AX Plans and Guests!

Once again, it’s time to talk about what we’ll be offering at this year’s Anime Expo!This year, we won’t be having many guests joining us like we have in past years, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an awesome party of total awesomeness at our booth.

One of the first companies joining us will be Hobibox, bringing all kinds of goods and products with them for sale. What kinds of things? That’ll be discussed in a later post.

Next, our friends at OVERDRIVE will be joining us once again. As usual, we’ll have Bamboo joining us at the event, along with their artist, Katakura Shinji, who will be offering autographed Dengeki Stryker shikishi this year! In addition, they’ll also be joined by a special guest, the voice actress Tamiyasu Tomoe, who voiced the role of Yayoi in DEARDROPS, in addition to many of her other roles. She’ll be signing autographs at our booth during the limited time she’s there, so make sure you’re following us on twitter to find out when those times are!

That’s all we have in terms of guests planned so far, but we’ll make updates later if anybody else  joins us.

And oh, don’t worry, we’ve still got more. While we won’t have many guests with us this year, we will be presenting something very unique: an exhibition of eroge artwork! We’ll be bringing in all kinds of cels, rough sketches, line art, etc. from various different companies and games to put on display. So come on by, enjoy a glimpse at the work which goes into your favorite eroge, and help yourself to some pictures of these rare items!

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  1. It seems like Nurio’s sister has helped Bamboo with his english, based on your twitter.

  2. Ah, finally news I like to hear!

    Not thrilled to hear of less guests but if it’s less than 2009/2010 but more than 2011 I see no issue. If it’s less than 2011 I have no comment.

    Surprise me, bring some goods that will bring my attention and you’ll have an active customer at hand. I’ve already been disappointed by the lack of AX GoH announcements but perhaps those from the VN end of things can more than make up for it. Let us know what these various companies are, or hope that another VN company decides to suddenly join you like Clochette did, I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  3. Aww…I was kinda hoping our donations to the Alpha fund last year would bring her back again.

    So, will the eroge production artwork be available for sale? And, if possible, can you bring some original sketches from artists from some of the companies that you’re affiliated with? I understand it’s costly to bring the guests over, but being able to buy some shikishi sketches from them despite the fact that they’re not attending AX would be pretty spiffy.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the artist situation. I’m kinda hoping for an 11th hour artist addition as well.

  4. That’s why I « hate » the US 🙁


    No, Manga Gamer doesn’t have any prospects for BL at this time. This discussion is stupid and SHOULDN’T BE HERE!
    Take it to the forums!

    Continuation of this discussion will result in the use of my hammer of justice!

  6. Well, whatever announcements there are at AX, I’ll be looking foward to them.
    As for if MG ever licensed a yaoi game, I’d buy it if the story was good. I’m not much of a yaoi fan, but I did enjoy the manga Tokyo Babylon. I haven’t bought either of JAST’s games because they don’t really appeal to me storywise. I don’t like the prison rape genre even in regular eroge and the other game just sounded stupid.
    While we’re on the subject though, how about some yuri eroge instead? I doubt there’d be any complaints about that, lol

  7. Any plans for releases in Brazil has announced in the event??????

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