New Website Launch!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website!


The new version of our website is now active! Come enjoy our latest release, SSSS, and fight to protect womb peace!


Or place your pre-order for Tick-Tack, a sequel to the Shuffle franchise, which will be available on April 26th!

We’re also holding a big promotion to commemorate the launch of our new website! For the next two weeks, we’ll be offering double points back on all new purchases!

For all of our current users, you needn’t worry. All of your purchases and account information has been moved over to the new website, and you will not need to re-download any of your current games unless you wish to install it on another machine. However, you will need to reset your password (We sent everyone a temporary password to your registered e-mail address.)

For all of our affiliates, all your previous affiliate revenue will be carried over to the new website shortly after you approve the new agreement, but individual product affiliate URLs have changed. Please make adjustments accordingly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If anyone has any problems with the new website, just please contact us at our support email:


For those who tried to access our site on April 2nd, around 0:00am~4:00am Pacific time:

During our live test, our payment gateway company failed to link up our site properly with their server and chocked up weird values during the transaction. This issue has been solved already and will not happen again. If you have any questions or concern about this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Update 2:16AM PST: Please make sure you use “” when accessing the website for now. If you are missing the “www” you will be unable to login.

Update 2:52PM PST: If you are having issues getting your credit card to go through, please contact your credit card company and make sure it’s not blocking the transaction. With our old website, the payment gateway was located in the Netherlands, but now it is located in Germany. If you had problems with your credit card before on the old site, it’s likely that this is the same cause of problems on our new site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  1. Logging in seems to be messed up. Worked at first, but not working now.

    • Other then that, I am liking the whole layout so far.

    • Did you make sure to confirm the password changes when you went to reset your password? I made that mistake at first, too.

      When changing the password, hitting Modify brings up the confirmation screen, where hitting Modify a second time confirms the changes.

      • I didn’t the first time, and when I went back in to the site to change my password I was logged out. Tried to log in again, and neither the first password that was sent out was accepted, nor was a password I received from ‘Password Reset’ accepted.

      • Got it all up and running now. Maybe set the website redirect link to instead of just I found that this was the cause.

  2. Hard copies section seems to be still empty, though.

  3. Ohh double points!!!

    Just a question what do these points do?

  4. Very NICE!!! The new Comko-chan looks very very cute and sexy!! Yes, Very Cute!(Morishima Haruka English accent) Dam it Boku wa gaman dekinai!!!! *fap, fap, fap* Also that hologram user interface(HUI ^^;)…what’s it called? looks cool.

    Now if only mangagamer could somehow get a 1/8 scale figure of her made. Maybe a standard pillow sized daki too so she could share my bed with the scantily clad Santa Sonico.

    Looked at the new website and tbh it looks amazing! I remember when I first stumbled upon MG and found Shuffle in English I asked myself, “In English? Is this site legit!!??” It’s new design has a much more refined image to it now.

    • Another thing, can I get a hi-res of the new Comko-chan in all of her new poses? Please? Please times two? Maybe a times three?

  5. Feedback:
    Considering the contents of the site, it might be a good idea to force a secure connection on all pages (https everywhere). Also a link to the blog is missing (or hard to find).

    P.S. Thanks for adding a user comment section!

  6. The website looks interesting, and I would love to check it out, if it worked for me. But for some reason it won’t load on any of my browsers except google chrome, and even in chrome it’s suuuper slow for some reason.

  7. It look nice, but there isn’t access to this blog from there anymore.

  8. The layout is still much simple,and don’t still have easy options for brazilian customers to buy u.u

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