2013, the Year to Come


Last time we took a look back at 2012, so today it’s time to look forward at what’s in store for 2013!

To start off with, we’d like to let you all know that there won’t be any new releases in the next couple of months as we head into the final stages of our website renewal. Come March though, you’ll be seeing an all-new website on a brand-new server, and we’ll be ready to kick new titles out once a month for the rest of 2013, so think of this as a chance to save up now! We’ll be discussing all the new changes to the website come next month, so for now, let’s get on with what really matters–the games!



Let’s start off with our beta test lineup so you guys can have an idea of what you’ll see coming out when. First of all, Super Secret Sexy Spy is all done with beta-testing, changes are made, and it’s ready to go once we start the new releases. After that, there’s Harukoi Otome, our next game from Baseon and the makers of Koihime Musou. Harukoi  is a very sweet and romantic game that’s just as long as Koihime and with big voice actors like Sakakibara Yui, Goto Yuuko, and Nabatame Hitomi playing the main heroines, and Nexton tells us the final build with all the corrections is due to be ready between late-January and mid-February, so you can expect it to be one of our biggest Spring releases.


That’s it for the titles that are finished with beta testing, now on to the ones scheduled up next. Around late-January we’re expecting to get the first beta build for Orion Heart and Eroge ~Sex and Games Make Sexy Games~, so those will be first up for inspection this winter. Progress with scripting on Tick Tack is also proceeding very quickly, so we can easily predict that won’t be far behind them, either.


clip (2013-01-14 at 01.33.55)

Not too much exciting going on at this stage just yet. Our new programmer is trying his hand out at the Softhouse Seal game I (Kouryuu) just finished work on last month. Maybe all that item synthesis is giving him trouble? If not, you can expect to see this one moving up to beta in the next month or two as well. Meanwhile though, Doddler’s hard at work finish up Tick Tack and preparing the Tester’s Guide for it (seriously, you should see this pdf!). Of course, when he’s not doing that, he’s trying to figure out how to make sure our new partner’s engine won’t break on English OSes so we can get production moving on their two games. Oh, what’s that, Yukkuri S? You just finished using controllers on heroines in your first Softhouse Seal Title? Guess that’s more work moving up the line to this phase!

Also, as far as ef -the latter tale is concerned, we’ve already spoken with minori, and we’re currently waiting for their estimate on when they’ll have the first build for testing ready.


A sample from the Tick? Tack! Tester's guide.

A sample from the Tick? Tack! Tester’s guide.


Anything to say for us here, sloanreinja? No? Ah, too busy working on all those new titles I see. Have fun with that.

Oh, you thought you’d get away with it that easily. HA! Currently I’m working on two games that’ll see release later in 2013, one of which is a story title and the other is another wacky adventure from Softhouse Seal. I’m also getting ready to handhold another translator through his first project with us, and finished not one, not two, but three games at the start of the month. We’re tweaking some workflows post-translation, so the way things go editing->scripting->beta->revisions is being smoothed out as well, something we’ve only been able to do in the last couple months with the start of in-house scripting. Fun times. -Sloane



Ah, yes, the big fat meat of our production line that always takes the longest by its very nature, Translation. At the moment, I’m personally waiting to see how the cards fall. We’ve got our eyes on a couple of long, well known titles and I’ll be starting on whichever one pulls through as soon it does. Our other main translator, Kou, is currently finishing up the last chapter/arc of her recent project from (like I’d let you spoil that -sloane). As for her next project, well, we’ll be talking with a certain company next month to figure out what it might be be.  Now that DragonSamurai55 is all finished with his work on Tick Tack, he’s already starting work on our next title from (pssst, don’t tell them everything! -sloane). Our other two translators on our Softhouse Seal line are plugging away on two other titles from Softhouse Seal, and one of them is nearly finished. We’ve certainly got more for them to come though, maybe even a sequel? (One can dream.) And lastly, Yukkuri S is getting ready to start work on our new partner’s first game now that Doddler’s gotten most of the engine trouble cleared up.


