Announcing Magical Teacher

For every hot teacher you’ve ever had (and I didn’t have any – the pain of living in the midwest) or wish you’ve had, Magical Teacher is here to combine cosplay with sexy teacher time.

Like most nukige, you’ve got a tasting menu approach to the girls: the gym teacher (nope, not a lesbian, she wants your cock), the science teacher, the nurse, your great-aunt the headmistress, your loli-looking yet legal cousin, and so on. And that’s just in regular mode. In magical mode you get a full new set of costumes and desires to unlock. What are they? Well, that’s for another post…

As you may imagine, though, Magical Teacher is good for fans of eroge who are a bit turned off or sick of seeing hymen blood in every scene. Because most of the characters are experienced women, you get to benefit from a girl who knows exactly how to please you. And for the teacher who’s not experienced, she gives you a whole new lesson:

That said, most of the sexytime in this game is nice and consensual and vanilla. But watch out, because just when your guard’s down you get hit with what we like to call “Surprise! WTF!?” but we’ll leave it to our beta testers to decide whether or not to spoil the surprises.

So, the countdown begins. Live the out the forbidden fantasies from your high school years with Magical Teacher, coming soon from MangaGamer!

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  1. Hope the surprise isn’t a trap. Really hope so. Anyways I’m interested in this one.

  2. Well, that’s Score for ya.

  3. raincoat superstar

    The lack of virgin blood pleases me. The loli cousin… not so much.

    Any chance of MG picking up Score’s sexy nurse game? That one’s more my “thing”.

    • You just don’t know what’s good. The big surprise for you would be that the loli cousin is actually the main girl in that erogame which is pretty obvious when looking at the characters infos. She’s shown first on both Getchu and SCORE’s site.

  4. Sounds interesting.
    I guess I’ll have to pick this up ^_^

  5. Consider me very interested. Now I need to finish Harem Party to make room for this…

  6. I understand your sales issues, but it would be nice to see some quality eroges (not only Overdrive ones) or all ages titles in your lineup amid the ocean of nukiges :

    • Well, we are getting OtoBoku and Harukoi, not to mention MG’s in negotiation for Oretsuba and there’s still one unnamed game that they hinted at along with OtoBoku. Of course, feel free to add your voice to the many requests we post in the forums.

    • Nukiges have a lower price point before they break even and appeal to a crowd outside of the normal VN circles. It’s easier to make money off of those and then direct those funds to working on some of the longer games.

    • Well I can understand their lineup of nukiges since sex sells itself. We Love Master for some reason was said to be doing really well compared to most of the previous released games during its release week and so on. Even conquer queen did really well i think. Which means the purchasing trend of the games they’ve released, nukige titles has done really well overall.

      There will always be a sufficient amount of Overdrive games because that company is the main front(?) of MG.

      I support the all ages section since I’d love to see old KID’S stuff but seems no ones interested in all ages if it doesn’t have sex. On a poll before, I believe most of the participants wanted at least a sex scene with the heroine before the game ends. Even some wanted sex scenes in go go nippon.

      Some people on the forum even showed disappointment that Da Capo III was going to be all ages.

      So i’ve now come to the conclusion that a huge amount of eroge customers are just lying about wanting story over sex scenes.

      Though since JastUSA is in partnership with nitro+, there is still hope that we may one day see KID’s all ages stuff because nitro+ is probably friendly with 5pb.

      • I want story and sex, which is why I keep requesting Atelier Kaguya games (and the classic Black Cyc lineup).

        Here’s something interesting though, when Mass Effect 2 came out, there were a good number of complaints that the game didn’t show as much in the romance/would-be-ero scene of the first game.

      • You just don’t understand. Personally I don’t mind if an eroge is all age, but if it has a 18+ version, I’d rather have it because I just like the fact of having a h-scene involving the girl I choose to go for. I don’t know how it’s difficult to understand that.

      • I’m didn’t think too much about nukige cause i was focus in eroge, but i still buy a lot nukiges. I realized that i’m more interested in them than i thought and i liked them more than i realized before. I think is the same with a lot of other people. That is why nukiges sells that well.

        • Is like coffe. When you begin to drink it you just do it some time without think about it too much, but you don’t realize you are drinking too much until the point that someone point it or have happened a lot. Nukiges usually are cheaper than most eroges so you buy it easily cause you don’t think too much abouth it, just thinking that is to pass some time without realize you are buying them often than eroges and that you like them more than you think.

  7. Yay I’d been waiting for ^-^

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