Sexy Demon Transformation: Usui Yukihi

Continuing our journey through these monster-loving maidens, we meet Usui Yukihi.

Yukihi’s the hottest girl in school, the envy of every boy in class – and why not? As a half-human, half-snow demon, she’s got refined features and an icy personality to stiffen any man in the throngs of guys who trail her after getting shot down. At home, she keeps a collection of demons for herself, demanding that they deal with all the housework for her if they want to stay within the protective barrier around her home.

Yamato traces a demonic aura back to her place, and after learning of his plan to take down the exorcist leader Yukihi agrees to work with him and lend him some of her pets for the job. Watch out though, she has her own motives for doing so. Play your demons right and you can melt her frozen heart, but slip up, and you’ll be on ice forever!

Yukihi is voiced by Iino Shiori (also known as Kimura Ayaka), a voice actress who’s starred in over 300 different titles. Some of her roles include Nagamori Mizuka from One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu he~, Shirai Yuuri from Kakyuusei 2, Toutaku from Koihime Musou, Limwris from Tears to Tiara, Suouin Kana from OtoBoku, and Sarue Ai from Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate. She’s also voiced Zazie Rainyday in Negima, and Tabitha from Zero no Tsukaima.

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  1. Ayaka Kimura’s in this? Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad for this particular classic Black Cyc fan (she was great as Mayu in MDB).

  2. Don’t like too much her…tights? (not sure if it is how is writed in english) Well that brown thing that cover all her legs and waist.

  3. Looks like her waist is connected to the front of her stomach in the third picture, like if she was cut in half and laid down on her torso.

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