Slave Witch April – Maisie

Next up is Maisie, the fairy who’s helped make your revenge possible!

Maisie is an old acquaintance (perhaps rival?) of April’s. However, when she tried to sneak into April’s home to pull a prank on her, Maisie was caught in a trap and sealed inside a book, tucked away and forgotten without a second care.

After being trapped in the book for who knows how long, Maisie is ready to get her own revenge on April too. But, as one might expect from someone who could keep up with April, Maisie is just as treacherous and caustic as that witch, though a bit more mischievous and dirty-minded. As thanks for freeing her and due to your common goal of revenge against April, Maisie supplies the magic and spells needed to pull off all the interesting things they do to her. Some of the ideas Maisie comes up with for training April are just as humiliating and disgraceful as Denis’, plus she tends to add a bit of her own spice to his bright ideas for getting revenge.

But some of you might be thinking, “if Maisie is the reason you can do all this to April, then what happens when she grows tired of it?” Well, if you piss her off before taming April, then I hope you like roast meat. On the other hand, if you cause Maisie to use up all her magic as well… then why not add a fairy to your harem of pets?

Maisie is voiced by Misato Ayame, a voice actress with nearly 200 titles to her name. She’s featured in roles such as Yongha in BALDR BULLLET REVELLION, Diadora in Eternal Kingdom, Shuutai in Shin Koihime Musou, Arthur in Knight Carnival, and Toudou Koyori in A Bridge to Starry Skies.


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  1. I’m happy there are censors here. Else this blog wouldn’t have been PG and my kids wouldn’t be able to browse this blog.

  2. This screens remind me one of the best eroge I’ve ever played – Lightning Warrior Raidy.

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