Magical Teacher: The Girls

OK folks, we know why you play a game like this, and it’s the same three words plastered across strip clubs around the world:


So here we go: The girls of Magical Teacher.

First off, we’ve got the young’un: Natsuki. She’s your cousin (perfectly legal) and some naive dfc for those who’re into that sort of thing. She’s also the party’s mumbly bumbler.

Natsuki is voiced by Naruse Mia, a woman who’s voiced over 200 different eroge. Her roles over the years have included Harukoi Otome’s Arise Yuuki and Mikoshiba Natsuko, Otoha from H20 Footprints in the Sand, Kanzaki Moe in Akatsuki no Goei, and Salsa Tortilla in Shufuku no Campanella, as well as Nero from Demonbane and Starship Elemia in My Girlfriend is the President.

Next we have Haruka, she of the massive megatits and headmistress of your academy, aka your aunt. It’s her job to keep the teachers in line and use her powerful magic to keep demons and possessions at bay. She also takes it upon herself to make sure you know the ins and outs about…er…sticking it in and out.

Haruka is voiced by one who’s well known around here by now: Maki Izumi. For those just joining us, she voices Hakugen Rikuson from Koihime Musou, Akane in Da Capo 2, Nanami in Soul Link, Chihiro in ef, Araki Fuyuko in Harukoi Otome, as well as hundreds of other games from Baldr Force EXE to Muramasa, Yume Miru Kusuri to Hana to Otome ni Shufuku wo, and even Narcissu.

Kana’s the academy’s science teacher. She’s got a husband that you never see (but that she apparently gets up to crazy things with), but you need to watch out or she’ll not just take you for her pleasure but also take you as a guinea pig!

Kana is voiced by another familiar voice around here, Imuraya Honoka. She voices Ryofu in Koihime Musou, Kuu Spitfire in We Love Master, as well as HMX-17a “Ilfa” from To Heart 2.

Music teacher Mariko can be just as mean, though, as she likes to mock and tease. However, her violin has the ability to bring demons to a standstill and free humans of their hold.

She’s voiced by Agumi Oto, a prolific voice actress who’s voiced Asakura Nemu in the various Da Capo fansidscs, Mizukoshi Mako in Kotori Love EXP, and Hayama Mizuki in ef, Ryuubi in Shin Koihime Musou, and  Minase Yuka in 11 Eyes. Fans of anime may recognize her as Nogisaka Mika from Secret of Nogisaka Haruka, or Astarte from Seikon no Qwaser.

Chigusa’s your PE teacher and is happy to put you through your paces, though she’ll also protect you to the end. It’s her job to teach you all the things you can to to a girl and have her still be a virgin.

Chigusa is voiced by Kaibara Elena, a voice actor who started voicing eroge back in 1998 and has gone on to voice hundreds such as Matsubara Reika in Harukoi Otome, Teiiku in Shin Koihime Musou, Kamiyo Tatsumi in MuvLuv, Venis in Kimi ga Aruji de Ore ga Shituji de, and Shiina Miyako in Majikoi. Anime fans may also recognize her as Toumori Shion from Strawberry Panic or El from Shugo Chara.

Alicia’s your foreign English teacher. She always means well but sometimes she’s a bit too forward with things and it causes trouble, even if it’s just pursuing some hot sexy time or trying to fix things between you and Natsuki after a fight.

Alicia is voiced by Kusunoki Suzune, who many may already recognize as Shuri (Shokatsuryou) from Koihime Musou. She’s also voiced Kirihara Fuyuko from CROSS CHANNEL, Kuze Kiriha from FORTUNE ARTERIAL, Sylvie van Hossen from Princess Lover, and many others.

Speaking of Natsuki, her best friend (or is it schoolgirl crush) Yukari is determined to keep you from speaking to your beloved cousin, let alone laying a finger on her. Don’t get in her way or bad things will happen!

Yukari is voiced by another familiar voice here at MangaGamer: Serizono Miya. She’s voiced Chouhi in Koihime Musou, and both Sakuras in Edelwesiss and We Love Master. She’s also featured in titles such as BALDR FORCE, ONE, Sharin no Kuni, and countless others.

Think these girls are right for you? Then leave your troubles in your locker, make sure you’re on time for class, and enjoy the world of Magical Teacher.

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  1. アギト★オレンジ

    I can’t wait for this ^3^ So looking forward to it! Thank you for the insight~

  2. I’ll say this looks interesting enough that I’m not regrettingmy preorder.

    So would Kana essentially be a girl version of this character?

  3. Now Natsuki is indeed an actual DFC♥ (compared to other characters you promoted as “DFC” while they were not)

  4. Is there a preorder deadline? Or can we do it a day before and still get the discount?

  5. For thsoe of us that don’t know.
    Can you explain what does DFC mean exactly?

    • “Delicious Flat Chest”
      A girl with a decidedly uncurvaceous figure, particularly in the chestal region.
      Unrelated to any qualities indicating desirability for cannibalism.

    • As Joker said, it is just a word used for characters that are completely flat-chested. A good example in another game would be Chouhi from Koihime Musou. Her chest is like a wall.

  6. Chigusa is my favorite *o*

  7. Anyone else besides me think with the hairdo and green eyes Mariko kinda looks like a female Sephiroth?

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