Hard Copies

So, moving along, in addition to our digital side, we are planning to expand our hard copy offerings. Recently we spoke with J-list and it seems they’re running low on copies of Go Go Nippon! Well, so are we! So, we’ll be seeing a reprint of this title very soon, but if you don’t want to wait on it, make sure to order your copy now before they’re temporarily out of stock. We’re already working on getting materials ready for a hard copy of Boob Wars as well, and hopefully we’ll have that ready by the start of the convention season. In the meantime, we’re also looking at adding two other games to our hard-copy lineup, possibly as limited editions. So, we’d like to ask you guys: what do you like to see in limited editions, and how much are you willing to pay for one?



Speaking of hard copies for conventions, we’ve got a largely expanded list of conventions we’re planning to attend in 2013! Check out the schedule* we’ve got planned:

February 15-17, Katsucon, National Harbor, MD (See Kouryuu make drunken announcements!)
March 1-3, Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, WA (Sales Only!)
March 29-31, Sakuracon, Seattle, WA
May 17-19, Anime Central, Chicago, IL (See Sloane have Jet Lag!)
May 24-26, Anime Boston, Boston, MA
May 31-June 2, Project A-Kon, Dallas, TX
July 4-7, Anime Expo, Los Angeles, CA
August 9-11, Otakon, Baltimore, MD
August 23-25, Japan Expo, Santa Clara, CA

*This list is by no means complete, and is also subject to change pending final arrangements with events and staff.

We also might give New York Comic Con one more try in October, depending on how things go in the coming months. If all of these conventions go well for us, particularly in terms of hard-copy sales, then there might be even more changes and expansion come 2014.

So with that, we hope to see more of you guys this year as we attend more conventions! We’ll have our first round of official announcements for our new acquisitions at Katsucon, so until then we hope you keep enjoying Otoboku, Slave Witch April, and the new hard copies you’ll be seeing at these events soon!

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  1. So you don’t expect Higurashi and GGN to appear on Steam in 2013, do you?

  2. Posters! Always posters! I’d buy hard copies of almost everything I could if they had posters!

  3. For hard copy limited editions I want to see tangible goods. The guitar picks were a very nice extra for DearDrops, for example. If possible, it would also be nice to have a soundtrack CD and/or artbook.

    Please Dengeki Stryker for hard copy?

    • :thumbsup: (CD/artbook) the LE of DC were nice.

      Nurio, Chou as a hard copy would be better.

      « a hard copy of Boob Wars » ヽ(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ (with a onahole in the LE?)

      And for the prices, DC prices were reasonnable (also I would be willing to pay more for a KnS LE than a SDT LE, indeed)

      • Yeah, definitely Chou. I derped there. I meant Chou. I know that’s not one of the two, since it’s not quite translated yet, but one can wish, right?

  4. I would LOVE a hard copy of Kara no Shoujo and I’d easily pay upwards of $80 for it.

  5. Since GGN is apparently seeling well enough that you need reprints, are the folks at Overdrive interested in that DLC/expansion they said they’d consider (be it more story content or voice acting) if it sold well?

    • I haven’t played “Go! Go! Nippon!” so far, but I’m planning to.
      A sequel (or a game with the same basic idea) that builds on the knowledge that is conveyed in the first game would be great. Maybe the next title in the line could educate players about topics that are central to other OVERDRIVE titels (e.g. the Japanese music industry) so that by playing this game players can enjoy the other OVERDRIVE games on a deeper level.

  6. Oh yeah, wouldn’t mind a limted edition run for Otoboku, the combined together ef games (looking far into the future there), Sexy Demon Transformation, and a game that may or may not be coming out whose name I can’t remember suddenly ;), I think it started with “chow”

    By the way, this new company you’ve made a deal with that requires work from your programmers to localize their games…I’m going to guess you’ve made a deal with either Cyc-soft for at least their classic Black Cyc lineup or Atelier Kaguya.

  7. -“In the meantime, we’re also looking at adding two other games to our hard-copy lineup, possibly as limited editions. So, we’d like to ask you guys: what do you like to see in limited editions, and how much are you willing to pay for one?”-

    Extreeeme First Print Limited Edition for an extreme game “EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games”.

