A Short Look Back, Part 8


With our fifth year anniversary coming to a close, we decided to take a moment to showcase some of the thoughts and feelings of the staff that have been a part of MangaGamer over the years. This one comes from one of our beta testers, now editor.

Hi. Tim here.  You may remember me from such posts as Go Go Nippon, Kara no Shoujo, Kotori Love ExP, and Guilty.


However, since you’re all a bunch of perverts, you probably know me better as part of Hen Da Ne, that place you go to at conventions to pick up huge piles of doujinshi.  I remember how I got involved in all this.
It all started at Anime USA circa 2010 (maybe 2009, I drink way too much to remember fine details like that).  Kouryuu was there, busily procuring a stack of pornography for himself.  Kira Kira had just come out in physical copy, and we were demoing on our projector. I hadn’t played it yet, but I was quickly noticing the plethora of spelling and grammatical errors.  The convention season was coming to a close, and I had naught to do for the next three months but rot my mind with video games, so I offered to lend my Grammar Nazi services to the company free of charge.  Kouryuu accepted because taking free stuff is The American Way (and because, at the time, that was the extent of the company’s budget).
After a few years of beta testing, I’ve now moved up to the wide world of compensation.  I’ve been hard at work (hehehe, I said “hard”) on a lovely tale of meat sticks and WINcest, Imouto Paradise, as the editor.  I suppose I’ll have to write about that at some point. But here’s the abstract: your sisters want The D; you give it to them.
So I guess what I’m really trying to say is buy Kara no Shoujo.  If you’ve been to our panels at various conventions, you’ve heard me say it before.  But no, really, all joking aside, buy Kara no Shoujo.  If you achieve nothing else in this fleeting moment we call life, let it be that. Buy Kara no Shoujo.
-Tim, Former Beta Tester, Now Editor
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  1. I have bought Kara no Shoujo! I have bought the voice pack! I’m considering the physical release for the soundtrack!

    … but I’m still going to wait to play it until the prequel comes out 😛

    Thanks for the brief write up! Imouto Paradise looks like where its at.

  2. I bought it too. Really looking forward to KnS2 and Cartagra.

  3. Imouto Paradise is not only wincest but twincest as well.

  4. I bought the original digital copy, the voice patch, the physical release and back when it first came out in Japan I preordered and got the limited edition of the original Japanese release, so yes, I have bought Kara no Shoujo…several times 🙂

  5. Hopefully there’s still enough LE KnS physical copies by April, which is about when I’ll have the money to get it. Because just having the digital edition is not enough. :p
    Do you guys reckon there will still be copies available by that time or is this a really limited Limited Edition?

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