Eroge! Trial Version is Out!

We at MangaGamer are proud to present the Trial Version for Eroge! ~Sex and Games makes Sexy Games~!

Everyone loves eroge! What’s not to love? There are great stories, great characters, great art, and of course, great sex! But this time, as Tomoya, it’s your turn to help make one!

At long last you’ve joined an eroge company like you always dreamed–only to slam face to face with truth that it’s not making any money! If this next title doesn’t sell, everyone’s out on the streets! You’re not even getting paid for your work!

But the staff you’re working with is four hot girls, so it’s worth the sacrifice to try, right? Wait–None of them know a thing about sex? AND they’re making a rape game?!

You know that a rape game will sell well enough if it’s done well, but can you turn these girls’ talent in the right direction before it’s too late?! There’s only four months until release, and work is already underway!

Find out in the sexy escapades of Eroge!

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  1. It’s not like I’ve some interest for this game, but your censorship is a bit misplaced in the last picture…

  2. Trail version? Was that a typo for Train version, as in a game you play on a train? 😀

  3. Is this a translation of the jap. trial version? ’cause that had quite a bit of content in it if memery serves me right. Like 8(?) scenes or so.

  4. Nice to see a trial version out.

    By the way, the price for the pre-order isn’t correct. The original price is $44.95 and the pre-order price is $42.70. I don’t think that that’s 10% off :p

    Also, given that this is a title that has an h-anime out will Mangagamer try to release it or made attempts to license it? I was wondering because as far as I remember it was mentioned that Mangagamer will try to release the h-animes of the VNs that will be released from Black Lilith.
    Also, I wanted to ask the same thing regarding Imouto Paradise.

  5. You guys need to buy more naughty bits blocker! :-0

    Happy trails guys.

    Downloading trial…

  6. finally we got release date.

    Any chance we will get Euphoria after this?

  7. Uh-oh looks like someone was slacking off and missed a couple of naughty bit-blockers on the last picture xD

  8. If Eroge will be released mid September then I guess Chou Dengeki Stryker which was originally announced for summer will be delayed until autum.
    But well, I’ll probably be busy with Grisaia and Yumina in September anyway, so I can probably live with it. I just hope it won’t be delayed until christmas or even next year. October would be perfect.

  9. obviously the naughty bits blockers were walking down the trail

  10. played the trial version, no bad at all.

  11. Like with DEARDROPS, I liked learning about the driving forces behind the industry. I’m pretty vanilla though, so the hardcore elements are a teensy bit of a hurdle for me. Still, there’s so much to check out it becomes hard to resist the temptation of purchasing the full version.

    Fun fun fun~

  12. Came to point a little problem, when resuming from panic mode(esc key), background music doesnt resume, so you need to wait till a bgm change to listen to it again.

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