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Tonight, Bamboo joined us all for another of his (in?)famous live chats, joined by Tamiyasu Tomoe (aka TAMMY), the voice actress who played Yayoi in DEARDROPS and Rin in Little Busters!

Tomorrow, Bamboo departs on a very long flight to LA for Anime Expo. Will you be joining us there?

The two started out by talking about how excited they were to go to AX. It is TAMMY’s first time ever in America, and she’s looking forward to it! Bamboo taught TAMMY a few facts about the US as well, such as that in the US, 1 in 3 houses in LA gets assaulted by a SWAT team and how Americans eat a lot and have huge dishes.

Tammy asked why Bamboo was fat when eating Japanese portions, then.

What will they be doing at AX? TAMMY will be signing autographs, and she’ll be joining Bamboo at our booth to sell goods and games and make an appearance at our panel on AX Sunday!

The pair then discussed Tammy’s work as a voice actress, and how huge the crowds were for American VA’s in the US versus Japanese ones, as well as the difference in working methods.

Question time!

Tammy will be bringing her band’s latest CD to AX, where you can buy it and get it autographed! She wants people who know about her to come see her at AX! She doesn’t know when she can come back to see us, so make sure to get there while you can!

Due to technical issues, the stream moved over to upstream.

Tammy was also kind enough to talk about Vanguard briefly.

Comics and anime? On standby. Sorry, guys, still some restructuring going on.

When learning characters, Tamy studies the character and it ‘just happens’ as she studies. She also considers singing and acting to be the same job, though she’s also got 11 members in Tamiyasu Rock.

Tamy finds h-scenes fun, especially when making wet sounds. The hardest thing for her to do are ‘chupa’ sounds, but says Izumi Maki and Mei Misono are masters of them.

For those following BL, businessmen are the current trend (if Tami is to be believed). Also, the term is now Homo.

They then engaged in amazement over US ASCII art differences.

For those who are wondering about why no Jack route in Dengeki Stryker, Bamboo says that they’re keeping Jack’s sex a secret. Sorry!

Chou Dengeki has three new arcs, and five new songs including two by Masaaki Endoh! There are new characters as well, and Nabeshin is back with all new animation (though no words about a cameo yet!)

Tami says she’s most familiar with eroge focused for men. She still gets embarrassed reading BL and Otome stuff, though she doesn’t play otome games – she finds it too fantasy-like to have a bunch of guys professing their love for her (but she’ll read shoujo manga). The girls act more naturally in male-oriented games, so she prefers those.

Tami then wondered how people would confess their love in English, and what a western tsundere would be. At first they thought “No wait, that’s yonder. I’ll kill you! But I love you!” Tami also wondered if it was true that men don’t really confess their love in the US. Discussion continued that western men don’t tend to take action in this way, saying they’d be called Herbivores. She had the image that American guys would be more aggressive in chasing women.

Another Edelweiss game? Nope! Ditto no Green Green 4.

More voiced protagonists in the future? IN Japan, the MC isn’t usually voiced. But since Stryker was written with animation in mind, they voiced him.

Tami’s next title? She doesn’t know what westerners would know. Every month she’s in 3-5 new games. Next? RabuRabo – Love Laboratory, which streets today! And Atlied. She’s also in Debonosu’s Kurenai Kagura as Himawari.

More animation focused games from Overdrive? Should be! The next title in the Kira Kira universe will have animation.

Tami’s favourite role? Rin Natsume – very difficult to act, especially as she was recording for four characters at the time and while she lives in Tokyo, that game was recorded in Osaka, which made the scheduling difficult.

Will she sing in the next Overdrive music game? “I suck. My singing is wrong, so I won’t be singing the title song. Singing Overdrive songs takes a lot of skill and energy, so I don’t feel suited for it.” That said, she always wears her glasses.

Expansion for MangaGamer? First is the English world, Asia is more in the future. Bamboo likes Taiwan and China, so he’d love to expand there. He feels both Chinese and English are important languages for the business. Unfortunately, all the dialects make Chinese work hard – they even need subtitles on TV.

