Dengeki Stryker: Strykers

Security clearance level confirmed. Now displaying all accessible Project: Dengeki Styker document files.

Prototype Imperial All-Terrain Strike Support Ranger, Codename: Stryker Zero.
-First bionic warrior developed by the advanced technology of Imperial Japan’s secret research labs.
-Considers the defense of Japan and its people to be his military duty and preserving its peace his goal.
-Service record shows protecting civilians is his first priority. Soldier has stated he is prepared to do so no matter what the cost to himself.

Heaven-Class Imperial All-Terrain Strike Support Ranger, Codename: Stryker Ten.

-Primarily mechanical, housing few organic parts if any.
-Scheduled for deployment after confirmation of Balboran Invasion.
-Old comrade of Stryker Zero, more than willing to aid him on his mission.
-Service Record: CLASSIFIED


Stryker Retsu: CLASSIFIED

-To minimize physical strain and ensure long-term functionality of our bionic soldiers, the Stryker System was developed by Professor Soichiro.
-To ensure adaptable response capabilities of soldiers in the field, the Stryker System has been equipped with several Stryker Drives.
-Further improvements on the Stryker System and new Stryker Drives continue to be a goal for R&D


JPNS-001: Stryker Drive Hayabusa
Hayabusa forms multiple clones of the user, allowing him to confuse the enemy.

JPNS-002: Stryker Drive Shusui

Shusui forms a solid sword of electricity charged with several ten thousands of volts, allowing for armed close-quarters-combat.

JPNS-003: Stryker Drive Hyaku-shiki
Hyaku-shiki compresses plasma around the user’s fist, allowing them to strike with the force of a heavy tank cannon.

JPNS-004: Stryker Drive Shinrai
Shinrai manipulates the magnetic fields in the air, allowing the user to call down a bolt of lightning upon their designated target.

JPNS-005: Stryker Drive Tenrai

Tenrai concentrates a large amount of plasma together in a ball to be fired at the enemy. Depending on the output, it can even paralyze foes it scathes.

JPNS-006: Stryker Drive Hiryuu
Hiryuu allows an electrified kick to be delivered at lightning speed. By encompassing the electric charge around them and drilling it into their opponent, it can even pierce through solid iron several inches thick.



JPNS-009: Stryker Drive Senden

Senden accelerates the electric currents running through the user allowing them to push their muscles to their limits, granting them accelerated speed and thought processes to keep up.


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  1. All I have to say is thank god it’s not taking place in a high school where onii-chan has to look after the heroines.

  2. I don’t know whether I am confused or excited to read this! Aaaaaaaahhh!!

  3. I wonder if I’m not the only one who thought of a certain Naruto technique when Shusui was introduced…or am I the only one who still watches/reads Naruto?

  4. Where’s Stryker Sayaka? Because well, its Sayaka-chan. ^_^

    For some reason I’m reminded of the 1992 ova of Babel II <- badass ova btw.

  5. This seems to somewhat confirm the guesses I made. It’s somewhat surprising yet expected that Sayaka isn’t a Stryker. I think I know some of the plot twists already but I can’t wait to see if I’m right ^_^

  6. Stryker Kuu is Saber!

  7. Stryker Drive Tenrai is a Shinkuu Hadouken-like XD

  8. Kinda off topic, but I would like to know when the physical copy store’s interface will be fixed… so far, it doesn’t let me input anything regarding my credit card and I can’t complete my order.

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