Slave Witch April – April

It’s time to introduce the main target of your revenge, April!

April is a world renowned magician, which is why Denis decided to become her apprentice in order to learn magic himself. But she was also where his dream hit a dead end.

Narcissistic, demanding, and overbearing, she treated Denis like a familiar — even worse than a simple servant — all while refusing to teach him a single spell or incantation. She kept him constantly busy doing her chores and errands, and every time he tried to leave her and walk away, she would threaten to use his body in her magical experiments. Trapped beneath her arcane heel with no escape, Denis couldn’t help but jump at the chance to get revenge and regain his freedom when the opportunity presented itself.

Aside from the general course of robbing April of every virginity a woman can have (and a few more just to make her new position perfectly clear), there are all kinds of ways to exact your revenge on April. You can magically alter her body to experience new kinds of sex, clone her to make her pleasure herself beyond human capacity, summon various kinds of demon spawn and demon fauna to violate her in ways that are out of this world, or if you’re tired of ravaging her yourself, you can even throw her out for the bums on the street to have their way with her while you make her like it.

April is voiced by Himuro Yuri, a voice actress who’s featured in nearly 70 titles. Some of her other roles include Hilko from Dengeki Stryker and Fujisawa Shinako from OtoBoku 2.

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  1. Forgive me if the two mentioned roles feel like teasing in light of this year’s releases, lol

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