    In the limited edition there should be:

    – The limited edition box packaging

    – The Original Soundtrack CD

    – An Artbook

    – A Wallscroll

    – And of course the hard copy of the game should come with an alternative cover art exclusive to the Limited Edition.

    I would be ready to pay 124,99€ for that and yes I am absolutely serious, why you ask?

    First the art is top notch, second the game was very well received getting a very good average score all around and last but not least the game is just so crazy that you can’t pass it up on getting this game in an uncensored english AND in a great limited edition packaging.

  8. My home is cluttered so while I like physical items for limited editions they need to be small and things that are nice to have in themselves. So I’m not interested in soundtrack CDs (cds take up space and will never be used again once I rip a disc that I’ve bought) – being physical doesn’t make the CD better to me. Small figurines, jewelry, keychains, bookmarks – this is the kind of collectible stuff I go for.

    With some scifi titles a custom phone, phoneskin, USB stick, or the like would be a logical pack-in. For Boob Wars, other than the obvious oppai balls, just a doll of some sort with big squishy boobs would be fun (I have one of the dollfie bodies with enormous boobs) and obviously you’d have to have a counterpart with the flat-chest doll. Vote for your favorite kingdom with your special order or buy TWO copies to get both!

    I don’t own Boob Wars, but as a hard copy LE with a small doll/figure? Eh… $35-40?

  9. otoboku limited edition complete with your own uniform for crossdressing purposes? lol

  10. Sure I’m not the only one who is curious, but as you’re expanding your convention appearances this year, does that mean you’ll be bringing artists to conventions other than AX?

    And any word on if you’ll be taking donations for them to appear at AX? I don’t mind donating funds towards their tickets and whatnot if it means getting an extra artist or two.

    • No, we won’t be bringing artists to other events yet. Maybe in the future, if said events decide to work with us and host them as guests. But for now, the cost would be far too great. Instead, you’ll get to meet some of our English staff.

  11. If you’re asking “What do you like to see in limited editions?”, my answer is simple:


    Suck my dick or die! and Conquering the Queen both have additional scenes Mangagamer never released, for example, I hope future Limited Editions include all the additional scenarios, if they exist.

    Money is not a problem to me, in this case.

  12. Hope to see you at NYCC again.

  13. Good to see more hard copies becoming available, I have a OCD to collecting these and love the fact you do LE versions even more so.
    What I like with LE is art-books most of all the one with DC2 which fits in the box was really convenient and easier to store I only wish it contained some additional or unused/concept art.
    When it come to price I think it depends on value for money in most cases has to what the LE contains and how big the game is. DC1+2 for 40 euro’s a piece was a good deal due to the extras soundtrack cd and art book well worth the cost.
    The b5 art card like you get with pre ordered getchu purchases or the like would also be pretty cool or wall scrolls/posters/daikumura too.

  14. Besides the usual artbooks/CDs in LEs.

    First of all…PLEASE use clear dvd cases! I just hate the ugly black Amaray cases. They look ugly and that’s that.

    Art cards/clear files/mini towels/pencil boards of the heroines wouldn’t be a bad choice since most of them can be used as wall art and they shouldn’t increase the overall price too much.

    Keychains and other similar trinkets would also be nice. Not much different from whats been said I guess.

    I’m not going to die from not getting a dakimakura in a LE since I have a good collection of them myself. I think a more reasonable and realistic choice would be cushion cover sizes or the standard pillow sizes. A dakimakura would raise the overall price quite a bit.

    As for how much I am willing to pay for LEs? Heck I’ve been paying Japanese premium prices all this time for my hobby so no sweat there though I can’t say so for everyone else. I think a reasonable price for a LE would be $50.00-$60.00 depending on the game length and contents of the LE, I’m sure this price range won’t freak too many people out.

