A Short Look Back, Part 4


With our fifth year anniversary coming to a close, we decided to take a moment to showcase some of the thoughts and feelings of the staff that have been a part of MangaGamer over the years. This fourth one comes from one of our oldest, earliest staff members.


What’s something you found interesting or hard over the past 5 years?

It was a lot of hard work involving mostly trial and error as I developed the website and the games, trying to figure out what kind of design and settings would be easiest for people abroad to use, but it was also a lot of fun too. As a project directed an audience abroad, MangaGamer offered me many precious new experiences. Out of all those experiences though, the one I remember most deeply is when I got the chance to participate in a convention in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to see just how Japanese games and other content were being accepted abroad with my own eyes.


What are some things you hope to see from MangaGamer in the future?

I believe the fact that we’re able to see our 5th year anniversary come around is thanks to all the support from our passionate fans. I hope that we can continue to act as a bridge between Japan and fans abroad, helping to introduce even more than just bishoujo games to fans abroad.

–Former Project and Operations Manager

ゲームとサイトに関してどういうものが海外のユーザーにとって使いやすいのか、といったことを考えながら、試行錯誤しながら仕様をきっていったのは大変でしたし、とても面白かったです。海外向けのプロジェクトということで、貴重な体験を数多くさせていただきました。その中でもロサンゼルスでのイベントに参加させていただき、海外で日本のコンテンツが  どのように受け入れられているのかを直接見ることができたのが特に思い出深いです。

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  1. Thanks! Merry Kurisumasu!

    • Is there any chance of picking up Night shift nurse titles? Has there been any talks with them? (“Nanase Ren” is one of the best training sims i ever played!)

      And merry christmas!

  2. Tell us the hero’s name!(the staff guy)

  3. Merry Christmas to all you great folks at Mangagamer!!

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