Tick! Tack! Update ver.1.11 (Updated)

Tick Tack

We have released a ver1.1 Ver1.11 patch of Tick! Tack! which fixes a couple of issues. Download Here (58kb)

  • Fixed a hard game crash that could occur when going to full screen mode if the desired resolution is unavailable.
  • Corrects an error that could occur on the bust gallery screen.
  • Fixed some of Ai’s CG being unviewable in the CG Gallery even with 100% completion.
  • Put in checks to prevent a rare issue where characters would sometimes appear in front of the text box.

(UPDATE) The following issue with the patch was corrected in version 1.11:

  • A character ordering issue that occurred with the first patch is fixed.

Those of you who are newly downloading Tick! Tack! from our website now do not need to download this file separately.

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  1. izanaginookami

    does it fix where sometimes the textbox and text would randomly become invisible?

    • No one reported such an error to me. 🙁

      • Hi Doddler,

        I also encountered this issue. It appears to occur if your skipping large amounts of dialog between scenes then if your still skipping by the next scene the entire textbox would become invisible along with the text. If you stop skipping it is resolved by the next scene. Hope that helps.

  2. i can’t play, it kept ask for activation code

  3. Any Word on the walkthrough

  4. was it just me..
    or aint the character’s sprite should appear in front other characters instead fades to the back?

  5. I have a question about this as well. I find it odd that when Nerine is talking her character portrait is seen behind Itsuki and Mayumi, and vice versa when either Itsuki and Mayumi are talking. Is this normal for the game?

  6. Does anyone else have the bug where when there is a group of three characters on the screen and the center person talks, he/she enters the background instead of being in the front? It SHOULD be the exact opposite (like in other games) and sometimes the speaker is being blocked by those who aren’t even speaking. This is obviously a bug.

    I found the problem: The 1.1 patch.
    If you install the patch, it will cause the bug which I mentioned above.

  7. pls help us, have already tried what others have told, have copy the crack on the folder. the extrans.dll in the plugin folder. have already set to japanese locale,installed the SRtd program something, have tried applocale but it seems the game crashes upon running the game. It says A script exception error has occured. A file read error has occured. Most likely due to an invalid file being read, or the file has incorrect text encoding set.

    • The crack? Heh, are you asking for help with cracks here?

    • kite25, as Nurio said Mangagamer is the official localization and distribution for this and other games, obviously we can’t help you pirate our software. If you purchase our games via mangagamer.com, they should work correctly without needing to make any system changes. In the unlikely case where you still have problems with a purchased copy of the game, we’d be happy to assist.

  8. download not work

    • The update has already been applied to the build you download from your account. If you have an old download of the game, you will need to redownload from your account.

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