Boob Wars: Battle System

Today we’re providing a crash course on the battle system in Boob Wars, so you can fight your way to the conquests that await!

The battles in Boob Wars are determined through various cards, and how you choose to play them. Play alternates between your attack phase and defense phase. You begin every battle by drawing 5 cards, and beginning your attack phase. During each phase you and your opponent can each select up to three cards to play on the field. The number on each card you put into play is added together to determine your total attack and defense value.

This is pitted against your opponents total value, and you deal damage if your total attack is higher than their total defense. All cards put into play are discarded at the end of the phase, and you draw two new cards at the beginning of each phase.

Occasionally you may draw one of two special cards the Draw card, or the Shuffle card. Activating the draw card lets you draw three more cards into your hand, though you can never hold more than 7 cards at a given time. The shuffle card allows to select as many cards from your hand as you’d like to discard. You then get to draw one new card for every card discarded.

And of course, once victory is yours, you’ll get to reap the rewards!



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  1. wow I did not know this game had a battle system.

  2. This looks fun.

  3. ofcourse everyone will choose the flat side

  4. A little more info about the battle system. It is pretty basic, just make sure you have more points for combined card total when attacking and defending.

    Also, there are 3 modes: easy, normal, hard. Easy and normal do not pose a challenge and are just meant to let you experience the ‘battles’. Hard does give a challenge because the enemy always seems to have high numbered cards, and even if you match their number they always seem to inflict damage against you. Also, they have more HP (if I remember right).

    Last thing that wasn’t mentioned, some cards have the ability to still inflict damage to you or them, regardless of if you fully blocked or they fully blocked. I never really figured out which ones did as any time I played I was always using a mix of cards to play the battles and never confined my turns to one card color. Enjoy finding out which ones do.

  5. It reminds me of Princess Waltz but I hope it will be better.. ~_~

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