustice on the most selling VN of MangaGamer ¬¬

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