  15. A limited edition I’d want? Hmm, either ef with First and Latter Tale together with a couple of bonuses or Kira*Kira bundle in hard copy I’m dying to see since 2010! Otherwise, gonna wait for Da Capo III and OreTsuba, since I’m a big fan of those titles ^^

  16. Dengeki Striker bundle (hard copies)?
    That would be nice.

  17. New companies? Maybe Lilith Soft or Orcsoft by chance?

  18. So it’s winter break for MangaGamer now?! Hoped to get some more information, but well the big announcements are probably delayed until the new website is ready.
    A bit dissapointed though that Harukoi Otome is delayed until spring now. It was originally announced to be released in winter 2013 if I remember right. The title starts to remind me of Duke Nukem Forever…
    Is there at least any official statement if Chou Dengeki Stryker will be coming or IF it would be coming would there be an option to upgrade the original Dengeki Stryker for a reduced price to Chou? A bit confused now if I should buy DS now, or wait for a CDS that might never come.

  19. Any news related to Innocent Grey perhaps? I am dying for another title of theirs to be localized.

  20. What are the chances of Shin Koihime musou getting Localized?

    • There was a comment from Kouryuu recently, that he hopes they’ll get a title that takes the whole year to translate. Further, Koihime is their best seller and still selling well. Do the math… 😉
      I think the question that’s more interesting is WHEN.

  21. SHUFFLE! Tick Tack the best VN of the year *u*
    Also when MG’s titles are gonna releases on Steam??????

  22. I love to see a hard copy on Dengeki stryker 😀
    for limited a would certentlu pay up tp 60-80bucks depeniding on the content

  23. Are you guys already translating Natsuzora no Perseus? I’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally looking forward to this Visual Novel 😀

  24. Expect the release date around 2021 with minori speed.

    joke, anyway i would love to see this translated also.

  25. Please if you could. Think about coming to Anime Weekend Atlanta! It would be awesome to see yall there! 😀

  26. I just remembered that in last year’s “End of the Year Update” you were talking about your plans of translating hentai animes and mangas.
    Are you still working on that or did you abandon it for some reason?

  27. ummm yeah tommorrow Jim Sterling is dropping a review for Boob Wars just letting people know its a 2013 first Destructoid reviews a eroge

    • And here is the review: http://www.destructoid.com/review-boob-wars-big-breasts-vs-flat-chests-243413.phtml

      I have to say that he is mostly right. The idea that women like being raped is really disgusting, when you look at it objectively.
      However, I think that Sterling is a hypocrite, because he probably has nothing against games in which you kill hundreds of people. That in my opinion devalues human lives and is just as disgusting as the idea that girls enjoy rape.
      But of course that doesn’t change the fact that Sterling got a point…

      • Oh, and btw: This is also from Destructoid. It’s also about Boob Wars and it’s really quite amusing 😀

      • He doesn’t have a point because it’s fucking fiction.
        It doesn’t hurt anyone. Your scope of fiction must be hilariously small considering you have problems with deaths and rape in fiction.

  28. @jeez:
    Why does it make any difference if a controversial opinion is found in a fiction or non-fiction medium?

    Let’s imagine two hypothecial books.
    Book 1 is a science fiction novel. The plot is that the humans have expanded into space and established totalitarian governments on alien planets. The presentation and characterisation of the humans clearly implies that what they do is right and that the aliens don’t deserve to be treated as equal to the humans.
    Now let’s look at book no. 2: In it the author urges the people of his/her race to wage a war againt and enslave the other races whom he/she sees as inferior.
    As you can see: Both books want to convince the reader of the same viewpoint and it doesn’t matter whether it’s fiction or not. What’s important is the message of a medium.

    It would be quite narrow-minded of me if I were simply against “deaths and rape in fiction”. For example, “Death Note” is an anime filled with a lot of deaths (and even an attempted rape in the very first episode). However, I enjoyed watching it, because the way Light Yagami was portrayed made it very clear that he isn’t the savior of humanity he imagines himself to be.

    To sum up: The fact that there are rape scenes in “Boob Wars” doesn’t offend me, what offends me is the message that women enjoyed to be raped.

    • Or, to take a different perspective: That the fictional women in the silly fictional world of Boob Wars like to be raped. It seems to me like you’re insisting that the game should realistically depict adult relationships. My response is…why should it? While you might have an argument for a more story-oriented title, nukige like Boob Wars are little more than sexual fantasies. If you don’t like rape fantasies, then well, go find a different game and/or choose a different route.

