We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that Otoboku is now on sale!

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  1. Already bought. Thanks for the fine work MG.

  2. Good work. Gonna get it soon. I hope this will sell good enough to publish “Otoboku: Two Elders” as well.

  3. Finally it’s out. I was sooo waiting for this one to be released! Already preordered in October and downloading now.

  4. Just thought i would point out that I have just come to a scene with Takako that still has mosaics. Not really sure if it was meant to be like that or not.

  5. I’m trying to figure out why Google Reader didn’t show this post, but showed all the other ones. I didn’t even know this was out. Oh well.

  6. I’m buy only when MG’s going buy VNs on Steam e.e

  7. I can’t find it on the homepage. Where is it? :3

    • Well, it’s not an all age game, so you can’t find it on the main page (mangagamer.com) which only shows the all age titles.
      Go here: mangagamer.com/r18 and you should be able to find it.

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