Harem Party: A Getting Ready Guide

So, following the positive response to our getting ready post on Conquering the Queen, we’ve decided to whip up another one on Harem Party.

You play the game as Moriuji Haru, a big JRPG fan. You go to the local community college (of course), have a sexy onee-san who cooks for you, and live in front of your game console. At least until the girls break through the fourth wall and fall into lap, requiring mana recharges and giving you no say in the matter as they start training you to vanquish the Demon Lord.

While most of the game takes place in the modern world, there are a couple fantasy setting scenes on a specific route (we won’t spoil it by telling you which one). The sex is consensual throughout (often with multiple party members) and 8-9 times out of 10 it’s vanilla and cuddly, though there’s a heaping helping of siscon and sissex on a certain route as well.

You thought we were lying about the wincest, didn't you?

If keeping it in the family keeps you feeling queasy, this is one to read spoilers for so you can avoid the path in question or skip. There are also Urr and Nia, and…uh….we’re not sure how to classify them. There’s also Cleo getting mad, but she’s got an apprentice to take that out on…

Plot-wise, this is definitely a nukige, but the storytelling is present and charming in a number of places, at least when you’re pursuing healthy relationships outside your own bloodline. Each girl has a good and a bad ending, and there are a couple amusing omake scenes as well.In short, if you like JRPG story-lines and character tropes and want some plot with your porn, Harem Party’s a good bet. For those of you awaiting a return to plot-heavy games….well…Christmas is coming and if you wish upon the right star, something magical may be completed without further delays.

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  1. “Christmas is coming and if you wish upon the right star, something magical may be completed without further delays.”

    my hopes…they have been raised…

    and im buying this for the wincest alone…X3

  2. Hmmm nice, I suppose I’ll be getting this then

  3. Lol nice saying at the end. Cannot wait for this game to b out.

  4. Getting me psyched for this game while at the same time, hinting at something special on the horizon, well played MG, well played ^_^

  5. What do you mean with “If you like JRPG story-lines….” cause that’s kinda vague? I’m here thinking it’ll be something like having the main character level up the girls or some other that parodies JRPGs.
    Sucks to say, but just this image of onee-san actually sort of….got me interested in this game. A HUGE fan of onee-san characters in this sort of erotic entertainment. Now I’m just wondering what you mean with “JRPG story-lines.”

    I pray that this mysterious title is Ef.

    • There’s not really any leveling up. It’s more your classic “form a party to defeat the evil villain” and other standard cliches of JRPGS get parodied for fun, comedy, and other forms of amusement.

      • What!? The girls don’t level up in any way!? But don’t they gain any exp from all the “you know what?”

        Anyways jokes aside, it sounds good. Was interested in something that parodies JRPGs ever since going through a “cosmosphere level” in Ar Tonelico Qoga that parodies JRPGs.

        I’ll be putting my money on this. (^_^)y

  6. Given that Ef has a lot of Christmas themes…

  7. I feel bad for saying this but…the onee-san totally got me interested in this game by herself. Looking at the other characters, I’m optimistic that she won’t be all there is to like, but she’s the “hook” for me :3

  8. I was sold on this one when I read about the onee-san.

  9. yeah 5 days and counting.

  10. This does look lots of fun. I like spoofs of the generic-fantasy-quest. And I’m glad to see a game where the sex is consensual, after the past 2-3 releases have rather failed on that front.

    Of course, I haven’t even finished Koihime Musou yet… -.-

  11. Hey guys I really am having a hard time picking between Koihime Musou and the upcoming Harem Party. What do you think should I pick or should I pick both lol opinion guys please.

    One last question what does the campaign serial code do? Thanks….:3

  12. hmm this should be a nice change from the massive hard core rape in Conq the queen

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