      • Good point.

        I have nothing against sexual fantasies as long as they are clearly meant to be taken with a grain of salt.
        I’ve played one of the routes of Harem Party and I’m really happy that I’m through this game and that I will probably never play it again.
        The depiction of women in this game was horrible!
        The protagonist was a spine-less whimp, but the female characters still thought that he was the friendliest, bravest and all around best person in the world. And it didn’t bother them that he slept with other women – as long as he satisfied them every once in a while they loved him unconditionally.
        The main problem with Harem Party is that it was more of a drama than a comedy. Therefore, it wanted to be taken seriously most of the time, but I couldn’t do that, because of the reasons described above.
        If the VN would have simply aspired to be a comedy with wacky sex scenes where each of the characters realizes that they love each other simply because of their bodies – then I would have been fine with it.
        But since this wasn’t the case, I regret having bought this visual novel.
        Btw, I’m planning on buying “Super Secret Sexy Spy” in the hopes that it’s what I just described above – a humorous sex romp that doesn’t aspire to be more than that.

        Does Boob Wars want to be taken seriously? I don’t know, because I haven’t read the VN, but after reading the review it seems to me that this is the case.
        And therefore, I still believe that it’s insulting towards women.

        • If you’re trying to take any Softhouse Seal game seriously, you’re doing it wrong…

          Just grab your dick and double click, for porn, porn, porn!

      • You’re still insisting on realistic depiction of adult relationships in nukige. My suggestion to you is to play better games! Try Eternal Aselia (nonero) or Demonbane. Kira Kira and Kara no Shoujo are supposed to be good as well, although since I haven’t played them I can’t vouch that the relationships aren’t blazenly sexist.

        If you’re offended by blatant sexism, you’re going to have to look long and hard to find nukige without it: hetare protagonists and improbable harems are a nukige staple (honestly, what did you expect from a title named “Harem Party”???). It’s doubtful that Softhouse Seal makes any games you’d like.

      • @ Kouryuu:
        You probably have a point there. However, in order to take a game with a grain of salt the game has to give you a chance to do that in the first place.
        As I’ve said Harem Party clearly wanted to be taken seriously most of the time.
        As I’ve also said I don’t know if “Boob Wars” does want to be taken seriously or not. Can anyone who played it please tell me that?

        @ Dark_Shiki:
        I haven’t played a lot of VNs so far. The three MangaGamer games with sexual content that I’ve played are “Deardrops”, “Harem Party” and “Kara no Shoujo”.
        “Deardrops” is definetely not a misogynistic. I haven’t finished “Kara no Shoujo”, but so far the way the eroge scenes are implemented doesn’t strike me as offensive.
        I bought “Harem Party” mostly, because it has the most decent art of all the MangaGamer releases so far (except for “Conquering the Queen”, but that one is too dark for my taste). However, while playing it I realized that the art wasn’t all that great… :C
        I still have my hopes up for “Super Secret Sexy Spy” and “Eroge!” I want to play a couple more nukiges, at least until I have a decent collection of good eroge scenes at my disposal.

      • With your tastes you’re going to have to select nukige very carefully. Eroge! appears to be a superior nukige, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be sexist.

        I’d suggest going to a VN board (either JAST or Mangagamer) and specifically request for feedback from others about nukige without sexism. Any game with a harem-based plotline is probably going to fail your metric…and that’s most nukige. Check out JAST USA also. They have a much wider variety of nukige titles vs. Mangagamer. Also check out School Days HQ. It has great drama, animation, and animated H-scenes–and you have a great deal of control over the protagonist, so you can be as sexist or nonsexist as you’d like.

      • “As I’ve also said I don’t know if “Boob Wars” does want to be taken seriously or not. Can anyone who played it please tell me that?!”


