Sexy Demon Transformation: The Demons

Now, it’s finally time to introduce some of the demons you’ll get to use on those on those hot girls!

Nurarihyon is the now-retired general who led the demons in the great war against the exorcists. He’s become friends with Yamato after the latter spared his life, and is assisting him with his plans to take down Asuka as an advisor and liaison with the other demons. Nurarihyon is also capable of merging directly with Yamato, and has the power to avoid detection.

Satori is a yokai capable of reading peoples’ minds and discerning if they are telling the truth or lying. Needless to say, this power has all kinds of benefits and possibilities when it comes to surprise sex.

Ghost is one of Yukihi’s servants and, well, a ghost, with the standard powers implied.

Gaki is a shape-shifter. Doubly fun when it’s time to deceive your pesky juniors when they get too close to discovering what you’re up to.

Nurikabe is a wall capable of deceiving travelers and visitors, throwing them into misdirection and confusion. When merged with a human, it can also have sprout anthropomorphic features such as hands and a hard-on.

It’s an octopus demon.

What, you thought there’d be a sex romp full of various demons and spirits WITHOUT a tentacle monster?

The great demon blade – a sword with an endless lust for blood which takes possession of he who holds it, sending them off on a murderous rampage…

…or at least it was until its power diminished and it went chibi. Now Murasame is the size of an action figure’s sword, and it’s focused on a different kind of lustful possession, hehehe….

Karakasa Obake
A type of object spirit specifically born from Japanese paper umbrellas. It may not sound sexy now, but wait until Yamato’s met up with it and takes a certain girl for a surprise flight…

A type of river spirit which manifests itself as a slime.

Think puss in boots but with a malevolant streak. Catgirl? Cat in heat? Big pussy? Yes, please!

Sometimes you just want a bit of distance when arranging freak encounters. When such a need arises, Nukekubi lets you control someone with invisible threads.

No, not baka, and not the capital of Azerbaijan. Baku lets you enter someone’s dreams and have your way with them… er…. actively take part and manipulate the setting and actions. Just make sure you don’t use it on the wrong girl!

The ghostly fabric. Its moment of glory is our favorite in the entire game, so we won’t be spoiling it here. Let’s just say it’s very clever indeed!

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  1. Hmm, a pervy sword… that seems awfully familiar.

    (and before you say anything, I know exactly what other sword it reminds me of)

  2. @Satori:
    Funky Kong…?
    Or a groovy Donkey Kong?

  3. What, no fox demons? No kappas either? Maybe I’ve been watching too much Naruto and Ninja Turtles lately…

  4. How much flexibility is there in terms of using a particular demon with a particular girl? Is this “use the right demon for the situation,” or are there times when the player can just use the one that sounds most fun?

  5. Any ideas on how to get Murasame? I am pretty sure I require him for an event. But cant seem to find him.

    Got all the other monsters but him and have tried them to see if they work for the event but the event still appears to have failed.

    • Its for a Shiori event residential area if that helps.

      • MOD EDIT: Spoiler Alert.
        [spoiler]Get to part your stuck at without choosing to go to Yukihi’s house during that play through. At that point go to her house(she needs to be there) and you can get Murasame. Just be careful who you bring with you, might get her other scene if you have the right demon with you.[/spoiler]

        In other news, we have spoiler support now.

      • Fantastic. Thanks

        I kept bringing Baku instead of Nurikabe during that event which is why I kept getting Nukekubi instead of Murasame.

        Thought only one monster triggered an event. The game tricked me..

  6. I am missing one event and for the life of me i can’t seem to trigger it.
    In the gallery the events spot is second row from the bottom and the third spot over.
    It’s directly above the squid event and to the left of the disembodied head threesome event.
    Does anyone have any idea how to unlock this event cause its driving me crazy?

  7. So these “demons” are really yokai, not akuma.

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