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Today, we’d like to introduce you to yet another Tick Tack girl: Sage! We have a sneaking suspicion some of our fans like maids, if the sales of We Love Master are anything to go by, so go ahead and click!

Sage is The King of the Devils (or at least in the context of this game, the future king), aka Forbesii’s maid. She’s blunt, and won’t hesitate to punish those she finds deserving. Beware the Thunder Kick!

Her first victim of the game. Yeah, he didn't listen.

Her first victim of the game. Yeah, he didn’t listen.

Despite her… tendencies, she also has her cute side. Depending on how things go, you may help her get all cutesy with Forbesii…

Sage 1

Or, you could just say to Hell with history and make her yours! You know you want to!

That's what I thought. Yup. Screw history!

That’s what I thought. Yup. Screw history!

Of course, maybe there’s a way to keep history in line enough to save Nerine AND get Sage… That’s the only hint you get! Best of luck out there; make us proud!

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  1. *looks at Sage* *looks at Ai* Somehow I get the feeling history will proceed just fine. As for fidelity on Rin’s part… 😉

  2. Maids! My only weakness…!

  3. Loli maid!

  4. Sage-chan, despite not having oppai is really drawing me in, guess “Lick daughter, lick mother.”…wait? Who doesn’t like character art by Suzuhira-sensei? Those who don’t….tsk no taste.

    But still I’m really craving for a more recent title in the moege genre besides stuff that’s released several years ago. *looks at bookshelf* Only 8% more till I see you on my screen….*long sigh*

  5. She’s so sweet,I want a route for her exclusively for MG’s version of SHUFFLE! Essence+ *u*

  6. Poof Baloney Balloons

    ..>_< I really didn't like how Navel didn't allow us to keep Sage as a partner in the end (by choosing her over red-hair Nerine) or allowing us to keep both of them as partners like in Ai's route. really, I'm hoping and gonna fill out any feedback forms to Navel for a remake of Tick Tack! tho it may be too early or impossible to cross the Navel staff mind to remake the game.

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