Eroge: Sonono Nene

Today we’re introducing Sonono Nene, Flower’s president!

As president, Nene is stuck handling all of the other tasks her staff don’t. Everything from scheduling, directing development, handling business affairs and marketing promotions, all the way down to smaller tasks like scripting the scenario into the engine and creating the various sound effects needed for the games. In doing her job she has to meet with distributors,  shops, magazines, and many other businesses to introduce the title they’re working on, explain the concepts behind it, convince them to support its sale and promotion, as well as arranging the finer details behind such promotional plans. Despite her looks, she’s the oldest member of Flower at a ripe 32 years old, and she’s worked at other companies before she decided to found her own, Flower.

She’s very bright, cheerful and somewhat of a mascot character to everyone working at Flower. She’s always trying her best and working very hard, but she’s also extremely timid and shy. This is unfortunate side effect of her appearance, though. Since she is so small and looks young, many often treat her as a kid, and refuse to believe she’s actually a working adult. Thus, her confidence shattered, she became timid, and now its very hard for her to voice her opinions to others let alone take command.

Nene’s biggest fault is her lack of confidence. Unlike the other three girls, Nene actually has a fair bit of experience with eroge and the creation of erotic products, but her lack of confidence leaves her too timid to correct the others when she knows they’re doing wrong. If she just had the courage to take command and lead the staff she has, she could easily lead Flower down the right path. Naturally, this is where you come in with a replenishing supply of liquid courage.


Nene is voiced by Konoha, a voice actress with nearly 200 different titles to her name, including Yuikyo Suzuno from Flyable Heart, Kogasaka Chinami in Hoshizora no Memoria, Queen Teresa in Boob Wars, and Kusakabe Ruri in SSSS.

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  1. Here’s hoping Nene and Iori can make this game worth playing

  2. A shy and timid loli wearing business attire? That’s a guaranteed sale from me 😀

  3. Tried the demo, love at first sight.

  4. Fake loli is the best ;D

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