Tester's Corner: Harem Party Ed. Vol 1

Here’s our first Tester’s Corner for Harem Party!

Hello! We’re Ally & Sally! This was our first time beta testing a game for Manga Gamer! We’re twin girls and unlike the other testers, we play most eroge together, so it was a bit different going through Harem Party!

Harem Party is a comedic, sex-filled game. When there’s a scene change, you can take a good guess that it will be an ero-scene. Most times it is. For  a nukige, Harem Party is pretty long. It took us roughly 30+ hours to complete it 100%! There are 57 ero-scenes in the game, and paths with all 6 girls (if you count Nia & Urr as one ww) which also includes your older sister and her best friend.

You play as the red-haired protagonist Moriuji Haru, who looks really similar to Fate/stay night’s Shiro. He can be a bit of an idiot and jerk at times, but he’s not completely like the typical spineless protagonist (ie. Shiro). I kind of wish he was though because he really gets on my nerves sometimes…The main heroine is Agnes Ardberg, the purple-haired knight. We definitely found her the most likable out of all the characters. She’s well-mannered and at times timid, but can be very vocal if something upsets her! She’s brave and has a sweet personality. While her ero-scenes were a bit boring to us, the descriptions and voices make them quite funny! If you listen carefully, there are a couple of ero-scenes where Agnes makes some really funny sounds while kissing Haru. wwww

To explain Ally’s drawing, there’s one scene where she’s getting strangled and her face turns purple. It was close to 5am and we hadn’t slept yet, so we found it very amusing that she had turned totally purple (her clothes and hair are purple as well). Thus, eggplant = Aggplant! www

The other heroines we liked were the twins, Urr & Nia. They’re cat girls that help guard Sofie, the clumsy, elf-eared, spectacled Mage. Nia, the elder, is a Brawler type character, while Urr heals the party. Nia is always energetic and often gets herself into trouble, only to have Urr, who is more lady-like and speaks  very properly, scold her. While the two are very different, both in voices and ways of speaking, they’re quite similar. Nia can get annoying sometimes, but overall they’re both pretty lovable. Unlike all the other characters, they never have separate ero-scenes, so if you like Urr but can’t stand Nia, sorry, you’re out of luck. This game is called Harem Party after all!

We didn’t enjoy the other characters very much though. We found it tough to become attached to a certain character in particular, which was disappointing because the character designs were nice. We were especially disappointed with Sofie, who surprised us when she turned out to be a sex-fiend! She seemed like such a cute, ditzy elf…

Generally, the ero-scenes are similar for all of the girls. If it wasn’t an ero-scene with 3+ girls, it was either in the park, alleyway, or (sometimes) in the house. If you like that kind of stuff, that’s great, but we weren’t terribly impressed. The translation was great, and there’s a good amount of memorable lines in the game that made us face-palm and laugh out loud (at 4am) such as “My cock was a baton, and her pleasure was my symphony. I played her fiercely.” wwww

There are 13 different music tracks used during the game, and 2 are always used for the ero-scenes. One of those 2 is even used for sad scenes during the game! For us testers who have to marathon these games, they got repetitive quickly, so it’s probably best not to do so. The voices are pretty good, but they’re a bit over the top during the ero-scenes (ie. Cleo, the thunder witch, screaming at the top of her lungs).

Overall, this is a good title for erogamers looking for a nukige filled with sex and little (serious) drama or plot. Although they tried to create some drama between the characters, it felt rushed and thrown into the game. Harem Party takes itself quite lightly, and it is a pretty funny and entertaining game. However, Sally & I played it in 5 hour+ sittings, and experienced intense “nukige burnout” and resultant mind numbing. This is definitely a game to play over the course of a year in little pieces, ero-scene by ero-scene. If you’d like a light-hearted, comedic game with lots of sex and not much story, Harem Party is the perfect game for you!


Ally & Sally can also be found at their blog futagokei.com, where they review other eroge, manga, and anime!

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  1. Shirou was spineless? Are you sure you played Fate/stay night? He was an idiot, but far from being spineless.

  2. I really need to get back to playing this game, fortunately I just finished my final class project for the semester.
    One thing though, did you play more than the Fate scenario of Fate/Stay Night? Shirou’s a way cooler character in UBW and Heaven’s Feel.

    • I for one only liked Shirou in Heaven’s Feel. Seriously UBW Shirou was just as much an idiot as Fate Shirou. I still don’t understand how he defeated Gilgamesh who should have more battle experience and more than enough weapons in stock. Really, does Shirou have enough Mana in stock? He’ll probably one day regret not listening to Archer which will make me LOL!

      Now Heaven’s Feel Shirou was a total badass. Screw being everyone’s super hero, I’d rather save this girl right in front of me.

      • As a mod on an FSN RP site I’ve seen a fair few discussions on that fight but it’s ultimately very simple. Gilgamesh never once took Shirou seriously during their fate and it simply bit him in the ass. By the time he tried to fight seriously he’d already lost an arm and was too injured to use his real arsenal.
        His experience as a warrior is ultimately quite meaningless. Gilgamesh sees himself so far above any normal human that he barely pays any attention to them at all, much less fight seriously.
        To him, Shirou was that worthless mongrel he could toy with before fetching Saber and having a grand old time. Alas, he died because he was an ass and too busy staring at Saber’s behind to care more.

  3. Can someone confirm if there are a route for each girl or only for a good and a bad one for Agness, Cleo and Sofie?

  4. Hi! It’s Ally and Sally here! (๑◕ω◕๑)ノ

    Just to clear things up, we had to put F/SN on hold to play Harem Party, so we’re in the middle of playing it still. But yeah, looking back on things, we wrote this right after playing Harem Party for a whole night so we probably pretty out of it. (。_ _); Shirou isn’t really that spineless… Whoops~ ( ´∀`;) Sorry!

  5. Nintendo Maniac 64

    Is it just me, or is this the first ever “Tester’s Corner” on here by someone who’s Japanese?

  6. Did you guys also notice a glitch when they are having a foursome in the school?
    After Cleo, the lead is doing Sophie but we hear Agnes moaning about it, then he gets to Agnes and it is Sophie who starts the dirty talk.

    I think someone mixed up the lines in that scene ^^

  7. Hmm the first picture at the top is that in the game? i have not come across it yet. so far have not come across sofie route yet. doing agness route ^^ at the moment.

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