Tester’s Corner: Tick Tack Ed. Vol. 2


Today, we’re bringing you a new tester’s corner from Kaitsu!

Ah, Tick Tack.

Having recently re-watched the Shuffle! anime, playing Tick Tack was a total treat and an absolute blast from start to finish. I’ve been a total Shuffle! fangirl since the series was first released in the states by Funimation, and it wasn’t until two years ago that I finally got my hands on the original Shuffle! VN. Having been exposed to both versions, I still had zero attraction to Nerine’s character, and found her story rather boring at times… that is until I got my hands on Tick Tack. Not only do I want her, but I want them all! A harem ending is the best ending ever!




Our expressions looked very similar to this during most of the ero scenes.

My experience with Tick Tack! is a little different compared to the other tester’s, since I not only played the game start to finish during the testing phase, but I also got to enjoy watching my boyfriend translate it. Definitely an interesting experience, especially when he would play Bark’s freak-out scenes on 100% volume just to watch me laugh until I nearly fell out of my chair, and or scare the crap out of me when I walked into our home office. The occasional watersports scenes made for interesting and slightly embarrassing conversations, but we’ll let you experience that for yourself.

If you are familiar with the Shuffle! series, you know that the comedic crazy-ness is one of its strong points, and that still holds true for Tick Tack. You get a bit of everything, sarcastic jokes, outright (hilarious) boob insults, and… uh, this?

So fabulous~

So fabulous~

Yeah, OK. Moving on.

One of the coolest features of TT was the different variety of scenes you get based on the time of day the event happens in, and depending on what you choose, it obviously affects future days as you progress further into the story. The epic tester’s guide that Doddler provided was absolutely insane, especially when I kept getting Nerine during the first three play-throughs, and I REALLY wanted Sage. The game was quite intense during some parts, and with one wrong choice… BAM, you get purple-haired Nerine again. Damn it! Well, time to start ov– Oh.


Oh my.

I’m OK with this.

If you want even more awesome Tick Tack goodness, here’s a sexy shot of Ria.


All in all, it was an fun, comedic and interesting game with just the right amount of occasional seriousness and hot ero for a fulfilling reading experience.

Hope you enjoy Tick Tack!

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  1. Although I’m a hopeless Ai fanboy, I have to admid that arguably the most beautiful scene in Tick Tack was Sage sleeping with her head in Rin’s lap. It was so touching…
    I hope that Tick Tack sells well and we also get Really? Really?. I also get more and more interested in Shuffle Essence+. I wonder how the chances are for it if both Tick Tack! and Really? Really! sell well.

  2. Ok. I completed almost all of the routes. The only routes that I still need are when AI and Sage with Rin, then Sage And Nerine and Rin again, then also AI And Nerine with Rin scenes. Im REALLY having difficulty getting those three routes. Argh that watch works on my nerves its got something to do with it!!! I really need help in getting those scenes.

    Right that one aside for now, so far im enjoying this game. It somehow is better than Shuffle! Cant wait to Play Really? Really! Have to wait though for the trans -_-.

  3. Nobuyuki Hiyama is so funny as Bark. This role is like a parody of his hot-blooded characters like Guy Shishioh from GaoGaiGar. Some may recognize his voice as Viral in Gurren Lagann too.

  4. Mmmm tried the walkthrough to make sure… but still cant seem to get those three scenes… am i missing something???

  5. Why did Ai get a better ending than Sage’s? She waits for so long for Rin to come and meet her in the future/present, but on the other hand when you choose to screw the timeline and romance Sage, she ends up not marrying the demon lord as in the original timeline, but she doesn’t wait for or meet Rin later on when he returns to the present. Instead you just get a “Red Nerine” ending.
    Ai’s Epilogue is labeled as Flower of Pure-white Ai”. So is there no “Flower of Sage” epilogue?

    There’s only 3 other epilogues from Ai and they’re all Nerine of different forms/colors.
    This is unfair.

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