Tester's Corner: Dengeki Stryker Ed. Vol 1

Today we bring you the first Tester’s Corner for Dengeki Stryker!

You are Stryker Zero. Your country is threatened by an invasion of a bionic army. You are a lone soldier, the final defense tasked to protect your nation. You must hold back the Balboran invasion, keep your identity a secret from the civilians, and……organize a flower-viewing party?

In Dengeki Stryker, you take the role of Yuuki Yamato, a normal, high school youth with a not so normal job. Yuuki is the one and only Stryker Zero, a bionic soldier engineered to fight against Balbora’s invading armies of bionic soldiers. Tasked with this duty, Yuuki fights with the power of his Stryker System, a series of modules designed to augment his fighting ability.

Along the way, you reunite with your childhood friend, Hongo Haruna, in a truly touching scene, and make new friends and allies, ranging from the tsun-tsun-tsundere classmate Ichimonji Sayaka, to even the Texas-trained ninja Jack!

Dengeki Stryker, originally released in Japan back in 2011, is the latest entry in Overdrive games to be localized for the English speaking market. Having played both the Edelweiss and Kira*Kira games, I was absolutely pumped for the opportunity to test Dengeki Stryker. A forewarning to those who’ve played Overdrive’s previous games, Dengeki Stryker ventures deep into the shounen genre.
Brimming with energy, Dengeki Stryker was an exciting, action packed experience to test. The game is divided into three main routes: the Zero Saga, Heaven Saga, and Sky Saga. Playing like your typical visual novel, Dengeki Stryker sets itself apart with the sheer energy released in every area of the game. With music composed by Bamboo’s own Milktub and featuring artists Endou Masaaki, AiRI, and Ogata Megumi, the game’s soundtrack and BGM did an excellent job in getting the heart racing, fitting the moods of the intense sequences.

As expected from an Overdrive game, Dengeki Stryker features very little erotic content, totaling only 4 ero-scenes throughout the entire game, with 2 of these scenes being post game content. However, the game’s overwhelming story content more than makes up for the lack of under the covers action. The translation itself was very solid, and testing the game showed to me how far MangaGamer has come in terms of quality control. Having first started testing with DaCapo IF, I was quite pleased with the relatively low amount of grammatical errors or diction disagreements. Furthermore, this was one of the few times I had absolutely no game-breaking errors stop me from playing.

Having played Dengeki Stryker over the course of three weeks, I have found myself very attached to its story and characters, and my only disappointment with the game is that it simply isn’t long enough. VNDB categories the game as medium length and sure enough the game can be completed from start to finish over the course of a single weekend.

All in all, I found Dengeki Stryker to be one of the most exciting games to test in a long time, and I hope that you will find yourself in agreement.

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  1. I get the feeling whenever Chou’s licensed you’ll be running to be first in line to test it…and I wouldn’t blame you this game is that awesome

  2. Only 4 ero scenes? This makes me even more interested in getting this.

    • If it makes you feel even better, two of the four ero scenes are omake and not in the game itself.

    • For better or worse, the ero scenes in Stryker basically serve the same purpose as the obligatory love confession/kissing scene at the climax of any cross-audience action movie. They just decide to show you the full sex instead of conveniently cutting to black.

      • I ended up buying it, and I definitely don’t regret it. Even if the sex scenes end up being completely inappropriate and tasteless, and I doubt it, I’m already really enjoying the game.

      • Glad to hear it! We definitely put our all into this one.

      • Up to the first one now, and although admittedly I’d prefer mosaics, it was handled very well, and worked out just as you described. Yamato was a gentleman :D. Quick question, though – the text seemed to imply that he’d removed his clothes, or was at least in his underwear, yet he was fully clothed in the pictures early on?

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