      • @Zamomin
        I agree with Harem Party and I also uninstalled it after one route and definitely won’t install it again.
        If you want something with very good ero content that treats the girls fair then MG’s Kohime Musou is almost a must play. Further, Jast’s Moero Downhill 2 has a cool Initial D (Racing anime) inspired story and the best quality of ero scenes I’ve seen so far.
        If you want more serious love stories with just ‘some’ ero content, then you should definitely play MGs Da Capo 2 (Especially Anzu, Otome and Nanaka). It’s pretty much the classic ‘romance’ VN.
        My ‘hidden gem’ advice would be Edelweiss’ Mei Ibuki route. The title starts pretty light hearted but her and DC2’s Anzu routes are the most emotional powerful routes I’ve read so far. Mei Ibuki is also one of the rare heroines where the protagonist really has to fight to get her.
        And if you like comedy, don’t miss Jast’s My Girlfriend is the President.

      • @ Dark_Shiki:
        Thanks for the advices.
        I think I will follow your suggestion and start a threat in the MangaGamer forum. While playing “Harem Party” I sometimes was felt really angry towards the game (especially because of the protagonist). I don’t want to experience that again…

        • Part of the problem is that Japan’s attitudes to gender are about 50-75 years behind the rest of the west, and rather than assert itself via politics and corporate advancement, Japanese feminism became about not getting married, living with your parents, and having disposable income. Needless to say, finding Japanese porn that’s not all about reminding men that no matter how low they are on the totem pole, women are still beneath them, is going to be a challenge – especially in a medium known for encouraging ideals of submissive 2D perfection over flesh and blood female characters.

          Generally speaking, my personal recommendations for female customers (and male customers who aren’t into the general tropes) are:

          -Anything from OVERDRIVE (Great characters, stories, and usually writing)
          – Note: Edelweiss is a pervy comedy
          -Kara no Shoujo (which is set in the 50’s)

          Sex romps:
          This is going to be harder (no pun intended)…

          Our female translator liked doing We Love Master, as the main character is a shameless bastard about who he is and what he wants. I also really liked the characters and setting on Guilty, though it’s definitely not the friendliest game in terms of its sex.

      • @ sloanereinja:
        I don’t really get what you are saying about Japanese feminism. Having disposable income sounds like a step in the right direction, but from the rest that you are telling I gather that Japanese feminists are hiding from men. If that’s the case, then I have to agree with you in that it isn’t helping the cause of improving women’s rights.

        Thank you for your recommendations.
        “We love Master” has one of the ugliest covers I’ve ever seen for a VN. The art style in the game itself actually looks quite good in my opinion, if it wasn’t for the way the eyes are drawn (they even look kinda creepy on some of the screenshots on VNDB). I don’t have a problem with the main character being a “shameless bastard”, actually that sounds like quite a bit of fun. It gets problematic if the girls comply to him. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case, judging from the title.
        And concerning “Guilty: The Sin”: I’ve read through the tags on VNDB and I have to say that some of the sexual content of this visual novel really isn’t my taste (loli, futanari, tentacles…) On top of that is contains rape scenes.
        I’ve gotten off to rape scenes in the past, but I try to cut down on it, because my logic is that if I condemn rape in real life I should also condemn it in my sexual fantasies. And I also can’t see how a visual novel that encourages its readers to fap to rape scenes can’t be anything but sexist…

      • You’re still holding onto this fallacy that fiction should or must mirror reality. I find it incredibly strange that you’d repress sexual fantasies because the enactment of them is a crime! Do you refuse to play games where the protagonist commits murder or other crimes (e.g., Grand Theft Auto)? How about genocide (think Civilization or space exploration games)? Games with “deathmatches” (any FPS)? Also, you’re forgetting the fact that there’s females that enjoy rape fantasies too! Games are games, reality is reality. Those who try to link them together are the ones who can’t tell the difference. I personally feel no guilt in looking at 2D anime characters as sex objects.

        Before you start condemning perceived injustices in fantasy, take a look at the real injustices around you. Did you know that it’s incredibly hard for short men (or tall women, for that matter) to find partners? Without any real justification, these groups are discriminated against in the mating ritual we call “dating”. Look inside yourself and consider if you’ve ever discriminated against someone due to such features beyond their control. If you’re like most people, you have, especially when it comes to dating and similar pursuits where intuition dominates reason.

        Don’t believe the hype. It’s up to each of us to resist “trendy” propaganda and focus our attention on what actually matters.

