Announcements from Anime Expo 2013

Umi5This year, we don’t have many guests at AX, but we have lots of new game announcements instead! 10 of them, in fact!

RubyStrikerOur first two announcements come from a brand-new publishing partner, Hentai Industries. We’ll be bringing you Ruby Striker and Warrior Princess Asuka, two games from Morningstar Rush, a series of short, low-price games in various genres and fetishes.WarriorPrincessAsuka

But that’s not our only new partner! We have three new titles from Lilith-soft!ใ€€The first title we’ll be working on is Armored Warrior Iris. Iris and her partner Mary are officers in the SSF, spending their days raiding crime dens trying to end the slave trade on the Planet Left. But one day, the criminal cities of the planet unite and initiate an armed revolt against the SSF. When Iris and Mary’s units are damaged and fall in battle, they wake up to find themselves being sold into slavery by the scavengers. And now that they’re enslaved into prostitution, it’s time to give the customers what they want…ArmoredWarriorIris

Next up from Black Lilith, we have Valkyrie Svia. When the traitorous Loki joins forces with the Jotun and other denizens of Utgard to invade his former home, Asgard, they succeed in capturing Odin. However, Odin refuses to concede, and seals the springs feeding into Yggdrasil, holding the nine realms hostage for his safety. But once Loki learns that the key to release the seal lies within the wombs of Sigurd and Svia, two of the last resisting Valkyries, he sets out to penetrate their fortress, break their will, and give birth to key that will cement his rule.ValkyrieSvia

And our third title from Lilith will be Space Pirate Sara. Sara, leader of the Scorpion Brigade, a band of mercenary pirates, cuts a deal with the ambitious Duke Blankenheim for information he has about her long-sought treasure and then sets out to capture the knight Cilia von Bernshtein, the hero of the Welsh Alliance. When Sara turns her prize over to the Duke’s twisted pleasures, his information sends her off to Baron Gielen, a noble who rules over a resort planet on the outskirts of the Empire. However, the reward awaiting Sara and her crew isn’t a vacation–it’s a one-way ticket to betrayal and the underground slave market…


And of course, working with Lilith-soft also means the popular Taimanin Asagi series are bound to be available down the line…! Keep on tuned for future announcements!


Next, we’re proud to announce our acquisition of the rights for WORLD END ECONOMiCA, a visual novel created by doujin circle Spicy Tails and penned by Isuna Hasekura, the author of Spice and Wolf! The game also features an opening song by Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets, who made their professional debut with the opening for the anime series, High School of the Dead. World End Economica takes place in a far off future on the moon. The rising prosperity of the Lunar cities draws people from all over seeking a better life. Yoshiharu ‘Hal’ seeks a piece of that glory and it’s through the stock market that he will make his dreams a reality. It’s a tale of boundless youth wrapped around the high stakes world of investing.

The original English translation has been provided by our very own YukkuriS (translator of Great Inventions & Imouto Paradise), with the help of zalas, Agilis and others of Software Bridgeworks. You can buy your copy of this great game from our website now!


We also have a bunch of new announcements from Innocent Grey! First of all, we’re proud to announce our license of both Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo 2! We’ll be bringing you both the prequel and the sequel to the great story of Kara no Shoujo!

We’re also bringing you two new games from Innocent Grey’s sister brand, Noesis: Free Friends and Free Friends 2! “Free Friends”–an internet message board for girls who have ran away from home to offer their bodies for the money or lodging they need to live. When two people meet through this service, how will their lives and relationships change?


Lastly, we’re proud to announce the long awaited voiced edition for Kara no Shoujo! Now you can enjoy one of Innocent Grey’s greatest games with the full voice cast! For existing owners of Kara no Shoujo,ย the voice patch is available separately for $5. The majority of sales for the voice patch goes directly to Innocent Grey for helping us out in making this happen, and bringing us these great titles how they were meant to be.

Last but not least, the voice version will also be included as part of our brand newย Kara no Shoujo Limited Edition Hard Copies!

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  1. limited edition hard copy where, i am clicking on the screen repeatedly and it is not appearing, take my money plz, also do i get a black egg?

  2. wow wow wow just impressive !!!

  3. Interesting line-up, I think the IG titles are the most impressive ones out of this batch. For the people who like darker nukige it also seems nice, for me (personally) not much of a fan of all rape stuff. Still nice to have Lilith on board and I hope we’ll see some more vanilla VN from them someday as well.

    Aside that, nice to see so many titles licensed and that MG offers some more variation. Of the remaining 6 unannounced titles there will be 1 SHS game, so wondering what the remaining 5 will be.

