Throb! 4-Panel Theater (1) Deja Vu

To tide everyone over until The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era! comes out, enjoy these comics that highlight the lighter side of this game!


*TL Note: The character on the right is Kogara Yukino from Lucky☆Bird, another Soft House Seal title. Much like Fuuka, she is hard-working yet clumsy and sports a fang.

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  1. Is this a hint at another SHS license acquisition?

  2. When will your physical store be back online? I’ve been waiting for months to buy some retail editions 🙁

    • You mean the European one? It’s been down since the website renewal and won’t be back. European customers have to go to J-list and the like for their hard copies.

      • Have they officially confirmed they won’t bring the European store back? I read they were still working on it some time ago.

        If they decided to cancel it, we Europeans are screwed and must import our games from the US paying more for shipment and customs… I bought a dozen of Mangagamer retail games, but with things like this I fear I won’t be able to buy more.


        “Also, as you may have noticed, we’ve added a Hard Copy tab to our website as well. This section will still take some time for us to finish opening up, but we will be moving hard copy sales away from our old EU Storefront, and directly onto our site. Once this is complete, we will begin our own direct hard copy sales straight from us, to you, the end user. This will eventually be open to customers of all regions, though the hard copies themselves will be shipping from the US. (We hope to have this service up and running by this summer).”

      • Yeah, it’s gone and it indeed is hard on us European customers.

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