Tester's Corner: Magical Teacher Ed. Vol 2

Here’s our next Tester’s Corner from one of the others who worked on Magical Teacher!


Do you like them?

If yes, then Magical Teacher is for you!

You are Kazuya, a hapless young man who is faced with an onslaught of women, all very eager to fuck the shit out of you. Your parents are… somewhere, but that’s okay! You’re staying with a well-endowed aunt who is a tad on the liberal side, with the added bonus of a cute cousin on the side. Not only that, but you will be attending a school where all the other teachers are also very interested in your equipment.

But wait, there’s more!

Each one of these teachers are hopelessly infatuated with you, even more so when you discover their secret….

…They’re magical girls! And guess what, your penis is the sword to save the skies, with the power to recharge their abilities! These magical girls come in a wide variety of flavors, of which you will have to play the game to find out, but rest assured you will get ample time to assist each one of them in their duty to mankind.

However, your time is not limited to school. You must also go around town, get to know your cousin better, and help her with her problems as well. Since her father, your uncle, conveniently missing, you must uptake the duty of filling the gap that is in the family and not to let your aunt or cousin bear cold, lonely nights.

Fight on brave warrior!


On the more technical side, the game is medium to short length. Not nearly as long as Koihime Musou, but then again, few things are. The game has the plus of being fully voiced, with the VA selection tending towards the older, MILF side of things. Music is nondescript, but let’s face it, you’re not going to be paying attention to it anyways. You have… other things to occupy yourself with when playing Magical Teacher.

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