  4. Hope you contact Nephrin (ex-Dark Translations/Sanity Ends) in order to use his translation of Lilith games.

    See ya.

    • Nephrinn’s translations were pretty shitty and not up to the standard (they were akin to something like the translation of “Suck my dick or die!”). If MG ever licences Prison Battleship, Rinkan Club, Shion or Asagi, they will have to do everything from scratch.

  5. raincoat superstar

    Oh my. Just seen the news on ANN. I shouldn’t have come here straight away as the excitement is interfering with my ability to form coherent sentences.

    The Innocent Grey/Noesis announcements have seriously made my day/week/month/year. Kara no Shoujo will be the first game I purchase as a digital download AND hard copy, ever, while Cartagra and KnS2 will be pre-ordered as soon as it is possible for me to do so. Just don’t make me wait too long after getting me all excited, mmmkay?

    Well played MangaGamer and Innocent Grey for finally getting us those voices.

    Also delighted about Furifure 1 & 2. I actually asked about them on the forum a few months back. They’re nukige but with beautiful art and serious, half-way believable scenarios.

  6. I’m so incredibly happy that Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo 2 will be localized, I’ve been waiting for them soooo long~
    Also great news that Kara no Shoujo is getting a hard copy release! I already bought a physical from Japan but I’ll surely be getting this one in English, too!

  7. oh god, those innocent grey announcements.

    take my money, all of it.

  8. haha, HC of KnS o/ fuck yeah

  9. Awesome news can wait to play these Lilith games and good selection of games,none have been fan-translated and they are all games that my dark side will enjoy, You will have my pre-order when you make them available.
    Kara no Shoujo voices!! and a box copy coming too another must buy and I will also have to pick up the sequel. Wow just wow Fantastic news !!!

  10. Gulp, the whole line up is super dark. With the exception of the Innocent Grey titles there’s pretty much nothing in it for me. But well, I guess it’s time to celebrate for fans of rape hentai titles. Next year will be their year. I didn’t know that those titles were running so well that we’re flooded by them now.
    I guess Kara no Shoujo selling bad was just a false rumour after all. Licensing Kara no Shoujo 2 wouldn’t have made sense in this case.

  11. Lilith Soft games! Yay! Live is good!

  12. Lilith!!! I can’t believe my eyes! And more Innocent Grey games, that’s awesome!

  13. Some very nice news there!

    Now please also get the hard copies part of your site up, my money is waiting to jump into your pockets.

  14. I’m just… over the moon over the Innocent Grey announcements. Thats pretty much put my playthrough of Kara no Shoujo on indefinite hold until the prequel is out XD

    And getting Lilith on board? My mind is blown. I may not buy any of them, just… wow. Thats good news for those that like that style of game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Wow, voices and hard copy for KnS, Kara no Shoujo 2, Cartagra, and World End Economica… guys this is awesome!

    ManagGamer, I can not wait to give you all of my money.

    Seriously, this is what I want to see from you guys. Not the brainless sex romps (though, I’m glad the people that like those get plenty of them), but visual novels with amazing stories and characters like these Innocent Grey and Isuna Hasekura titles.

    Again, can’t wait to support these releases ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Love the innocent grey announcements. The first 5 announcement had me scared for awhile since they aren’t to my tastes…well to be honest I have seen the H-anime for Iris and Sara….so if I ever finish my backlog I might buy them one day.

    I think that last picture of Kuchicki Toko + egg just looked so much prettier with the voice and LE announcement. Haven’t bought or played it yet so it looks extremely good right now.

    Was hoping for some nnl status update for ef – the latter tale since nnl’s website only mentioned that they have been behind I’m dying to read the last 2 chapters.

  17. I’m psyched by the Innocent Grey announcements, and I really want to thank Mangagamer for making them possible.

    I will be first in line to buy one or two copies of Kara no Shoujo’s LE, and the same will hold true for Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo 2 (of course, they’re day one digital purchases, too).

  18. You got Lilith, my wallet is yours. I hope you’ll be able to release Himekishi Lilia in the future, if the Lilith titles do well.

    Also, great for the other Innocent Grey titles, they’ll be day 1 purchases for me.

  19. i’m so happy about the Innocent Grey titles! (although my wallet is seriously weeping here) The hard part deciding is whether I should JUST buy the LE hard copy of KnS, or should i buy the voice patch first and THEN BUY the LE hard copy of KnS! stupid human brain!

    either way my galge shelf will look very classy with KnS on it… :*D

  20. Mangagamer owes me new pants I just came in them oh god

    I am going to be all fucking over both Free Friends and probably the Lilith ones too.