      • @Dark_Shiki:
        1. As I’ve already said: It’s about the MESSAGE behind the story. If the actions of characters in a work of fiction are despicable, but presented in a non-condeming way then I think that is problematic. If the way a story is presented makes it clear that said condemnable actions aren’t righteous, then I have no problem with it. I mentioned Death Note as an example above, another one would be the songs of John Lajoie (his most famous is “Show me your genitals”). They are all deeply offensive (“I can’t have sex with your personality […], so why are you sharing all that information with me?”), but they are clearly not meant to be taken seriously and therefore I have no problem with admitting that I find his lyrics oftentimes hilariously funny.
        On top of that, it’s not all black and white; e.g. I can enjoy a movie in which people are killed as long as the body count isn’t too high.
        And yes, of the games you mentioned I find some of them problematic (FPSs set in the real world and GTA).
        To be clear: Enjoying hentai rape or games like GTA doesn’t make you a bad person in my eyes. To think that way would be quite idiotic of me.

        2. What does the fact that girls have sexual fantasies, too, have to do with anything?
        Let’s say person A steals from person B. That doesn’t entitle person B to steal from person A, does it?

        3. It’s not so easy to seperate fiction and reality as you might think it is. I’m studying Psychology right now and I have learned that it has been proven again and again that violent video games make people more aggressive. Although I have to admit that I don’t know if that effect is still there if you are aware of it.
        People in general are very manipulable. For example if you make people complete a test and on the test paper there are a lot of words associated with politeness, they behave more politely (shortly after the test).

        4. “Before you start condemning perceived injustices in fantasy, take a look at real injustices around you.”
        Works of fiction can shape the way people think and therefore their actions. If you are denying that, then you also have to say that books or movies that try to change people’s minds (e.g. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”) are completely pointless. Also I’m pretty sure that you think that works of fictions can teach valuable lessons. So why can’t they teach bad lessons as well? If everything is “just fiction” and the consumer isn’t meant to take anything away from it, then the only purpose of a work of fiction is to entertain and nothing else.

        5. Of course I have discriminated against people because of features beyond their control, everyone has. But does that make it any less condemnable?

      • 1. Not all stories have an intended “message”–even if people try to desperately make connections that weren’t meant to be made.

        2. Is it any more wrong for a man to have a fantasy about raping a female than it is for a female to have a fantasy about being raped?

        3. The evidence that violent entertainment makes people violent is weak. The evidence I’m aware of is that violent video games encourage a short-term rise in aggressive thoughts. There’s also counter-evidence: violent movies actually decrease violent crime (http://www.nber.org/papers/w13718). The explanation is rather simple: if you’re watching a movie, you’re off the streets and not committing crime. 😛 If any real connection exists, it probably only applies to minors.

        4. There’s a difference between works written to be social commentaries and those that aren’t. Any reasonable adult should be able to differentiate between the two. Reasonable adults should also be able to extract particular messages of interest and suspend disbelief when fiction doesn’t match reality.

        5. It’s rather silly to rail against a specter when surrounded by real problems, just because the specter seems more immediate and conquerable while the real problems are pervasive and difficult to acknowledge must less face. This doesn’t stop society from continuing to chase such specters, if only to delude itself into a sense of progress.

  29. I pray that you guys release the d2B Kira Kira vs Deardops disc. Complete the OVERDRIVE Rock n Roll series, y’know?

    • I second this. Kira Kira and DearDrops have been my favorite VNs so far (and I’ve played a decent amount). So, I’m really hoping for this to become translated. In the mean time though, I started taking up Japanese classes last summer in the case it never comes around.

  30. I would love to see the sequels of the Koihime Musou game released as limited editions which include dakimakura covers.

  31. I hope we get the new game Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake from Overdrive soon. It looks really interesting.

    • This! Since mangagamer has translated most of Overdrive’s games, it would be great if they also picked up their new upcoming release. The game itself looks very promising.

  32. With no posts about the new website last month i am wondering if everything is still on scheduled for march

  33. Are we going to have another one of these yearly blog posts for 2014?

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