Tester’s Corner: Boob Wars Ed. Vol 1

Tuna Salad, go!

You got your feet folks, you got your ass folks, and I’ve even heard of ankle folks although they’re few and far between, and while the collarbone might be the ultimate in sexiness, even more awesome than the armpits (yeah I said it, come at me bro!), I must confess, I am a boobs kind of guy. Quite obviously, this kind of game is right down my alley.

In the everlasting conflict between big boobs vs flat chests, I’m siding with the Big Breasts Tribe. Don’t get me wrong, DFC is nice and I have nothing against DFC fans, but you are evolutionary rejects and no one ever played with washboards for fun. Floaters, floppy funbags, tig ol’ bitties, these are just some of the examples of how the well endowed have marked their importance in the English lexicon, and that’s why everyone should side with Milk Elioto.


On a more serious note, as one of the loudest and perhaps most annoying proponents of VNs with actual game play at Manga Gamer (@Kouryuu: Baldr series, when?), Boob Wars is a welcome breath of fresh air. Sure the actual card combat is simple, but it’s a step in the right direction and that’s what counts!

The battles alternates between attack and defense phases, where you have the option of using one to three of your cards. If you fail an attack phase, you do no damage, if succeed in a defense phase, you take no damage. Two new cards are drawn after each phase, giving the illusion that this game is completely random and doesn’t require much thinking, but do keep in mind, YOU CAN LOSE and you can lose miserably.  This isn’t like a loss in Koihime where you get to come back with more troops, this is a ‘start at your nearest save’ kind of game over, so be sure to save. (Speaking of Koihime, @Kouryuu: Shin Koihime, where?)

There is one battle that you are meant to lose and it involves drunk Milk (ALL HAIL DRUNK QUEEN MILK!), but if you don’t pretend like the battles are completely random, you can win even the unwinable match, to which may or may not be rewarded…

For the record, My favorite character was Sofia.

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  1. Neat article, thanks to Tuna Salad for writing it.

    However, I would have wished for either more humor or more information about how much you enjoyed the game. And if you didn’t enjoy it all that much you could say what kind of person would like it.

  2. 1 hour to reach the end and i read very slowly.
    Add 30 min to unlock all.
    H scenes are very very bad.
    The card game isn’t interesting at all.
    You can’t modify anything and your cards are only a number (from 1 to 7).
    I didn’t have the chance to be warned before buying this game (20 euros).

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