  21. As other people have mentioned, when will the European store be back online? Having it was really important for European customers, and considering I would like to purchase many upcoming physical releases it would be nice to have some data about that topic.

    • [15:04:10] someone should tell him that the EU store aren’t comming back, he’ll have to use, or some other site…

  22. Too awesome that we will get more innocent grey. I will buy hardcopy of KnS even though I have it already. Lilith partnership is sweeeet

  23. I just wanted to say that I’m so very happy to hear these Innocent Grey announcements. Confirmation on Cartagra was fantastic enough, but KnS2 and KnS LE hard copy make it a dream come true. Thank you!

  24. Good stuff. Even the nukige seem to be a step up in quality compared to the usual. Depending on reviews I might actually buy one or more of them. I’m actually fairly interested in Cure Girl (Noesis), which unfortunately wasn’t among the announcements this time around. That seems to be their best title, and the Internet BBS theme is a particular hook for people like us.

  25. looking forward to those Lilith titles!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Yay, Lilith’s dark titles! I was afraid you guys would bring us the “light” ones. Well, I’ll definetely buy Iris and Suvia. Sara isn’t one of my favourites.

    Also, I’m happy that you guys mentioned Asagi. Hope to play english-translated Murasaki, Yukikaze and Annerose sometime in the future.

    Anyways, still looking forward to Otakon’s annoucements! Maybe Da Capo III and Shin Koihime? And who knows about my long-awaited Princess Lover!? =P

  27. Holy shit is this for real? Hard copy of KnS? The rights for the voice patch that supposedly cost a fortune were acquired? Cartagra? KnS2? Mangagamer, marry me. Cannot wait to give you my preorder money.

    One question though, any idea how much shipping will amount to for Europeans? I really do want that hard copy of KnS but I’m also very tight on budget as of late.

    • Well, it’s shipping from Europe, isn’t it? So it shouldn’t be expensive.

      • I could have sworn MG said that their hard copy’s were printed in the U.S.

      • As of right now the only hard copies are available through the jlist website. This means the shipping is from America. I think they are still working on the setting up something for European shipping.

      • I’m quite sure they’ve said that there will be no European shipping in the future since they’re moving their own store to the US as well.

        • We will still be offering shipping to folks in the UK and the EU, but the products will be shipping out of California.

  28. Sadly those release are nothing compared to JAST this time. I’m disapoint MG. (though then again beating an announcement like Little Witch Romanesque would had been hard)

    • I’d say that’s pretty subjective. Personally, I dislike both the School Days series and Steins;Gate, and don’t really care for the nukiges. Little Witch Romanesque is really the only title that looks somewhat interesting to me.

      Granted, most of Mangagamer’s announcements also don’t really interest me, but the two Innocent Grey titles and hard copy of KnS won me over big time.

    • Subjective indeed. I actually don’t think either side won with each having their own impressive announcements. Both this time around had pretty impressive titles. I’ve never really liked Jast….but I’m happy they’re bringing more to the table now than they did a few years ago while claiming “this game rated BEST IN JAPAN!” all the time, but now they really do have games that deserve a little service. Guess competition really does help the industry.

    • And when do you think the titles JAST announced at this AX will be released? Keep in mind, Yumina the Ethereal was announced at AX 2010. 2010. It’s STILL not out.

      By the time JAST gets all these titles released, Mangagamer will have announced 1-2 more rounds of licenses AND actually released them. Rather than compare what the two companies announced, it’s probably fairer to compare JAST’s announcements this year against every title Mangagamer has announced AND released to date. ๐Ÿ˜›

      On top of that, Mangagamer still has 5-6 more licenses to announce at Otakon–and these supposedly include some higher profile titles.

      • For me, the only thing I’m really looking forward to from JAST is Starless if it ever actually comes out (and if it does, there’s a good chance it’ll be edited to hell) Meanwhile, Mangagamer has 3 lilith games, possible Taimanin Asagi in the future, and Imouto Paradise coming down the pipe? They can have all my money

  29. Noesis titles licensed! So great. I love the artist for those games. Will be buying both Free Friends, thank you MangaGamer.

  30. Been doing the calculations and the research and I’ve come to one solution to this problem, I’m off to sell one of my kidneys!

    This is one of the best news I’ve heard ever since I discovered Mangagamer a couple years ago when I discovered that you had Koihime Musou part of your line up of VNs. Its like that old say “good things come to he who waits.”

  31. Best news in a while regarding Kara no Shoujo 2, Cartagra and the hardcopy of Kara no Shoujo. You mentioned “limited edition”, is there any chance of us getting the soundtrack (or a selection)?
    Anyway, 3 titles I’m definitely going to buy! Can you tell us when we can expect the LE hardcopy?

