Tester’s Corner: Eroge Ed. Vol 2.

Today we bring you another Tester’s Corner from Ally!

After many months impatiently waiting hoping that I’d be able to test Eroge, I was very happy to have it exceed my expectations!! ♪

In Eroge, Tomoya, the protagonist, is a jobless but avid fan of eroge, dreaming of landing a job in the eroge industry. After making many attempts, he is able to get an interview with a new company, “Flower”, and is hired on the condition that if their next game is a success, he will get paid. However if it fails, Flower will go bankrupt and he will have to return to his family’s farm in the countryside. When you arrive at the interview, not only do you find out that the boss is a loli, but the entire staff is all girls!! What is this, an eroge?! Ga━━(;゚Д゚)━━n!!

If you’re an eroge fan that has an interest in the game making process, this game is a must play! It helps to keep the fantasies of working at an eroge company at bay… or fuel them! (`・ω・´)☆

As the game proceeds, you work alongside the four heroines: Kisara, the tsundere illustrator; Momoka, the scenario writer who has a deep hate for men; Iori, the fetish crazed kuudere who handles coloring; and your loli boss, Nene! With a game titled, Eroge! ~Sex and Games make Sexy Games~, there must be lots of H scenes, right? And of course there is! Unlike other games, there is an “Ejaculation Countdown” feature that counts down the number of clicks from… the “end”… which is handy when you just want to get to the end of the scene too!! (*´∀`*´)ゞww

073013_2150_TestersCorn3Unlike Harem Party (which Sally & I previously tested together), there is a wide variety of different types and scenarios for the H scenes in Eroge. Kisara likes to film your activities and use them as reference for her illustrations, Momoka has a tendency to lactate, Iori has a fetish for body odor and Nene… well, she’s the loli! We can’t do anything too awful to her! …but she still has a scat scene. Not Neneeeee~。:゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚・。

073013_2150_TestersCorn4(Text error will be fixed in the released version~)

This game may be a bit extreme for those who like the more standard moege and pure romance in their eroge. While there are some heart-touching moments, there are also scenes with scat, BDSM, urination, etc. and almost every scene results in an ahegao. However, Clock-Up knows that not everyone likes that kind of content, so they’ve made it possible to turn off scat, ahegao, and cross-section cut-ins. At least the dialogue is always interesting too! www

073013_2150_TestersCorn5Even if you don’t play for the H scenes, Eroge is still very entertaining, although I highly recommend it to those who want a good story along with their sex. The characters are loveable and story is strong, and there are many times I laughed out loud and gasped! I even cried at the end of a certain character’s route… Who cries in a nukige…? ( ´∀`;) ゞ

It was really interesting to see how small and personal the eroge industry is, and how far purchasing your games really can go to support the company (wink wink! (´>ω∂`)♡)! On that note, I’d say that Eroge was a great example of an amazing eroge! Beautiful illustrations, a variety of exciting H scenes, and a strong story! (◎ゝω・)人(・ω<◎) Let’s hope that we get more great Clock-Up games in the future!「Ally☆」



Milky Tomoko should have been a main heroine. (´・ω・`)


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  1. What kind of sick man wants to turn off ahegaos D:

    • raincoat superstar

      This kind of sick man. I think in most cases ahegao looks ridiculous and I probably wouldn’t have bought Eroge! without the option to turn that shit off. Same deal with cross-sections. NO!

      I haven’t started the game yet but some of the dialogue (office spaaaace!) gives the impression it doesn’t take itself entirely seriously. That’s a plus in my book.

  2. A bit too extreme at times, yes, but the story more than makes up for it.

  3. Me thinks one of your “naughty bits blockers” has fallen off, isn’t that right Iori?

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