In English, the sales have been increasing quite a bit. If sales get to be 3x what they are now, we’ll start looking into French and Chinese markets.

To the question if there will be an Heaven vs Hell game like Diablo 3 from Overdrive, but they have already come up with something that has to do with ‘heaven’! And no, it’s not Jibril.

Bamboo even sang a line from Burst Dream for us! But it sapped him of all his power! Then Tami sang again! Because the next OVERDRIVE game has something to do with music! Then she sang from a classic anime song.

Tami asked if breasts in the US are larger in general. O-O-Oppai man! And she liked it that someone held off from screaming and trying to hug her through the screen.

And so they were getting ready to head off to the US! Tami’s goal is to try NOT to get lost in LA, except to do that, she’d have to stay in her hotel room the entire time! She’ll be lonely, so please come see her at the MangaGamer booth!

There’ll be lots of info on the blog about her blog appearances, and we have our panel and autographs and all kinds of awesome things. So buy lots of stuff!

And with that, they signed off!

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  1. thanks for the report! will definitely find time to see them at the booth!

  2. thanks for the summarization =D

    « we’ll start looking into (the) French market. » w00t !!

  3. Definitely stopping by the MG booth particularly at Tamiyasu’s signing session.

  4. Oh, good to hear that sales have been increasing. Sounds like the stream was as wacky as always xD

  5. Well that was interesting. wish I could go to the expo but sadly will be occupied by making my rent a.k.a. working. Here’s hoping chou dengeki strykers gets released in the future to the english market as well.

    Interesting that the next Overdrive game might be returning to the Kira Kira world…

    glad to hear sales are increasing…wish I could contribute more but my funds are low at the moment. I’ll purchase Ef when it comes out (barely) and dengeki chou if it ever gets released but that will be it for the rest of this year probably…odd that I’m poorer now that I’m out of college.

  6. It hurts a bit that French versions has a higher priority than German but as the German-speaking market is more focused on shoujo and the French are more into comics it makes sense to skip the most spoken language in EU for now.

  7. Nintendo Maniac 64

    D’oh, I check MG’s twitter once every day and I STILL missed this. Could you guys at least say this is going to happen 24 hours before it does?

    Not everyone actually “follows” twitter for constant updates, and instead just check on a regular basis (like 24 hours for me).

    • Best thing to do would check the forums. Been a while since the last livestream, but we knew about this one since around the beginning of June.

  8. This was very amusing lol

  9. Man, I would have loved to see the stream. I have always wanted to do so but I can never pin down the time… oh, well, perhaps next time.

    About languages expansion. I wonder if they have thought of the Spanish market. I mean, Spain + all the Latin American region? It could work.

    And MG,I want Chou! I swear I’ll buy that one day one, even if my wallet cries of agony! (which is more likely than not ;_;)

  10. If not then the spanish market should be really considered in the future, after all when I was in Spain there really seemed to be a big anime based fanbase…I could even buy a h magazine there which really surprised XD

    • Spanish is a NIGHTMARE when dealing with dialects – Latin American Spanish != Spanish Spanish != Mexican Spanish != South American Spanish, and none of them really counts as “high Spanish” for official/media use.

      • You are wrong. Althoug is true than there isn’t a oficial one. There is a neutral Spanish, the one used at latin american spanish (and mexico) Anyone who speak spanish understand it complety even if they use the spanish of spain, especially if it is writen as are in this cases. I know becase i’m a lot of forums and chat with people of spain and south american. So there aren’t any problems. Actualy Spanish is is used un more countries than french and germany and there hundred of thousand of anime/manga fans that are or can be interested for this stuff. If sometime they decide to localice games in spanish i’ll be happy to help.

      • Yeah as far as I can tell from my Spanish courses (concerning language and culture aspects)from my International Business study in Uni it’s similar to that what LIGHTDX said. Also when I worked on projects with Spanish exchange students from different regions it wasn’t a big issue, of course you have to watch out for some things but as long as you have certain things in mind it’s no problem at all. Basically it’s even less of a problem like LIGHTDX said if it is written.

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