    The only thing you could’ve licensed to make me happier would have been a Type-Moon game (as in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru). ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. So many announcements! Especially the Innocent Grey ones.
    Keep up the good work MG and Iยดwill drop some coin to you.

  33. Something I don’t really get is why they picked those oldie titles from Lilith and not some of the newer ones. All three of them were released around 2006. The SHS titles might not be great, but they are much newer and have even animation. Valkyrie Svia still looks decent but the other two look kind of dated. Same with the Hentai Industries titles. They are also quite old.
    I think it doesn’t matter for a translator if a title is old or new so I’m a bit puzzled about the reasons for that. I think both MG and Lilith have an interest to sell as many copies as possible, and the best way to do that is to offer the best stuff you have. And Lilith DOES have much newer titles with similar length I think.
    Well, I guess it doesn’t matter to me since I stick to the IG titles and maybe have a look at the Noesis titles. Just wondering…

    • Their driving motivation seems to have been “titles with H-OVAs”. If they can get the rights to the H-OVAs also, they could cross-market the two.

    • It’s probably cheaper to license older titles – they’ve probably run their course in Japan, so it’s like “eh sure why not, let’s squeeze what little money there is left out of this one”

      The H-OVA angle is also a pretty good argument, too – the OVA for Armored Warrior Iris was one I really liked, so it’s got me very interested in the game.

    • Hmm, there are newer Lilith titles with H-OVAs too, Anneroze for example. So I’m not sure if that’s the (only) reason.
      How does MG’s licensing work? Do they ‘buy’ the title and get all the money for themselves from the copies they sell or does Lilith also gets its share from the sales. I think only the former makes sense, the latter would hurt Lilith too so I’m not sure why they should do that if they could much more money from a newer title.

      • The choice of Lilith titles had a large part to do with what Lilith wanted. They wanted to wait and release a few of their other games as a test run before giving the Asagi series the green light, but you can definitely expect that from us if Lilith’s titles do well. We worked with Lilith to select these three titles because all three were very highly popular titles for Lilith in Japan, and because each of them have an H-OVA. We haven’t given up on starting our H-anime line yet! =D

    • In this case, I believe Lilith chose the three titles for us to start off with. I think that they have anime releases was one of the key factors. If they do well, we may have access to their more prolific titles and better react to demand by customers.

    • Well, I’m pretty relaxed about the Lilith stuff since it isn’t exactly my brand anyway. Anneroze would be probably one of the only titles I’m interested in because it seems to be pretty much the ‘light’ version of Asagi.

  34. Let me get this strait, whoever buys KnS from now on will have the voices added by default or will have to pay 5$ for the add-on. I’m just asking this because I have gonne to KnS page on MG site, and it still says “No Voice”

    • Well they do need to make the voice patch first

    • Current version has no voice. When the patch is ready, they’ll raise the price of the game by $5 and sell it with voices included. So whether you buy now or later, the price for the voiced version will be the same.

  35. I’ve been meaning to buy Kara no Shoujo but haven’t gotten around to it so I’ll be buying the hard copy.

    I wonder if there be any extras with the hard copies and if so what the’ll be.

    • The best sort of extras! The soundtrack CD, the full [voiced] game, and DRM free to boot.

      They’ve got my sale the minute I can click ‘buy’.

    • well, there will a sale of Kara no Shoujo hardcopy along Limited Edition ones which usually includes what LE usually does. Artbook and soundtrack CD being the most prominent.

  36. I was very disappointed that MangaGamer had no artists at their booth this year because they were, apparently, all busy. My offer regarding financing anyone that can draw from any of the companies you work with still stands should you want to bring them to Japan Expo USA. With Summer Comiket over and done with by then, maybe they won’t be busy at the end of August.

  37. Awesome!!!

    I look forward to these new games. Any news on Dengeki Stryker Chou?

  38. Kara no Shoujo with voices??????Perfect but where’s the eroge version of If My Heart Had Wings??????

  39. Now this is surprising although late:

    Mangagamer isn’t mentioned on Sankaku news for more than a year I think. I think it would be good advertising to also spread the news about your high profile titles to be released such as Kara no Shoujo 2, Cartagra, limited edition hard copy of Kara no Shoujo and titles from Lilith Soft on sites like Sankaku.

    Then again, I’m not sure how the news from Sankaku and other sites work.


  41. The absolute best news for the whole year!

    Please oh please, give me a hard copy of Kara no Shoujo. I don’t care how, or how much. You can have all of my money!

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